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I deem myself to be a proactive individual and make good use of both my academic and work background.

Having had the possibility to work in various sectors, it has taught me to have a 'flexible' mentality and thus adapt quickly to change. I have gained ample experience in journalism, PR and marketing and most of I have a strong knowhow of the digital world,  subjects which I am fully passionate about. This is now leading me to become what I want to be, an excellent in creating marketing/content concepts.

Journalism has given me all the right keys to excel in my job, by keeping humble, ask questions, challenge myself and take work in a team  -ultimately to create the best product/solution for the company. 

I'm am seen as an individual who thinks outside the box, a quick problem solver who is intuitive, analytical and creative.

Highly professional, loyal and hard-working person. Ability to work both individually and in a team. Good sense of humour and easy to work with.

Very strong language skills in English, Maltese and Italian. Fair skills in Spanish and (Brazilian)Portuguese

My Motto: Work should be fun not stress!

Work History

September 2016Present

Manager - Digital & Communications

Malta Tourism Authority (MTA)

Most of my time as an MTA employee was spent at the Ministry for Tourism, whilst fulfilling the same role 

  • Create and implement the Ministry's Social Media and content strategy (Ministry for Tourism Facebook Page). This also included the Minister's Social Media profiles.
  • Give necessary training and guidance to all the entities which fall under the Ministry in their social media strategies. content plan and content material. Held regular meeting with all entities. 
  • Delegated tasks to my team in relation to: the implementation of the social media strategy, social media analytics, creation of content etc.
  • Create online campaigns.
  • Held regular meetings with the team for brainstorming purposes and to deal with any mishaps along the way.
  • Coordinate all the Ministry for Tourism matters related to press notifications, interviews with media, press releases, newsletters, questions from the press, articles in the press, letters to the Editor, TV and radio programmes, the annual report, etc.
  • Prepare speeches for the Minister, articles, introductions in publications, specialized briefs, etc;
  • Help in organising the Ministry's press conferences, press notifications, maintain relationships with members of the media and press, organise trips overseas with media members, preparing press packs for all occasions, etc.
  • Coordinate the acquisition of photography and film footage for the Ministry by the various bloggers and journalists visiting the Maltese Islands.
  • Build relationships with foreign press, journalists and bloggers.
  • Manage the printing function, incorporating all the annual printing needs of the Ministry.
  • Coordinate designs for all the Ministry for Tourism needs through freelance designers and agencies for local advertising some overseas advertising classified ads, events posters and materials. This also includes online campaigns
  • Manage the local advertising function including taking out space and airtime in local publications aimed at tourists, the local population at large, all-Malta mail shot publications, TV programmes promoting events and tourism awareness, etc;
Apr 2016June2016

Content writer 

Panda Media Ltd.
  • Improve, create and oversee all English content (in all formats) across all channels. 
  • Develop and style of branding in articulating Video slots tone of voice according to established branding guidelines.
  • Write and produce targeted, timely, and relevant content across all aspects of company branding.
  • Writing all reviews, news and updates for our websites including sister companies when needed.
  • Devise a method for a functional content calendar throughout the product verticals so able to hand over and receive works for translate and allow proof reading.  
  • Communication with management, reporting on targets on a scheduled plan.
  • Apply SEO strategy when producing content to maximize traffic equity. Co-ordinate and manage timelines with other content writers and/or translators. 
  • Do content training for Customer Support and transmit the importance of content writing, tone of voice and branding.
Oct 2015Mar 2016

Content Writer & Pr Manager


  • Set theWebsite Content Strategy together with the Marketing Department - Reasearch & Competitor analysis.
  • Defined tone of voice of company marketing and content material.
  • Content writing of all the website - this involved in writing every page of the website, starting from the banners, information about the company, products etc.
  • Creation of all the company's Marketing campaigns and material for online/offline magazines etc
  • PR Strategy - find opinion leaders, writing of news, news letters.
  • Building relationships with foreign journalists around the globe to strengthen the company's PR. 
  • Responsible for all corporate content such a brochures, leaflets.
  • Co-ordination of Ice London


Jan 2015Oct 2015

Copywriter & Media/Marketing Coordinator

Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA)
  • Creation of content strategy together with the Marketing & Communications team, both online/offline - all set to be in line with MITA's branding.
  • Creation of article concepts to promote the Agency
  • Writing of speeches/ scripts/adverts
  • Drafting of Press releases in Maltese and English
  • Coordination with News agencies to publish the company's new
  • Drafting of MITA's Annual Report and 25th Anniversary Booklet
  • Proofreading
  • Translations
Mar 2013Sep 2014

Communications Coordinator/Marketing Manager

The Secretariat for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights - Government of Malta
Some of the responsibilities included:
  • Creation of proactive marketing and branding campaigns both online/offline with the various departments which fall under the Secretariat. Analysed the effects and results of online campaigns.
  • Management of every marketing department within the Directorates which fall under the mentioned Secretariat. Viewed and approved all content
  • Writing and issuing of guidelines related to marketing+content material
  • Writing of the all necessary information for the Secretariat’s website.
  • Drafting, editing and proof reading of press releases and press briefs, writing of the Parliamentary Secretary’s speeches/notes (both in Maltese and English)
  • Coordinating with local and international media as well as with the Ministry’s media officer.
  • Creation of storyboards of any promotional video material.
  • Preparation of content and personal training for national and public debates, including those on radio and television
  • Main reference for interpersonal skills

Branding & Marketing Officer (part-time)

Office of the Prime Minister - Government of Malta
  • Creation of campaign concepts, storyboards, script writing (both in Maltese and English), finding locations and the ideal actors for TV adverts. This also included all the post-production work

Media Consultant

EU MEP - European Parliament.
  • Writing of all online content for the EU MEP's website, facebook and other social media platforms
  • Writing of different scripts aimed for video, newspaper articles, press releases ,leaflets and newsletters 
  • Writing of speeches
  • Proofread any other content written by third parties
  • Provided any necessary coaching for any keynote speeches

Head of News - journalist

Mediacentre - Radio and Web
  • Assisting in the daily run of the newsroom
  • Creation of an innovative way to write and deliver news, ie more dynamic and interactive with listener - this consisted of changing drastically the news content of the station. That year the station was awarded second place in the national survey ratings.
  • Initiation of company's website strategy 
  • Editing and recording of news (voice overs, interviews etc) 
  • Serving as anchor to all journalists including part-timers. Motivated them to create their own stories based on the company's mission statement. 
  • Newscaster
  • Producer and presenter of a leading Current Affairs radio programme

Journalist/Assistant Producer

Favourite Channel - Television Station
  • Was recruited to create alternative news stories for the Radio Station's daily news bulletin
  • Presented and formed part of the production team of a discussion programme. Instigated discussion and assisted the main presenters
  • Management of the company's online business content . Main administrator of their website and facebook page


Mediatoday - MaltaToday & Illum newspapers
  • Covered investigative stories related to minority groups, humanistic and alternative stories.
  • Edited and proofread the contributors’ articles both in English and Maltese.

Communication's Officer/Project Manager

The Gaia Foundation - Environmental NGO
  • Promoting the foundation by using different media, including the writing of articles related to environment. This involved working on building a completely new platform of communication for the NGO as it had none 
  • Organisation of events, including the Foundation's main event GAIAFEST. Duties included being the main point of reference for communications, logistics and coordination. 
  • The Gaia Foundation participated in the Commonwealth People’s Forum. I created and coordinated a network spread among international fair Trade and Environment organizations within the commonwealth countries to start mutual collaboration

Production Assistant/journalist

Where's Everybody ?- Media House
  • Responsible for the content and production of all the advertising and promos (radio, television and newspapers) related to the yearly philantropic television marathon Istrina. 



Diploma in Digital Marketing

Ice Malta

During this course all different methods of digital marketing were explored, including proper practice of every system. 


M.A. Creativity and Innovation

University of Malta

Learnt different techniques of how to trigger creativity and innovation

Dissertation: Poverty Portrayed: A creative role for Maltese television.


Bachelor of Communications (Gen)

University of Malta