Drª Manuela Figini


Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2012 - Aug 2015

Clinical Director

Longevity Wellness & Medical Spa- Health Turism Resort, Portugal

Responsible for the coordination, training and integration of a multidisciplinary experts team.

Development of personalized medical programs, through preventive and anti-aging medicine.

Use of advanced diagnostic and genomic tests  to understand health risks with early detection.  

Practicing of functional, anti-aging and aesthetic medicine, on a daily basis. 

1986 - 2012

Clinical Director

Drª Manuela Figini Medical & Dental Clinic, Portugal

Practice of Dental oral surgery, Cosmetic dentistry smile designing.

Practice of Aesthetic medicine, and combination with aesthetic dentistry.

1982 - 1986

MD Estomatology 

Hospital Stº António, Porto, Portugal

Practice of oral surgery, dentistry as internship.

1978 - 1972

GP Practice (General Medicine)

Private and Public Hospitals, Portugal

GP practice



Diploma specialized in the practice of Ozonetherapy

Aepromo- Madrid, Spain

Postgraduation  in Anti-Aging Medicine

University of Sevilla, Spain

Postgraduation in Aesthetic Medicine

S.B.M.E- Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
1982 - 1986

Specialization in Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery

Hospital Stº António, Portugal

M.D. Medicine and Surgery

Hospital Stº António, Portugal