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Core Skills Summary

  • Project Management
  • Branded Content
  • Display Advertising
  • Digital Marketing -  strategy and planning
  • Digital Data Analysis
  • Direct marketing


since Jun 2017

Project Manager Coordinator, Branded Content 

  • Create and develop the branded content business unit in charge of all the branded partnership including partners from different industry field such as Gucci, LVMH, Moncler, Shiseido Group, Estée Lauder Group,  L'Oréal Group,  Nike, Adidas, Levi's, Luxottica, Eni, Mattel, Action Aid, Barilla, Nestlé and most of the entertainment companies - Universal, Rai, Lucky Red, Warner Distribution.
  • Manage the PM Team (4 people: 2 junior PM + 2 Senior PM) 
  • Create and manage the branded content workflow in order to facilitate the creation of Branded content Partnership in every step of the process
  • Create long term strategy for partners including 360° leverages, from editorial coverage to content studio managing the provided budget 
  • Media Product analysis and new Product development working closely to the Head of Content and Distribution team in order to provide the best performance to our brand partners.
  • Create and Manage social distribution campaign to ensure  the best performance and results
  • Create Branded Content reports and analysis in order to support internal teams on creating the best contents and in order to create a standardize commercial offer 
  • International Branded Content Analysis and Worldwide competitors analysis and benchmark in order to support the sales department


Sep 2016Jun 2017

Senior Project Manager - Crossmedia team

Mediamond spa
  • Create  cross-platforms special projects and initiatives (from traditional platforms - print, tv and radio - to digital ones) working closely with PM team of each platform of the group (Mediaset tv channels, Mondadori group, Digital mediamond network)
  • Create project presentation (pptx and keynote)  and support account department in the sale phase 
  • Create Report and Special Projects Performance Analysis 
Jan 2015Aug 2016

Digital Project Specialist - Advertising Department

Banzai Media - Advertising Department
  • Project strategy definition to create customized project developed through Banzai vertical websites, social
    platforms and ecommerce site
  • Managing briefs and contacts with accounts, customers, media agencies and internal/external suppliers,
    building a trusted based relationship
  • Coordination between Editorial Staff, external Partner and Graphic Team in order to develop advertorial and
    editorial initiatives and special project websites 
  • Development of co-marketing initiatives exploiting 360° users' touchpoints to create commitment,
    engagement and user generated contents
  • Display Premium Campaign plan through advertising platform (SalesForce - Double Click for Publishers)
  • Campaign and Special Project Performance Results Reporting and Presentation
Jun 2014Dec 2014

Worlwide Digital Media Assistant – Advertising Department

Guccio Gucci spa 
  • Support the WW Digital Media Director in the Media Planning strategy implementation and process
  • Manage and Coordinate international media team to undertake a deep clean of data in order to standardize and facilitate the  advertising expenditure analysis
  • WW display advertising campaign monitoring and performance analysis
  • Reporting and advertising expenditure analysis through internal Gucci software
  • Media Analysis and Benchmark
Jan 2014Jun 2014

Digital Marketing Analyst – Web Marketing 

Hearst Magazines Italia 
  • Websites' Data Analysis (such as Traffic Source, Demographic profile of the audiences and KPI) and reporting
    in order to improve the performance of the major Editorial Products
  • Audience Analysis (Audiweb - ComScore)
  • Support to Cross Media Campaign and Integrated Communication Project
  • Benchmarking
Aug 2013Jan 2014

Web Marketing Assistant 

Simply SMA - Groupe Auchan
  • Manage and organize web communication channel and crossmarketing activities
  • Organize the Corporate’s web site content supporting different media agencies
  • Support the launch and creation of New Media Web projects and platform (app, digital kiosks)
  • Work closely with the communications teams to make sure all PR opportunities are maximised
  • Analyze web marketing campaign’s feedback and display results


Aug 2013

Intensive English Course - Business Communication

University of Westminster - UK

Business and marketing communication

Mar 2013

Master of Business Communication and Marketing

Università degli Studi di Milano - Italy

Final dissertation: Communication and Participation 2.0, new challenges for the PA.
The creation of an Online, Widespread and Polycentric PR office.
Grade Point Average (GPA): 110/110

Dec 2010

Bachelor’s Degree of Communication and Society

Università degli Studi di Milano - Italy

Final dissertation The communication of the Swedish Society Multiculturalism
Grade Point Average (GPA): 102/110

Jan 2010Oct 2010

Department of Journalism, Media and Mass Communication

Goteborgs Universitet - Sweden

ERASMUS: Digital Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, Welfare Communication 

Soft Skills

I am a strongly Goal-oriented person with excellent communicative, managerial and organizational skills, thanks to various work experiences within direct contact with customer and international team working experiences.
I am comfortable working under pressure with strong ability to adapt and a remarkable learning willpower connected to good predisposition to work in team and problem solving, as I am managing in such a challenging but never boring corporation as Freeda is.
I can easily relate with people from different countries and culture, thanks to different and  international
corporations I have worked for and my university semester in a Swedish College Institute.
Also, as PM coordinator I have improved my  international and inclusive point of view in order to daily share and oversee the branded content development in the FREEDA spanish quarter.
Especially thanks to my last work experience at Freeda, I have understood the importance to  motivate and support the team you work with, in order to achieve the Company common goals creating a work field where each stakeholder feels as fundamental part of the process.
Also, curiosity and strong commitment are the common characteristics that I have always looked for in each  phase of my career.

Privacy note

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Maria Elisabetta Barbieri