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Work experience

The National Technical Research Center

Chemical analyzes on any materials (usually environmental material suspected to have hazardous ingredients from industries) with GC, HPLC and other chromatographic methods. Development of process parameters for organic processes.


Chemical feasibility studies on clinical analyzers (spectrophotometers).

Orion Diagnostica
  • Managed a budget of $80m, global sales and marketing activities for infectious diseases rapid tests, in vitro diagnostics products internationally, increasing revenue for the company by 10%.

  • Wrote two business plans and launched two new products for diagnostic products which achieved an ROI of 150%.

  • Reporting to the Business Unit Manager; responsibility for achieving global marketing targets, setting strategic account direction and account planning of which have grown year on year to the present day.

  • Provided vision and strategic leadership which enabled the company to launch a new clinical product line consisting of modular preclinical automation and clinical analyzers (spectrophotometers) achieving market leadership.

Biocon Consulting
  • Established this consultancy to provide specialist assistance to clients utilising in-depth knowledge and expertise on sales & marketing and investment in the banking and life sciences sectors (biomaterials, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices etc).

  • Developed specific key accounts with Carnegie Investment Bank, Finnish Fund for Development, National Technology Agency; consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations which resulted in board positions being offered.

  • Working on behalf of the prestigious Helsinki University of Technology, developed a fast track MBA programme which increased revenues for the University by over 30%.

  • Advised a biotechnology company on their technology strategy, making recommendations which shortened time to market opening up their revenue stream on the R&D phase.

  • Appointed as Sales Manager for capital equipment such as autoclaves, surface sterilizers (vaporized hydrogen peroxide), dry heaters and washers for the pharmaceutical research sector; successful entry into the French life science and research market places.

  • Penetrated a mature market place delivering over half the sales revenues for the company with sales of $2.5m, surpassing set KPIs for the region by over 20%.

  • Developed and enhanced processes as part of the tendering and sales process for the European Group, resulting in greater transparency, saving costs and developed a culture of open communications.

  • In depth working with pharmaceutical companies in R&D as well as production.

  • Maximised sales of global manufacturing solutions to pharmaceutical clients achieving an increase in sales of 20%.

  • Defined the national marketing strategy for a $100m sales marketing plan, attaining Board agreement which enabled the sustained growth of the company.

  • Work with companies from R&D to production by introduction of Global Manufacturing Solutions in automation.

Managing consultant

Biocon Consulting
  • Developed the consultancy to break into the French market to assist life science companies in their commercialization and expansion into the global market place.

  • Led in the cross border search for a research partner which resulted in a pharmaceutical and biotechnology joint venture being created between a French and a German company (dermatology).

  • Education


    1992: BSc Engineering with Majors in Chemical Process Technology


    TKK executive

    2001: MBA with Majors in Finance and Minors in International Business and Strategy


    Ph D candidate


    The the nature of technology determine the organizational form in biotechnology


    Personal statement
    I have a long career in sales and marketing, innovation management and business development in the Europe and the US. I would be interested in being considered for change management roles within these geographies and am particularly interested in roles involving M&A.   My strengths in strategic planning and corporate finance, focused particularly in new business development and change management, make me an attractive candidate in a re-organisation. Specific strengths include: change management; strategic planning; new customer offerings; international markets; commercialization processes; technologies and innovations. I am a creative and determined manager who enjoys implementing fast track changes and new business processes.


    I have had extensive experience of global business in life sciences across the Nordic countries, Europe and now in France. I have enjoyed the challenge of identifying strategic options in new markets for Life Science SMEs and investors. As a qualified manager I am deeply involved on board level in corporate discussions and decision-making. This, coupled with my MBA, provides me with both a detailed and a wide-view perspective. I have consistently achieved above-average performance in all of my roles. I enjoy restructuring businesses processes taking into consideration all functions such as finance, supply chain, investment decision making, customer services, and sales when implementing change aligned to new strategic goals.


    An international career in strategy consulting or planning within the Life Science industry


    • Led R&D for new generation clinical equipment which doubled the sales of the company from $100m to $200m within the next 5 years.

    • Redefined sales strategy for a $10m business which, once implemented, enabled growth of 25 %.

    • Gained market leadership in in vitro diagnostic equipment by applying in-depth market research of customers which resulted in an increased market share.

    • Developed a new evaluation methodology for high technology companies on how to define market value on behalf of Carnegie Investment Bank.

    • Profound understanding of how to transform technology into sales revenues, through hands-on experience in R&D, Sales & Strategic Marketing, and Business Development.

    • Specially selected by INSEAD and to lecture on the New Venture Development module for international MBA level students.


    Corporate Finance

    Tkk executive


    Tkk executive