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Novosibirsk State University


English (fluent), Russian (native), French (good reading skills)


Executive talent management Consultant with corporate experience in General management, Key Account management, Marketing and Logistics, and MBA from one of the best European Business Schools


  • President, International London Business School Alumni Club of Russia (2003-now)
  • Executive, Women in Business Club (2002/2003), London Business School. Co-organised 3rd Annual Women in Business Conference "Embracing Challenge, Shaping the Future" with over 300 participants
  • Active in sports; enjoy tennis, skiing and mountaineering. Won various tennis tournaments.
  • Special award for the best organisation of management courses for Regional Sales Managers, Wrigley, 1999


Speaker, Secrets of Effective Distribution , Secret Firmi, September 2004


Post-graduate student, Institute of Economics, Novosibirsk, Russia, 06/1994-06/1996

Skills and knowledge acquired:

  • Understanding of contemporary managerial issues of Russian industrial enterprises
  • Strong communication skills and valuable international teamwork experience

Main achievements:

  • Contributed to an international comparative study initiated by Research Committee 10, International Sociological Association.
  • Presented a research on modern labour relations at XIII World Sociological Congress (Bielefeld, Germany), presented a work-paper on organisational democracy at RC10 (ISA) Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark); participated in IV German Business congress (Cologne, Germany)


  • Labour relations & political change in Eastern Europe: A comparative prospective Edited by J.Thirkell, R.Scase, S.Vickerstaff London: UCL Press Ltd. 1995
  • Labour Relations at Russian Enterprises: Paper presented to the XIII World Congress of Sociology, Bielefeld, Germany, 18/23 July 1994. Novosibirsk: Institute of Economics, 1994.

Business Experience

  • Executive search with focus on FMCG and life sciences, leadership consulting.
  • General management of a Russian subsidiary of a western textile company from start-up period
  • Development of basics of system of Key Account Management for the largest FMCG company in Russia
  • Setting up two functions from scratch in the largest regional department, Wrigley

Work experience


Regional Sales Analysis Manager, Russia, 11/1995-04/2000

  • Developed from scratch a company-wide project aimed on workforce efficiency improvement across 18 Siberian cities, involving 120 Sales Agents and 50 Sales Representatives
  • Obtained project sign-on from the regional management and sales force
  • Actively involved sales force in operational decisions, such as daily field routes management and merchandising stock planning
  • Leading a team of 5, developed comprehensive reporting system and provided key operational tools for sales force



Regional Logistics Manager, Russia, 04/2000-07/2001

  • Boosted efficiency of logistics operations by creating and implementing MIS, which works with different parts of supply chain. Closely collaborated with Sales, Customer Service and Operations. Resulted in complete elimination of out-of-stocks and 10% improvement in forecast accuracy
  • Opened a new warehouse in Eastern Siberia. Resulted in US $3.5m annual sales increase due to expanded market coverage
  • Improved transportation scheme to provide costs/speed. As a part of this scheme, negotiated mutually beneficial delivery conditions with distributors
  • Enhanced operations of the main regional warehouse by improving MIS, warehouse layout and staff management
  • Reduced under-utilisation of merchandising equipment from 25% to 10

ZAO ‘Intermedservice'


Marketing Director,  Russia, 11/2003-04/2004

  • Created concept of the niche market strategy, introduced business portfolio analysis
  • Developed business plans for the new products (oncology, gynaecology, orthopaedics)
  • Improved standards of work at the professional fairs, worked out a new corporate website
  • Performed marketing planning and budgeting
  • Introduced new job responsibilities (17 subordinates), created Balanced Score Card for the department; trained personnel on strategy and methodology of market research, focused on team building



Head of Key Accounts, Russia, 04/2004-11/2004

  • Developed concept of key account management from scratch
  • Introduced comprehensive information system on key accounts
  • Intensely networked, including best practice sharing trip to Wal-Mart, US+UK; speaking at the professional conferences
  • Managed successful operational (logistics, merchandising) projects with key accounts to prepare operational base for KAM; total upside up to 70% sales growth
  • Initiated long-term joint business plans concept with a key account
  • Developed principles of National Key Accounting
  • 2 persons in direct subordination, over 20 in matrix subordination

Pars Ltd


General Manager, Russia  03/2005-05/2006

  • Developed business of shareholding companies in Russia from the start (B2B textile):
  • Directed legal procedures
  • Hired staff, developed job responsibilities, provided training and ongoing job performance control
  • Developed logistic scheme for importing the goods, opened warehouse
  • Researched market, initiated customer acquisition, overseen growth of client base to about 250 companies in 2 markets
  • Established initial market demand specifics and pricing policy, developed sales from 0 to 30 thnd Euro/month in 3 months
  • Directed a brand-name development, including national fairs and website
  • Controlled financials to accelerate break-even for the Russian investments

Heidrick&Struggles (Moscow office)


Senior Associate, 07/2006 – 07/2007Associate Principal, 07/2007 - currently

Apr 1994Nov 1994

Customer Service Manager

Established Wrigley-Siberia's Customer Service and set up a regional office