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While I am still studying at university or on my own, I want to contribute to the world through things I am passionate about or where I see a higher value. Therefore I currently share my creativity and self-learned knowledge in websites and I also assist in informing the czech nation about the men and women of the czech police department, who deserve to get better notice for their daily sacrifice.

Work experience

Jun 2013Present

Web Developer

4 Elements Group

My responsibility is to create WordPress compatible websites based on a given design provided by company's designer. As we focus on creating news websites, I also make sure the clients have websites loaded with features that are essential for news, such as social media integration, newsletters which include published posts.

Clients for whom I had a chance to develop and eventually maintain sites are for example Agrofert, Media Network (,, or Ministry of Agriculture.


WordPress Developer

Freelance / Graphic Design Services

As I love being a freelancer and creating websites, I combined those two activities into one. Website development is easy for me but it might not be for clients, therefore I had decided to do all my websites for WordPress. From my point of view, it is the best easy-to-use CMS which is the best a client can have. My current top projects are and

When clients don't provide design, I am all ready to create one for them. I don't do all styles but I primarily focus on minimalistic and bright designs.

Jun 2012Jun 2012


Mölnlycke Health Care

During the last month in the 3rd class at High School I was obligated to go through a month long trainee program at Mölnlycke Health Care which manufactures surgical equipment.

During the trainee program I had a chance to see the corporation life and I was given a role of reorganizing order forms from paper to computer's database.



Bachelor Degree

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Systems Engineering


High School

Stredni prumyslova skola Karvina

Technical Lyceum - general knowledge enriched by technical subjects, such as engineering, CAD, programming and website development


Tydenik Policie (

May 2013 to Present

Tydenik Policie is a project which we have started because we were disappointed of how mass media depict police officers and their work. We believe and we know that police officers are great people willing to help and sacrifice their lives and we want the public to know that by sharing news, doing patrols and in general doing an insight into the police work in the Czech Republic.

To share a little success, we have surpassed 100k fans on Facebook which is our primary social media.

Translation of Infographics (pinterest)

May 2015

I translate infographics written in english to czech language for a client.
The topic is mostly about marketing and website improvement.

iCON Prague 2015 (

April 2015

iCON Prague is the greatest technological festival in the Middle Europe which was held for the third time in 2015. Besides all the technologies, ideas and inspiration, festival was marked by the exclusive introduction of new Apple Watch to the Czech market. Big thanks goes to the great team of almost 40 volunteers who ensured smooth running of the event!

Greenie Mods (

2008 - 2014

When I used to play games, especially GTA San Andreas, I wanted to drive realistically looking police cars but unfortunately there wasn't any in 2008..I wanted them so badly that I decided to learn 3D modelling and eventually create them. That's how I began.

I figured out a way how to make ultra HD textures with no-loss of texture quality in game and which resemble LAPD and LASD vehicles. Although I don't do it anymore, I still belong to top searched modellers with over 25k downloads.



used for 3D modelling (reference to Greenie Mods)


Creating templates, plugins or translating them.


I use it daily to maintain and create my own functions or plugins for WordPress sites.

I prefer my own code over plugins available for download

CSS3 / HTML5 / jQuery

Web Design


Czech - native

English - I believe I am at level C1. I am comfortable of using it in written and verbal form and to be honest, I prefer it more than czech language

German, Russian - beginner


entrepreneurship, self development, law enforcement, traffic, investing, wordpress, webdesign, online marketing and social psychology