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I have been a part of the IT industry for 20 years. I have build and run everything from small Perl scripts to big high traffic JavaEE applications and complex microservice platforms.

I'm in it for my love of tech, the tinkering as well as deeply understanding complex systems. I appreciate software development as a craft. I like measuring and visualising how things work, running systems and learn how they actually perform in production, from the client side down to the bare metal. I welcome the constant change, always learning new things and playing with emerging technologies. I am enthusiastic for FOSS and have contributed to various projects over the years. 

I enjoy working with and building teams, mentoring engineers and empowering people to develop their skills and further their career. Leading by example is one of my passions. Happy people and solid tech is the mantra of my leadership approach.

Work experience


Senior Software Engineer -> Head of Tech (Backend and Infrastructure)

Hubrick was building a novel all-in-one influencer E-commerce platform.

I started at Hubrick as a Senior Developer and was named Head of Tech two years in. I build and participated in building a lot of core platform services as well as general core system designs. I established most of the patterns for the microservice platform including Integration Testing, CI, CD, Containerization and Full System Integration Testing. 

As Head of Tech I was leading the whole Backend Engineering Team as well as the Infrastructure (DevOps) Team. My tasks included technological strategy definition and communication, establishment of processes, hiring as well as individual mentoring and guidance.

Technologies used include: Java 10, Vert.x, Spring Boot, Maven, Docker, Jenkins, Marathon, Mesos, Kibana, Grafana, Kafka, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL.

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Junior Software Engineer -> Team Lead provides software solutions for a lot of customers in Hamburg and beyond where the cooperation usually spans multiple years. Being the main technical contact for these customers provided a DevOps and Fullstack working environment long before the terms were initially coined. Furthermore lives a Engineers Know Best culture, where developers work with customers directly on specifications and requirements.

In my time there I was involved with multiple projects, from a junior developer position up to technical team lead. Some projects stayed with me from my very first to my very last day in the company, providing incredible learning opportunities.

Among the projects were:

  • a online job platform for academics, that I followed from it's initial implementation through a lot of additional projects until I left the company (Java, PostgreSQL, Struts)
  • an online book store, with over four million catalogue items (Java, Oracle, Struts)
  • an online platform to create classified ads in newspapers, including pricing based on number of lines in the final print format (Java, PostgreSQL, JSF)
  • a social network and content creation platform for one of Germany's biggest weekly magazines, with high load and high availability requirements (Java, Oracle, Tapestry)
  • a social network for one of the biggest online poker schools at that time with even higher traffic requirements (Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Tapestry)
  • one of Germany's biggest e-commerce platforms with incredible peak load scenarios, also having the opportunity to build their initial iOS App