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Dec 2014

Bachelor's Degree in Information System

FIAP - College of Informatics and Management Paulista
Dec 2008

Informatics Technician

ETEC – Camargo Aranha - Technical college

software development - support - office suite - computer assembly - network TCP / IP

Work History


Security Engineer

  • Provide solution-oriented support to Corporate Customers with a wide variety of environments.

  • Properly document issues, troubleshooting, resolutions, escalation processes for each of the customer's issues.

  • Keep customers completely updated on the support progress, as it develops. Customer must be notified daily exceeding the SLA's expectations, therefore creating a phenomenal customer experience.

  • Developing great relationships with customers and McAfee Partners, thus enabling Support to swiftly obtain all the needed information and resources in order to better troubleshoot the issues.

  • Interact and liaise with Higher Tier support daily speeding the issue analysis process, as well as consulting with developers for bugs and development issues.

  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB.

  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (EPO).

  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Cloud (EPO-Cloud).

  • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (VSE).

  • McAfee Endpoint Security Threat Prevention, Web Control, Firewall (ENS)

  • McAfee Advanced Threat Defense (ATD)

  • Malware

  • Help translating conferences, between engineer and customer - McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite/ Web-Gateway.

  • Web-Gateway Proxy, Content Security Report, SR McAfee Client Proxy.
  • Worked 1 year to LTAM Team.
Apr 2015Present

BestUp - Brazil

System Analyst
  • Provide customer service to clients while managing a development and design team. Observe the clients’ needs and convert the needs into technical terms to assign responsibilities to the development and design team.

  • Manage monthly invoices: send invoices to clients and assist with any necessary refunds.

  • Implement new B2B e-commerce platforms that provide complete solutions such as CRM, Chat customer service, reports; e-commerce, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and client customer service tools integration.

  • Manage a team of software developers, designer, call center, a Google AdWords and social media specialist.
  • Implement new tools to improve control of the business. Use of Trello to generate software alterations and to implement e-commerce for new clients. Utilize Microsoft Project to generate big changes within projects that require more time. Use of QuickBooks Zeropaper to control finances.
  • Coordinate new functionalities for e-commerce platform.
  • Study UX and Designer to improve client accessibility via e-commerce. Create surveys to get client opinions regarding the e-commerce.
  • Create diagrams of use to help developers, create business proposals to send to new clients, and document project alterations, that improve work for the following teams: Software Development, Designer, and Customer Service.
  • Training customer service teams.
  • Contact customer to show the eCommerce platform functionalities and requirements to use the plataform.
  • Coordinating the implementation of eCommerce, after the sale is made.
Jun 2013Mar 2015

E-commerce coordinator and Customer service

KDT Computing System - Brazil
  • Coordinated development of new functionalities for the e-commerce platform by studying the e-commerce market and meeting with clients to hear their needs.
  • Acquired approximately 16 new clients, increasing clientele from 3 clients to 19.
  • Coordinated an independently operated Software Development team.
  • Assigned to help the ERP systems and Tablet Sales systems teams improve their implantation processes.
  • Training customer service teams.
  • Contact customers to show the eCommerce platform functionalities.
  • Coordinating the implementation of eCommerce, after the sale is made.
Dec 2011Apr 2013

Programmer Analyst Senior BI I

Netpartners - Brazil
  • Appointed to work with the Business Intelligence team. Received training for Suite Cognos, Tm1, Turbo Integrator, and Contributor. Worked on an internal project of strategic planning for the business by holding weekly meetings with managers for the area. Created manuals for managers to
  • take full advantage of all that the Tm1 tool had to offer.
  • Worked on some external projects for Netpartners as a BI Analyst and as a Systems Analyst.
  • Aided the Mobile Development team to create an administrative module using Java for Android.
  • Assisted the internal Software Development team to update the company portal, payment system, reimbursement of costs, & publish work hours for projects. Worked on Java development and Microsoft SQL Server development.
Nov 2007Nov 2011

IT Specialist

IBM - Global Business Service - Brazil

TAM Project

  • Responsible for systems that integrated and automated the partnership processes between the credit card companies and TAM Airlines.
  • Created a training manual to give to 3 teams that consisted of approximately 60 members. Updated systems to be in accordance to the groups rules.

Pepsico Project

  • Worked on a project to help directors in each area of the Sales systems and NFE (fiscal) to improve systems by providing support, and also correcting errors.
  • Worked on other projects such as Control System for people entering the factories, Reimbursement of Expenses System, and the Vehicle Fleet System.

Unilever Project 

  • Acquired necessary knowledge to administer the payroll system. Made alterations in the system that took care of the payroll and reimbursement amounts for the company’s executives. This system was created in Java with EJB3 Framework and utilized the DB2 database.

Walmart Project

  • Coordinated the project that transferred all Walmart Brazil IT to IBM. Created all documentation of IBM internal processes. Held monthly meetings with IBM and Walmart Brazil executives to acquire data for these documents.
May 2005Jul 2007

Computer technician

Freelancer - Brazil
  • Customer service for network, Windows, Office Suite, and hardware problems.
  • Windows software, Office Suite, and other applications installation; Network configuration, backup configuration, Outlook configuration, archive recovery.
  • Mounted and did maintenance on computers for clients and companies. Installed applications and operational systems, backed up clients’ solicited archives, created and configured TCP/IP networks, and created websites for clients.

Additional Training

Training training12/2014  - Development PL/SQL, SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reposts 

Microcamp training - 12/2006 - Informatics Technician, Office, Windows Server.