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Work experience

Apr 2009Jul 2013

Chief Supply Chain & IT Officer (HQ, 2.1Bn € purchases, 320 people)

Indesit Company
  • The IT funcion as been added in addition to the previous responsabilities.
  • During the first 9 months the area has been reorganised and streamlined in order to better reflect the current crisis environment. A clear focus has been given in extracting the maximum benefit from project completed in the last 2 to 3 years.
  • A saving of 20% in the total running cost of the function has been achieved with the same level of service to the business. The cost of the IT funcion is now less than 1% of the revenue.
  • CRM has been introduced and the management of the Sales force is being planned in the coming period.
May 2007Mar 2009

Chief Supply Chain Officer (HQ, 2.1Bn € purchases, 200 people)

Indesit Company
  • Responsible for the Group Supply Chain strategy and results. The main task is to integrate the Purchasing and Logistic function in order to achieve the benefits of an integrated Supply Chain. This objective is particularly needed as the company is changing its industrial footprint (towards East Europe) and moving the supplier base to low cost countries (mainly China).
  • The management of the raw material cost is strategic for the group due to the material impact of this variable to the result of the whole group. Therefore a combination of short and long term contracts, spot buying and direct and indirect edging are used in order to optimise the purchasing result.
  • During the last 4 years sourcing costs have been extremelly volatile due to the financial crisis of 2008. All actions have been put in place in order to predict and mantain the costs at the budgeted level. A reduction in cost of 4% has been achieved and an increase in payment terms of nearly 15% has been negotiated during this period.
  • The management of long supply chains (mainly China) has obliged the Company to implement a risk strategy to offset disruption in any point of the chain. The Japanese earthquake has been a test of this strategy. No major production disruption have occured during the last few years.
  • During the last three years the network has been adapted to the business requirement imposed by the crisis. This has lead to an increase of the average distance of nearly 25% and a decrease in the cost per km of 7%.
Jun 2004May 2007

Managing Director (Market, 900M €, from 6.200 to 3.800 people)

Indesit Company UK
  • In April 2007 the UK market has reached the average profitability of the group starting from a weak situation after the acquisition. The balance sheet has been strengthened and the working capital position is the best in the group.
  • In April 2006 Indesit Company UK has reached its record market share. In June the UK will start to sell appliances on-line to private consumer and will run in partnership with customer customised on line stores.
  • In December 2003 Merloni Elettrodomestici changes its name into Indesit Company. This reflects the change from an Italian family owned business to a Multinational managerial run company. The name of the founder is replaced by the most established European brand of the group. Indesit is the European Free Standing brand leader in white goods.
  • Mantained the focus on Service and Logistic activities that are two of the main pillars of the brand Hotpoint.
  • Started the second phase of the integration with the alignment of the UK functions to the group. Focus and direct responsibility on Commercial and strong coordination with manufacturing that now reports directly to the corporate organization. The coordination between commercial and manufacturing is vital for the success of the UK operation as the four UK factories manufacture circa 70% of their output for the local market.
  • Restructuring of the Sales function with the introduction of a new Sales Director and a new Responsible for the Built-in sales. Refocus of the commercial activity on the two main brands (Hotpoint and Indesit) and started a plan to recover market share lost in the last 3 years. Particular attention is given to the planning of the commercial activity as key factor for the success in this sector. Despite the difficult situation of the market this plan is today extremely successful.
  • The second phase is also characterised by strong efficiencies. Today the number of employee in the UK is less than 4,000.
Jan 2000Jun 2004

Chief Financial Officer (HQ/Market, 900M €, 80 people)

Indesit Company UK
  • Integration of all the UK activities into the Merloni group. This has lead to a major reorganisation of the business with the closure of the London activities, the consolidation of 13 call centres, the closure of one distribution centre and the refocusing of the UK corporate activities. The total UK employee went from 7,300 to 6,000.
  • Adoption of the reporting structure of the group using the actual system of the new company. Manufacturing, Commercial, Service and Logistic reporting have been aligned in 5 months. Implementation of SAP will be finalised in January 2004.
  • Exploitation of the synergies within the two entities in order to improve the profitability of the company. From an operating loss of £2M to a projected profit of £35M in 2003.
  • Strict control of the commercial margin created by the subsidiary. This lead to an increase in the overall contribution of the market of £7M.
  • Work on the acquisition of General Domestic Appliances (Hotpoint, Creda, Cannon) from Marconi Plc and GE of America.
Oct 1994Dec 2000


Merloni Elettrodomestici SPA

1999 - 2000        Merloni Electromenager             Paris, France

West Europe Controller

  • Introduction of standard practice in the commercial control and receivables analysis. This activity lead to an increase of the margin of 3% and the release of 20M€ cash from receivables.
  • Coaching activity of the controllers in the European markets (Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, UK).

1998 - 1999        Merloni Domestic Appliances     London, UK


  • Introduction of the accounting package of the group in the UK legal entity. Alignment of the Finance procedures to the requirement of the group.
  • Put in place a budgeting and controlling system for the commercial activity that was able to monitor the activity for each single customer.

1994 - 1997        Merloni Elettrodomestici         Fabriano, Italy


  • Part of the Headquarter Planning & Control function. Consolidation activity of actual and budgets.
  • Introduction of a reporting system allowing the group to have the commercial results on the first day of the month. The system gives information on volumes, revenues and margins with the detail of the country, customer, brand, type of product and item code. The system has been presented and introduced in all the commercial subsidiaries and is still the main reporting tool of the group.
  • Temporary assignment to the German subsidiary in order to align all procedures and activities with the requirements of the group
Jun 1992Oct 1994



  • Introduction of the first controlling system in the purchasing department allowing increase of the year end rebates by 15% and reduce stock by 30%


Sep 1991Jul 1992



In its 40 years of experience ISTAO has developped an articulated program for post graduate training.

Every course has a common structure: training given in class for the main tools of business analysis and a more specialistic and practical training (research, projects and stage) with companies.

Additional information

  • Italian nationality
  • Married with two children
  • Military service 1990-1991

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Chief Supply Chain & IT Officer in a multinational company manufacturing and selling domestic appliances; €3.Bn sales, €2.1Bn purchases, 16 plants, 3rd manufacturer in Europe. Main skills are structured approach, management of integrations and international view of the business acquired in different markets. A deep knowledge of Finance, Sales, Sourcing, Logistic and IT has been acquired thanks to the different roles covered. Full responsibility of P&L and deep knowledge of the Italian, Uk, French and Chinese markets. Available to move in Europe with a preference for UK, France and Switzerland.


Movies, Reading, Scuba Diving, Running.