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Having :

•strong Consulting skills (business processes and productivity increase, in several markets)

•solid direct sales and partner management

•wide market arrket vision and marketing tools proficiency

•excellent knowledge about ICT technologies and ability to use ICT technologies to create business value and business productivity solutions

I can provide a valuable support to companies:

•starting up in Italy

•willing to make their sales amd market approach more effective

•having to tune up their organization and processes

•facing change moments

• looking for an experienced manager


I have been active on the ICT market from more than 20 years, promoting technologies and metodologies to create business value.During this time I gained a wide and in-depth management experience in consulting, sales and marketing roles, working in multinational, excellence-oriented contexts, facing top clients in different markets.I managed relevant and challenging targets ( from hudredths K€ up to tenths M€, depending on the Company) both using direct and indirect sales channels, promoting strategic alliances anytime it was worth.

In addition I have a relevant background in Information Systems and management of mission-critical ICT projects.Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, I’m able to innovate, joining self-determination to organizational abilities, and blending maximized profit with optimized usage of available resource, both in dynamical contexts, under reorganization ones, and start-ups. I am recognized as a valuable, visionary public speaker and writer, and I got credibility at customers’ top management level by promoting valid and feasible solutions to increase their business process productivity and quality through the use of information management technologies and change management methodologies.

Work experience

Mar 2006Present


RAQUAS di Arluno Marco

In 2006 I started a free-lance management consulting firm.

Some of the major projects are:

  • I work with national and international leaders in training and consulting (CESIM and CEGOS are two of them) in projects for major clients, pertaining economic value building and sales performance improvement, having special focus on management skills, business process reorganization and ICT, marketing (from brand management to experiential marketing) and sales force empowerment 
  • I supported the CEO in starting up a firm dealing with electronic billing and electronic business collaboration. This included services and contractual framework definition and SLA setting.
  • I got a two-years engagement as "C.O.O.-Chief Organization and Operation Manager" in the turnaround of a Contact Centre, promoting it from 42 seats (but only 3 operators working) to 92 seats (fully operating on multiple shifts), taking care of Information Systems, Organization and Operations and providing consulting services to customers. Among the Contact Centre customers I managed: Ebay (Motors and Real Estate), Experian (multinational risk and credit management firm), ING DIRECT (Web Bank), Fastweb (the second Telco provider in Italy), IBM, Oracle, Fujitsu Services and many others.
Oct 2003Mar 2006

Marketing Director

Hummingbird (Worldwide leader in Enterprise Information Suites:30 employees in Italy, 1500 worldwide, currently incorporated by Open Text Corp)
  • I re-founded Hummingbird marketing and market communication strategy in Italy;
  • I created excellent brand awareness,transforming the Company into the #1 share of voice leader from previous 6th position;
  • I organized extremely successful communication events (some in excess of 350 attendees), supported both internal and Partners' sales forces to challenge competition, fostered any opportunity to generate leads, getting a 10% lead generation rate versus a 2% market benchmark;
  • I created several success stories to celebrate Hummingbird contribution to Customers' reorganizations; some were published on major newspapers for free.
  • I am highly appreciated as a public speaker (Gartner's roundtable, ForumPa, InfoManagment are some examples) and writer.
  • I got excellent results with a very limited expense budget
Feb 2001Sep 2003

Finance (Sales) Business Unit Manager

  • I started up the Financial Business Unit in Italy;
  • I created an excellent position in this market managing both a direct sales activity and an indirect channel, establishing Partnerships with Major System Integrators or Technical Partners who had to execute the projects;
  • Change Management, Knowledge Management, Document Management, Policies Management and Data Integration Projects were examples of projects generated. SIA, AXA Assicurazioni, SEC Servizi, Banca Popolare di Vicenza, SETECI were some of the new customers won..
  • Average 1M€ budget managed
Jun 2000Jan 2001

XBS (Xerox Business Services) Business Unit Manager

Xerox (Worldwide leader in document production, copy and management:900 employees in Italy, 55000 worldwide)
  • I drove the Sales Operations for the Xerox Business Services Division
  • The XBS Division worked closely aside with the Xerox Direct Sales Forces, delivering Business Document Services (Document conception, production, print, reproduction, archiving) at Xerox's premises or at Customers';
  • The sales process usually included business planning, bid management and operation organization, sometimes extending to the acquisition or rental of a Customer Operation branch. Any deal required to identify areas of potential productivity increase for customers, followed by planning and executing a benefical change in the Customers' processes.
  • Despite the short timeframe, the targets were met and exceeded.
  • I managed 5 direct reports (2 senior, 3 junior) and 15 contact points within the Direct Sales Force as dotted lines.
  • XBS budget was in excess of 50M€.
Jun 1998Jun 2000

Northern Italy Sales Director

FileNet (Worldwide leader in document and workflow management software:10 employees in Italy, 1500 worldwide, currently incorporated by IBM)
  • I joined the startup of FileNET Italy as Northern Italy Sales Manager, managing both direct sales activities on customers, relationships with VARs and business development with major Prospects.
  • I developed valuable skills and started projects in the following areas: Knowledge Management, Banking & Virtual Banking, Insurance, E-Commerce, CRM. I promoted Business Process Reengineering projects to increase customer business productivity through the adoption of Document and Workflow Management technologies.
  • I set up new initiatives on digital document signatures and certification authorities;
  • During this time I won some of the brightest FileNET customer references in Italy; Italcementi, Infocamere, SNAM, Enichem, Italgas, Winterthur were some of them.
  • Average budget was 1.5 M€.
Jan 1998Jun 1998

Financial Services Marketing Manager

GE Information Services Spa (Worldwide leader in Value Added Network Services:80 employees in Italy, 3000 worldwide, currently incorporated by GXS)
  • In 1998, I got the dual responsibility both as Industry Marketing Manager for Banking & Financial Services in Italy and as Industry Marketing Manager for Non-Risk-Management-Related products at European level, in staff to the Worldwide Banking & Financial Services Industry VP, to define the offering and start up that business line worldwide, leveraging on the successful Italian experience
Aug 1989Jan 1998

Financial Services Sales Area Manager / Large Account Sales Area Manager / Account Executive

In the Banking & Financial Services market

  • I increased revenues 600% and heavily contributed to get a 68% share in the Italian Electronic Banking market; revenues successfully managed grew up to exceed  5M€.
  • I participated 2 years consecutively to GEIS's worldwide top performers conventions;
  • I personally conceived and promoted new solutions and services offerings, amongst which SECURWARE, the first electronic payment community in Italy with top security level (the only one agreed to have legal proof value), involving up to 50 banks;
  • I successfully managed the relationships with the client banks as they were indirect sales channels;
  • I performed business development and consulting in the areas pertaining risk management, electronic securities trading and settlement systems, corporate banking, business process enhancements in banks, insurances and other financial services firms.
  • I promoted strategic alliances with major market operators;
  • In 1997 I succeeded in managing a sales and technical team with 5 peoples and meeting an aggressive target exceeding 5M€.

In the Non-Financial market

  • I got the business development responsibility on strategic accounts (large Industrial Holdings like ENI group, 3M,Omnitel,Unilever..) with a 3 M€ budget;
  • I identified and successfully managed innovative opportunities to cope Clients' and Prospects' needs, especially in Business Process Reengineering, Supply Chain and Electronic Commerce, often integrating with ERP systems
Dec 1985Aug 1989

System Consultant and Member of the Excellence Center for SW Technologies

IBM Italy (Worldwide leader in ICT market)
  • I acquired a strong background in Information Technology, Project Management, Business Process Reengineering;
  • As a Project Manager, I managed a 5 people team to project and deliver the Information System to support IBM Agents, taking care also about resource planning and capacity Planning;
  • As a coordinator, I coordinated multifunctional teams to redesign and implement IBM-Italy's Infocenter (10:15 people);
  • As Italian focal point within a worldwide excellence team, I identified and disseminated the best techniques for Project Management and Business Process Reengineering.




SDA Bocconi


(two years post-university Management school on Economics and Business Administration)


Ingegneria Elettronica

Politecnico di Torino

Maturità classica

Liceo Classico Tito Livio - Padova

Some public presentations held

Some papers


People management
I have got both direct and indirect people management experience:   direct people management: 92 people, including operators and team leaders, during the contact center turnaround sales & technical team management (up to 5 people direct +15 indirect) in Xerox XBS sales & technical team management (up to 5 people) in GE Information Services Indirect people management: team management (from 5 up to 15 people involved in IBM projects) business partner network management (Filenet, Hummingbird)  
Knowledge, Document and Workflow management
I have been one of the key players and evangeslists in these areas. Projects delivered, papers written and presentations held can be a solid track record of this.  
Sales Management
Successful both in selling to "C" levels both directly and through Partner networks, in different markets, always being recognized by Custoemers as a trusted partner. Sales budgets managed ranged  from hudredths K€ up to tenths M€, depending on the Company. I experienced both DIRECT and INDIRECT selling, building business partners networks. I am currently using part of this knowledge in training Sales people in a large Telco Company in a critical cultural change project, from product selling to value selling, and in other smaller companies.
ICT contribution to business
I am fully aware of the Information and Commmunication Technology potential to help Organizations to perform better, cheaper, faster and wider in their markets, catching often business opportunities which could be vital to their success or survival. I am also able to perform all the activities related to ICT Management and ICT Governance. I have a strong experience about CRM, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Document and  Business Process Management, Enterprise Suites and integration with legacy and ERP systems.  
Change Management
Along all my career I suggested, sold and managed projects providing benefical changes in Customers' organizations. I took care of the whole lifecycle from needs discovery to Customer success celebration. Projects were in different markets: Insurance, Banking, Energy and Utilities, Telco, manufacturing. They were performed in different value chain segments: Sales, Marketing, CRM, Active Cycle, Logistics, Passive Cycle, Business Collaboration, Corporate Banking, Post-Sales Support, Front & Back Office (Banking and Insurance)