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Marco Antonio Flores Gatica

Address: 1366 Southwood drive, letter A                                                    Cell phone number:(805)-602-1164                                                              


Grade Point Average: 3.6 

I am involved in a extracurricular activity which is that I am a wrestler for SLOHS. I did it my freshman year, sophomore year, and will probably join again now in my junior year. 

An undergraduate major that I have been considering is Barbering, its been stuck in mind. I love the environment it is involved around, leaving people fresh and good looking is what I'd like to accomplish. 

Work experience


Aug 2014Jun 2018

San Luis Obispo High School

I've been attending at SLOHS since 2014, and i'm still attending attending now and looking to graduate in June of 2018.

Aug 2012Jun 2014

Laguna Middle School
Aug 2004Jun 2012

Pacheco Elementary


An award that i received last year(2014-2015) was the Varsity Athletic Award. I received it from my head wrestling coach Brandon Drucker, and this award meant so much to me because not everyone receives an award like this. Another reason why I felt very proud was because i was on a varsity team while I was a freshman in high school, so it was a bit of a challenge but i made it through a rough season. 

Teacher Recommendation

Mila Vujovich-Labarre : Can contact by calling Laguna Middle school (she's a teacher there).