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I've been developing software for over 10 years.

During this time, I've worked for big ISP's, as a freelancer and I've started my own companies.

My knowledge is broad, as I've done apps for desktop, backend, web frontend and even embedded devices.

I started my own companies, leading me to dive into business and managing larger projects felt like a very natural progression.

Work experience


Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Passionate People

We are a collective group of calibre Frontend Javascript Developers and we hold ourselves to the highest consultancy standard Javascripters in the Netherlands.

JavaScript is at the core, alongside having experience with common frameworks and libraries such as React, Angular and Vue.


Senior Frontend Developer


As part of the team responsible of delivering the most visited pages on the website, we were tasked to deliver the most delightful and performant site possible.

In an effort to reduce complexity and increase overall app quality, I proposed the team to rearchitect the app code to more logical hierarchical structure, which was well welcomed and adopted. This allowed not only for a better programming experience, but sped up on-boarding new developers to this new structure.

Design and UX is another very important part of CarNext, therefor interactions between developer teams and design happened every day. For me, turning the intended design quality into real web component was crucial to deliver the best customer experience possible.


Full Stack Developer


I joined the company to work on the Frontend, to make beautiful interfaces from the great designs that were assigned to me.

My great attention to detail and misaligned pixels pushed me into leading the development of the UI kit that would then be used all across the site. This kit was composed by React components styled and ready to be used on any of the many application the company works on.

I also had the opportunity to work with backend-focused technologies, like GraphQL. This was the first time I really had the chance to use it on a bigger scale.

More recently,  I've started giving development support in Salesforce (Demanware) . This was my first contact with the platform.


Founder & CTO

Altitude Co

Altitude's vision is to create truly responsive environments, spaces where people enjoy personalized experiences and systems dynamically adapt to the people around them. The technology is applicable to many use-cases, such as travel by identifying and processing travelers, locations and places by accessing devices, buildings and systems as well as in the healthcare, retail and finance sectors.

Work & responsibilities:

  • Platform architecture

  • Research and picking of the best available technology

  • Oversaw product development

  • Project development hands-on

    Backend services
    Frontend dashboards
    Database structure
    Internal and External APIs
    Microcontrollers firmware

  • Managed distributed development teams

  • Product and technology documentation

Tech: Bash, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Python, Objective-C, NodeJS, VueJS, Flask, RethinkDB, HTML, CSS, SASS, Google Cloud, Linux, macOS, C/C++, Jinja, Bootstrap, Materialize, REST API, UML, BluetoothLE, Apache MyNewt, ARM mbed, Arduino, Nginx, Git, MQTT, Mosquitto,


CTO and Developer

Estetigest Lda

In charge of everything tech. iOS, frontend and backend development. Admin the company servers.

Tech: Bash, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, MariaDB, Wordpress, iOS, Linux, SQLite, API, Linux, Apache, Git, HTML, CSS


VP of Development


As VP of Development I make sure the back-end is just as nice as the front-end.

At AirportChatter, we offered a mobile app where users could check every single detail about airports. From floor maps, to all available venues.

The goal was to make all users feel at home when they arrived at a new airport.

Tech: Bash, Python, JavaScript, Titanium, MongoDB, SQLite, REST API, Linux, macOS, Apache, Git, HTML, CSS


Mobile Developer

Conference Compass

I was invited to join the company to continue the work of the CTO that was leaving. He had done all mobile development, and had to delegate any pending work.

My responsibilities involved not only to take over mobile development, but also review the app structure and the backend architecture.

Their native app was done using the Appcelerator Titanium framework. This allowed to have a single code base which could be deployed to different platforms, with very little effort and changes.

On the backend, I optimized the database model by getting rid of unnecessary tables that resulted in duplicated data and lower performance when doing queries on thousands of records.

Tech: Bash, JavaScript, Titanium, MySQL, REST API, Linux, macOS, Git




Working on Titanium based mobile applications.

Tech: JavaScript, Titanium, Linux, Git


iPhone App Developer

Lo Maximo Productions

Created an iPhone app and its integration with company web services.

Tech: JavaScript, Titanium, API, Linux, macOS, Git


Co-Founder & IT Manager

Monstro Criativo

Monstro Criativo was created to offer the best digital presence to companies. We provided services for web development, video production and marketing.

As founder and technologist, my goal was to offer the highest quality of work to our clients. From the design and development of their websites, to excellent online marketing.

Tech: Bash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, macOS, Apache, HTML, CSS


Developer & Partner


Interlux was a house electronics and automation company. When I joined, the objective was to create the company web presence and support all the other digital areas.

I also created some of the company's clients websites too, boosting their web portfolio which was virtualy not present before I joined.

Tech: HTML, CSS JavaScript, Titanium, Linux, macOS, Apache, HTML, CSS



NOS (Olisipo)

Creation of scripts for easier maintenance.

Continue a former employee work, working with Perl. Later the vast majority of that work was migrated to Python.

During the development of this and other projects, I used technologies such as SOAP, CORBA and STORM (database framework).

Architecture and implementation of software components of back-end.

Created a CORBA proxy to enable the connectivity to several MPS systems, from a SIGMA application, which couldn't handle more than one MPS server on their provisioning configuration.

On 21/01/2009 I started working on a new project for administration usage. This required me to continue working on some php code, and port it to a single Python application.

Tech: PHP, Python, Perl, Storm, Bash, Linux, Windows, Apache, HTML, CSS




Developed a full suit POS and Commercial Management application

Tech: Python, GTK+, Linux, Windows



Book Reviewer

Appcelerator Titanium Smartphone App Development Cookbook - Second Edition

This book will take you through the process of building cross-platform, native UI applications for the mobile from scratch.

The reader will learn how to develop apps, how to use GPS, cameras and photos and how to build socially connected apps. You will also learn how to package them for submission to the App Store and Google Play


Coach Contacts

Mammoth Inc

Every division, every conference, every coach.

That's right recruits, every college coach at your fingertips. Get fast access to NCAA (I, II, III), NAIA, & Junior College Coaches on your iPhone or Android device. It's all here.



Tent is an open and decentralized protocol for distributed social networking and personal data storage.

Tentr is an iOS client app for the Tent protocol.

Tentr features:

  • Read post Status and Reposts
  • Check who has mentioned you
  • Write private/public posts
  • Write geo-located posts
  • Save post drafts
  • Add posts to Favorites
  • View and Edit your profile
  • View other people profile
  • Works on iPhone/iPod/iPad



Titanium Certified Application Developer (iOS and Android)



Escola Secundaria Cidade Universitaria