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I hold a Bachelor and Master degree in Civil Engineering, and i am currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Transport Systems through the MIT Portugal program which I  intend to finish during the Q4 2018. I was awarded a full PhD scholarship by FCT and spent 7 months in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as part of my curriculum.

I have 2 years of work experience in Engineering and Transports. At the private sector i worked for a consulting company and at the public sector I worked for the city of Ovar. I also did some works as a freelancer.

I have several years of research experience in transport systems using optimization, modeling and simulation. As a researcher in a project co-funded by the European Union in the area of road safety and as a PhD student in the area of transport systems with studies on: Research Methodologies, Modelling of transport demand, Optimization of Infrastructure and Transport Operations, Optimization and Decision Support Techniques and Soil-Use/Transports Systems Simulation.

My interests are in the data science and engineering sector, particularly in urban mobility, intelligent transport systems and autonomous vehicles supported by optimization, simulation, modeling and recent passion in programming, artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Work experience


PhD research grant

CITTA, University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering, Porto, Portugal

With a 4 years MIT Portugal/FCT scholarship starting in 2014, I have been researching on emergency medical service response with a focus on strategic and tactical decisions and policies. Using optimization, simulation and modeling I assess and propose different decisions and policies for EMS vehicles location and dispatching in urban environments where demand and traveling conditions are in constant change.


Civil Engineer - PEPAL

Câmara Municipal de Ovar, Ovar, Portugal

One year trainee program supported by the national government as a Civil Engineer in the Maintenance and Urban services for the city of Ovar. Main duties where the management of the city economic portfolio for road and street repairs as well as participating in other Urban and Maintenance active projects at the time. 


2012Q4 2018

PhD (soon to be conclude)

MIT Portugal, University of Porto - Faculty of Engineering

PhD in  Transport Systems

This is a MIT Portugal program focus on: Research Methodologies, Modelling of transport demand, Optimization of Infrastructure and Transport Operations, Optimization and Decision Support Techniques and Soil-Use/Transports Systems Simulation.

My thesis focus on a specific Transport System, the Emergency Medical Service, and researches the location and dispatching of emergency vehicles in urban environments where demand and traffic conditions are in constant change. Heavy use of python, optimization, simulation, modeling and AI&ML approaches.


Integrated Master (BEng. + MEng.)

University of Porto - Faculty of Engineering

Integrated master in Civil Engineering - Transport Infrastructures

The program comprise of a 3 years study for a degree in engineering sciences, BEng., plus 2 years of study for a master degree, MEng., in Civil Engineering. The master part of the integrated studies was heavily focused on Transports and Transport Infrastructures design: : Railways, Traffic and Transports 1, Traffic and Transports 2, Complements of Roads and Airports, Road Works, Pavements and Master Thesis in Transport Infrastructures

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