As the sole off-the-grid farm in New Hampshire, Hopewell Farms was the meticulous vision of Marc Moran. He and his family left their suburban lifestyle behind in 2008, and have worked diligently to make the 50-acre farm into a productive homestead ever since.Once visitors to Hopewell Farms, who are welcome any time during summer months, get a glimpse of Marc Moran’s home and its complete roof of solar panels, they will truly understand all that goes into creating complete sustainability. All power for the 50-acre farm is supplied using photovoltaic cells, solar thermal heating, and a windmill. In addition to livestock and produce, the farm also produces maple syrup, and raises trout and tilapia.Mr. Moran’s farm has been such a success that it was named as a 2012 New Hampshire Farm of Distinction, and Mother Earth News magazine listed him and his family as 2012 Homesteaders of the Year. All of the livestock raised at Hopewell Farms are completely free of animal byproducts, hormones, and drugs, and spend their lives roaming open fields and eating seasonal greens. Any of Mr. Moran’s products are available for direct pick up at the farm, though delivery services are also offered for the residents of Sunapee, Newbury, and Bradford.Woodworking, art, and history occupy Marc Moran’s free time when he is not busy running Hopewell Farms. He is also actively involved with animal welfare organizations, Run for Life, and the Wounded Warriors Project.

Work experience

Work experience
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