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Work experience

Feb 2002Present

Director of E-commerce

Emerson Direct

Director Of Internet Marketing/E-Commerce (2004-Present) Director Of IT (2002-2004)

  • Implemented and managed extensive 2 year social media campaign for the purpose ofcorporate re-branding, brand management and reputation management, thus increasing exposure, as well as salesand marketing opportunities.
  • Currently authoring nationally recognized social media marketing tech blog
  • Worked with and managed other members of our product management, marketing and sales teams as well as various partners, clients, and teams to advance global sales objectives through online e-marketing andsocial media marketing efforts using cost effective technical solutions.
  • Realized triple digit percentage growth in online sales for consumer products, resulting in record sales and profits, as well as top rankings in all of the major SE’s for brand name and associated key words.
  • Developed Infrastructure for rapid rollout of web initiatives in order to capitalize on limited product lifecycle in direct mktg. marketplace using direct email, deploying BBS’s, social bookmarks and microsites.
  • Instituted successful online marketing strategies utilizing the latest bleeding edge social media practices, including rapid content development, blogging and inbound link strategy to drive organic growth.
  • Responsible for the design, development, administration and daily maintenance of over 80 domains and 5-10 active websites, depending on current projects. Also managed customer portals, corporate intranet, IT infrastructure, online community. as well as various marketing communications projects.
Apr 2003Present

SEO Consultant/Strategist

Alberts Gifts

SEO/SEM/SMO Online Marketing Consultant

  • Improved positioning of natural search rank for key words from zero to top 3 in all major SE’s.
  • Remotely manage 4 person web marketing team
  • Develop, recommend, and implement strategies and tactical plans for rollout of new e-commerce site.
  • Develop and implement robust SEO/ PPC and social media campaigns to increase reach and sales.
Mar 2001Jan 2002

Sales/Marketing Manager

Mind Over Media

Interactive Sales and marketing manager

  • Instrumental in growing a niche digital market in the higher education sector, resulting in increased sales by over 40% from previous year, rapid growth and visibility in an otherwise untapped vertical market 
  • Utilized key strength of recognizing and anticipating emerging technology trends and adapted company’s strengths to that trend to grow this channel. Company offerings consisted of both web, video, and interactive solutions.
Nov 1997Mar 2001

National Sales Manager/VP of Mktg.


Executive VP of Sales and Marketing (2000-2001) National Sales manager (1997 –2000)

  • National Sales Manager for an award winning software consulting company,
  • Was in the top 1% of all software project sales people 3 years in a row.
  • Created successful online and offline sales strategies resulted in over $9 million in gross sales.
  • Executive VP of sales and marketing for startup IT career portal,
  • Managed design team, instrumental in development of over 400 pages of dynamic content.
  • Procured all key online partnerships and hired all sales and marketing personnel.



Coming from a cutting edge direct response marketing agency and doing every possible interactive initiative under the sun, sets me up to do and want more. Ideally working with a design & strategy agency or a interactive marketing firm would seem to quench my rock star interactive strategist thirst.

If you want someone who thinks about why things work the way they do online and questions every user experience but also understands why different sites are successful (or at least has an explanation), then I might be your guy. If your looking for that transparent, authentic, social media, pop culture freak-I'm him.

Having built my fair share of websites, I know what makes them tick. Having consulted for numerous companies as an SEO stategist, allows me to understand why they rank and why they don't. Online marketing and advertising like banners, paid search, A/B testing-no biggie. Sliding into something similar- Ideal. And would be seamless and desirable.

I love working with teams. because I know I don't have all the answers. And I love empowerment.Did I mention there's not a problem WE can't solve together?. If you are looking for talented individual who has the foresight to try an interactive strategy that keeps us ahead of the curve, I might be your answer.

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Briefly,  what is not seen with each position that I have held is that I’ve worn the hat of a copywriter, editor, project manager, webmaster and marketing communications specialist.

You wouldn't know this from the resume, but I am a positive, team oriented individual and always have been. On a larger scale, I was and have been responsible for the design, development, administration and daily maintenance of over 80 domains and 15 active websites. I’ve also managed customer portals, online ppc campaigns. our corporate intranet, and an online community; as well as various marketing communications projects.

I’ve worked with and managed other members of our product management, marketing and sales teams as well as various partners to advance global sales objectives through online and e-marketing efforts.I think one of my biggest traits  and strongest skillsets is I’ve always been able to think creatively and from the perspective of our customers. Through my extensive sales experience, I have been able to use my advanced skills in communicating cross-departmentally to interact successfully with various departments, content owners, and business partners and thus have exceptional organizational skills. In other words, I get “it” when it comes to what the customer wants.My experience marries a marketing mindset to a love and knowledge for technology with a strong sales background. I think that experience, to me, melds disciplines that all tech., marketing, and sales people need to have these days. Additionally, as an Internet Marketing Manager for a direct response marketing company, I not only focus on our companies’ and customers’ web presence, but I also bridge the gap between our marketing initiatives, and our internal IT/IS team, to introduce new technology to what we do; For example, I’ve been using and incorporating social media extensively now for almost 2 years.

I’m passionate about technology, have a fierce curiosity to what can be done better, and I thrive in spearheading new programs in a team environment. As a sales person, I lead by example and was never satisfied with just the “sale” but more-so in the 80-20 rule of getting the most that I could out of a client or opportunity that I had just sold, and thus am adamant about sales follow up and treating the client like gold.

There is more to me than what you see on paper, and given the chance, you will see that I am more than just a worthy candidate. If you would like, check out my blog at I frequently write about tech trends, marketing news and social media.

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Living in Florida I love anything to do with the outdoors. Running, tennis, golf and attending kids games. Beyond that I love a good read, a good movie, or new music. I'm a total pop culture freak and thus am still waiting for my Jeopardy opportunity.

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