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Employment History

Jan 1981Jan 1982


Albertus Magnus

My first teaching job while a student at Yale Divinity School.

Current Teaching Responsibilities

Spring 2018

  • Phil 202: Ethics & Society (2 sections)
  • Phil 307: Bioethics

Fall 2017 (Sabbatical Leave)

Professional Activities

"Felon" as a Trumping Identity Myth

Invited Lecture.  Oregon State Penitentiary Lifer's Club. Jan 2016.


Ethics and Policy for Clinicians in the Educational Setting

Invited Lecture.  Therapy in the Educational Setting (T.I.E.S.) conference.  Eugene, OR.  April 2015.


Gender and Domestic Violence

Invited Lecture.  Gender Studies program. Pacific University.  Nov 2014

Preimplantation Genetic Screening & the Control of Reproductive Outcomes

Invited Lecture. Advantage Program. College of Arts and Sciences. Pacific University. Oct 2013.

Pain, Suffering & Death: Authenticity & Identity in the Face of Modern Medicine

Invited Lecture.   Jornadas de Bioetica. Ciencias y Humanidades Dialogan Sobre el Final de la VIda.  Universidad Popular Autònoma del Estado de Puebla. Mexico. May 2013.


Ethics and Policy in the Health Professions

Invited Lecture. Advantage Program. College of Arts and Sciences. Pacific University. Nov 2012.


Philosophy of Mathematics

Invited Lecture. Discrete Mathematics. College of Arts and Science. Pacific University. Nov 2012


Remarks on Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law

Invited Lecture. Divisiòn de Bioética, Universidad Popular Autònoma del Estado de Puebla. Oct 2012


Case Studies in Optometric EthicsPublic Lecture.  New Zealand Optometry Association. May 2011


Daniel Dennett, Brains and Consciousness

Public Lecture/Seminar, for Neuroscience Seminar, Bioethics Centre, Dunedin, New Zealand. Spring 2011.


CODIS & the Use of Genetic Information in Forensics

Public Lecture. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. January 2010.


Genetic Testing: Science, Ethics & Social Policy

Public Lecture. (Panelist/Organizer), Ethics & Policy Forum with televised discussion,Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR. November 2009.  Forum Materials


Genetic Science & Technology: Theology, Ethics and Human Self-Understanding. Public Lecture Series. 8 lectures delivered. Holden Village, Holden Village, Lake Chelan, Washington. August 2009.


Bioethics in Optometry

Public Lecture Series.  Continuing education conference, Bend, OR. May 2009.


Preimplantation Genetic Screening & the Future of Reproductive Technologies

Lecture.  Advantage Program. April 2009.


Truth-Telling and Beneficence in Optometry: Goldman Tonometry

Lecture/Seminar.  Ethics & Policy for Optometrists, College of Optometry. April 2009.


Controversial Modalities in Physical Therapy

Lecture/Seminar.  School of Physical Therapy. April 2009


Competing Domains of Competence in Dental Health

Lecture/Seminar.  School of Dental Health, College of Health Professions. April 2009


Navigating a Profession in Health Care with an Intact Conscience

Lecture.  Advantage Program. March 2009.

The Problem of Informed Consent

Lecture/Seminar.  College of Optometry. March 2009.

Truth Telling and Beneficence in Clinical Optometry

Lecture/Seminar. 2nd year students, College of Optometry. February 2009.

Ethics Education in the Health Professions

Lecture.  Faculty Forum. February 2009


Scope of Practice in Physical Therapy

Lecture/Seminar.   1st & 2nd year students and faculty in School of Physical Therapy. January 2009.

Introduction to Ethics & Policy for Health Care Oriented Undergraduates

Lecture/Seminar.  Advantage Program

November 2008


Controversial Modalities in Physical Therapy

Lecture/Seminar.  School of Physical Therapy

November 2008


The Problem of Scope of Practice in Optometry

Lecture/Seminar.  Second year students, College of Optometry

November 2008


Ethics & Policy in the Profession of Optometry

Public Lecture/Seminar.  Continuing Education, Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR

November 2008


Genethics in the Health Professions

Lecture.  1st & 2nd year physical therapy students and faculty

November 2008


The Problem of Third Party Payments in Optometry

Lecture/Seminar. 3rd year students, College of Optometry

November 2008


Genetic Science & Faith Informed Critiques of Genetic Technologies

Public Lecture.  Theology on Tap program, St. Anthony's Catholic Church

November 2008


Bio-medical Ethics & the Problem of Informed Consent

Lecture.  Advantage Program

October 2008


Genetic Technology & Moral Conundrums: The Case of Pre-implantation Genetic Screening

Public Lecture.  Streamed presentation for the Bioinformatics program at OHSU. October, 2008.


Resolving Conflict Between Domains of Competence

Lecture/Seminar, School of Dental Health. September 2008.

Truth-Telling and Beneficence: Principles in Tension

Lecture/Seminar, School of Occupational Therapy. September 2008


Scope of Practice Dilemmas in the Health Professions

Lecture/Seminar, School of Physical Therapy. September 2008.

Genetic Testing and Disability

Lecture, Advantage Program. September 2008.


Remarks on Wearing a White Coat

Lecture.  Annual "White Coat" lecture, School of Physician Assistant Studies. September 2008.


Genetic Testing & Research: Moral Conundrums

Lecture/Seminar, School of Physician Assistant Studies. August 2008.


Ethics & Policy in Geriatrics

Lecture/Seminar, School of Physician Assistant Studies. August 2008.


Case Study Analysis

Lecture/Seminar, School of Physician Assistant Studies. August 2008.


Ethics & Policy Issues for Digital Forensic Specialists

Public Lectures & All Day Seminar, North West Regional Forensics Lab (NWRCFL). August 2008.


Third Party Payments in Optometry: An Ethical Dilemma

Lecture/Seminar, College of Optometry. July 2008.


Public Safety and Ethics in Optometry

Lecture/Seminar, College of Optometry. June 2008.


HIV, Confidentiality & Cytomegalo Virus

Lecture/Seminar, College of Optometry. June 2008.


Physical Therapy Ethics Seminar: A Taxonomy of Student Cases

Lecture/Seminar. May 2008.

Impact of Genetic Testing on the Practice of Medicine (Ethics & Policy Seminar)

Lecture/Seminar, School of Physician Assistant Studies. May 2008.

Public Good and Private Conscience in the Practice of Pharmacy

Lecture, School of Pharmacy. May 2008.

Student Case Analysis in Optometry

Lecture/Seminar.  College of Optometry. April 2008.


Scope of Practice in Physical Therapy

Lecture/Seminar. School of Physical Therapy. April 2008.


Preparing for a Career in the Health Professions from an Ethics Perspective

Lecture.  Advantage Program. April 2008.


Taxonomy of Ethics Issues in Pharmacy

Lecture, School of Pharmacy. April 2008.


Ethics & Policy in Optometry for Clinicians

Faculty Forum, College of Optometry. March 2008.


Ethics & Policy for the Health Care Bound Student

Lecture/Seminar, Advantage Program. March 2008.


Confidentiality & the Duty to Protect

Lecture/Seminar, Advantage Program. March 2008.


Stem Cell Research, Cloning and the Ontology of Human Reproduction

Lecture/Seminar, School of Physical Therapy. March 2008.


Case Studies in Dental Health

Lecture/Seminar. March 2008.


Scope of Practice in Optometry (Advanced Case Studies)

Lecture/Seminar, College of Optometry

February 2008


Student Case Analysis in Optometry

Lecture/Seminar, College of Optometry

February 2008


Optometry Ethics Grand Rounds: Selected Case Studies

Lecture/Seminar, College of Optometry

January 2008


Ethics & Policy & Concept of Professional Practice

 Lecture/Seminar, School of Physician Assistant Studies

January 2008


Physical Therapy Bioethics: The Notion of a "Higher Standard"

Lecture. School of Physical Therapy

January 2008


Ethics in Chemistry

Lecture, Undergraduate Science Forum, Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR

January 2008


Ethics & Policy in Pharmacy

Lecture/Seminar, School of PharmacyDecember 2007


Ethics & Policy for Occupational Therapists

Lecture/Seminar, School of Occupational TherapyNovember 2007


Debate on Health Care Reform (with Russ Dondero)

Lecture, School of Occupational Therapy

November 2007[Note: The Institute Calendar records stop here with respect to lectures and seminars done for the health professional schools.   My lecturing schedule was roughly the same through the period for this review.  A good deal of our time from between spring 2005 and 2007 was taken up with implementation of the $257,000 NIH grant.]


Human Embryos (II): The Ontology of Human Reproduction

Publication.  Pacific Institute QuarterlySpring 2007


Public Health & Public Education: Ethics & Policy for School NursesPublic Lecture Series.  Keynote address and all day workshop for Oregon School Nurses Association conference, Portland ORApril 2007


Challenging Assumptions: Genetic Science, ReligiousPublic Lecture. Religious Belief & Public Policy. NIH/Pacific Institute sponsored conference on the Ethical, Legal and Social Issues raised by genetic science & technology. January 2007


Human Embryos (I): The Problem

Publication. Institute Quarterly April 2006The Creation, Manipulation, Modification, Testing and Destruction of


Human Embryos: Toward and Ontology of Human Reproduction

Ian Ramsey Center Public Lecture Series. Oxford University Paper.  January 25th, 2005


Til Death Do Us Part: The Battle for Marriage in a Pluralistic Society

Panelist and organizer for Town Hall on Same Sex Marriage. Spring 2005.


Parsing the Cultural Conflict: A Same Sex Marriage

Primer for Regional Pastors. Continuing education lecture for religious community leadership. Summer 2005.


Ethics & Policy for Occupational Therapists

Lecture for the Oregon Occupational Therapy Association. Summer 2005.


Genetic Science & Technology: Opportunities & Challenges for the Coming Century

Ten part lecture series for the Vancouver School of Theology, British Columbia at University of British Columbia. July 2005.


Faith Forum on Genetics: an NIH Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Program ($257,000)

Publication.   According to Joy Boyer of the NIH we received the highest score to date for an ELSI proposal.  Also wrote the ethics and policy portion of the curriculum which has recently (2012)  been adapted for use in Canada by the Canadian Council of Churches. Fall 2004.


Tenure, Promotion and the Professionally Engaged Professor

Publication.  Pacific Institute Quarterly. Fall 2004.


Same Sex Marriage and the Separation of Church and State

Feature Interview, Oregon Public Broadcasting, "Oregon Territory" program. April 2004.


War: Remarks on the Sedition Act of 1918 in Light of Today's Security/Civil Liberties Debate

Lecture, C.R.I.M.E. (Computer Related Intelligence Management and Education) group. Spring 2004.


The Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Prenatal Genetic Testing

Lecture,  sponsored by Planned Parenthood, Portland OR. Spring 2004.


Hiroshima in Light of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Debate

Panelist. Symposium on the anniversary of the Japanese Internment. Spring 2004.


The Problem of Human Embryos: IVF & Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening

Paper. University of Edinburgh. Fall 2004.


Site Blocking Software and Internet Access in Public Libraries

Publication. Journal of Education, Community and Values. Spring 2003.


The Problem with Race-based College Admissions Policies

Article. Pacific Today, Vol.36, No. 2. Summer 2003.


Genetic Science & Technology: Ethics, Law and Social Implications

Lecture. Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver B.C., Canada. Spring 2003.


Religious Faith and the Problem of Genetic Technology

Presentation for the Ecumenical Council, Eugene OR. Spring 2003.


Ethical Decision-Making in the Therapeutic Educational Environment

Keynote Address and Workshop Instructor. All day speaker for the annual TIES (Therapy In Educational Settings) conference sponsored by the Oregon Department of Education, Eugene OR. Spring 2003.


Homeland Security, Immigration & the Bill of Rights

Lecture. Homeland Security & Community Policing Conference sponsored by the Department of Justice, Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police and the Pacific Institute, Otter Crest OR. Spring 2003.


The Patriot Act, Civil Liberties and the Concept of a "War on Terrorism"

Lecture. Unitarian Universalist Society, Beaverton OR. Spring 2003.


Philosophy, Theology, and the Impending War in Iraq

Keynote Address, United States Conference of Religions for Peace,Portland OR. Spring 2003.


Excellence in Programming

Invited Address. Annual conference, The Association of Practical andProfessional Ethics, Charlotte, NC. Published in compendium volume: Benchmarks of Ethics Center Excellence. 2003.


Race Based Admissions Policies in the Supreme Court

Publication. The Oregonian newspaper, picked up by the Tri-County News in Eugene and West Lane News in Lane County. July 2003.


Genetic Science & Technology: Decision-Making for Policy AdministratorsLecture/Seminar Series.  Speaker at all day conference for CENTURA, a consortium of hospitals in Colorado, Boulder CO. Fall 2003.


The War of Terrorism, the Bill of Rights and the Mission of Higher Education

Panelist and Organizer, Televised Town Hall, Forest Grove OR. Fall 2003.


Bio-medical Ethics for Educators in Colleges of Optometry

Lecture Series. Annual Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry conference for deans and directors of optometry schools in North America, Portland OR. Fall 2003.


Homeland Security, the Patriot Act and the Bill of Rights

Lecture.  Harvey Scott Lecture, Pacific University, Forest Grove OR. Fall 2003.


Confidentiality, HIV and the Duty to Protect

Lecture. All faculty and students in the School of Physical Therapy. Fall 2003.


Impact of Genetic Science & Technology on Healthcare: Ethical, Legal & Social Issues

Lecture/Seminar. Oregon Society of Physician Assistants, Eugene OR. Fall 2003.


Interface on the Internet

Lecture. Annual Conference for AACU (American Association of Colleges and Universities, Washington, DC. Spring 2002.


Glowing Glass Islands, Invisible Musicians and the Brave New World:Accommodations and Critique in the Age of Access

Publication. Journal of Education, Community and Values. May 2002.


Genetic Technology: Science, Philosophy and Social Policy

Lecture. Collins Foundation series. Fall 2002.


Philosophical Remarks on the Concept of Impartiality

Paper. NW Regional Philosophy Conference.  Fall 2002.


Self-Understanding in the Age of ANDi: Transgenics and Public Policy

Panelist and Organizer. Televised Town Hall, Forest Grove OR. Spring 2001.


Ethical Concerns about "Ethics Education"

Lecture. Annual meeting for the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. Spring 2001.


Bio-medical Ethics for Clinical Instructors

Presentation. Physical Therapy Clinical Instructors Regional Conference. Spring 2001.


Biomedical Ethics in Clinical Optometry

Presentation. Optometric Economics and Practice conference, Forest Grove OR. Spring 2001.


Pedagogy, Ubiquity, Opacity: ICT (Information & Communication Technology) in Higher Education

Publication. Journal of Education, Community and Values. Spring 2001.


Ethics in Cross-Cultural Psychotherapy

Lecture. School of Professional Psychology, Pacific University, Forest Grove OR. Summer 2001.


Dostoevsky, Demons and the Pre-Revolutionary Russian Vision

Lecture. All students & Faculty in Pacific's First Year Seminar program. Fall 2001.


Remarks on the Concept of Privacy

Lecture and Organizer. Genetic Frontiers Continuing Legal Education conference, Forest Grove OR. Fall 2001.


Ethical Decision-Making in the Special Education Setting

Presentation. Oregon Department of Education conference. Spring 1999.


Bio-medical Ethics in Physical Therapy

Presentation and CE Lecture. Regional conference of the American Physical therapy Association. Spring 1999.


Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Cloning: Science

Philosophy and Public PolicyKeynote Address. Conference on Medical Ethics, New Delhi, India. August 1997.


Kant and the Ineliminability of Motives

Keynote Address. Twenty Sixth Annual Symposium on Medical Ethics, California State Fullerton. Fall 1996.


Child Pornography & the Special Problem of Graphic Morphing

Paper. Educom. Fall 1996.


Bio-medical Ethics in the Practice if Optometry

Lecture. Washington Board of Optometry, Seattle WA. Spring 1995.


Waco, Oklahoma City and the Judaeo-Christian Template: Studies in the Grammar of Religious & Ideological Extremism 

Invited Lecture. President's Lecture series, Pacific University, Forest Grove OR. Fall 1995.


Referential Realism & the Philosophy of D.Z. Phillips

Paper.  Society for the Philosophy of Religion, Oxford University, England. Spring 1994.


Reflections on the 9th article of the AOA Code of Ethics

Publication. Journal of the American Optometric Association. Fall 1994.


Healthcare Policy & the Interests of Business

Lecture. Oregon Graduate Institute, Beaverton OR. Spring 1993.


Foundationalism in ReligionPaper. Lewis & Clark College Colloquium, Portland OR. April 1993.


Biomedical Ethics in Clinical Optometry

Lecture. Pacific Northwest Regional Optometry Conference, University of Washington, Seattle WA. Spring 1992.


Inductive Reasoning, Realism & the Religious Use of Language

Oxford D.Phil. Thesis. 1992.


Problems with Inductive Arguments for Theism

Paper. Oxford Society for the Philosophy of Religion, Oxford, England. Summer 1992.


The Logic of Existence & the Question of Abortion: Philosophical Remarks on Bio-development

Invited Paper. Conference on abortion, Lewis & Clark College, Portland OR. Fall 1992.


Remarks on the Philosophy of Religion of Williams P. Alston

Paper.  American Philosophical Association regional conference. Fall 1991.


Doing the Life Thing Together: Bioethics for the 90's

Publication. Pacific Magazine. Fall 1991.


Philosophical Implication of the "pro-choice" position on Abortion

Paper. Symposium on Abortion, Lewis & Clark College, Portland OR. Spring 1990.


Moral Philosophy

Session Chair. American Philosophical Association regional conference. Fall 1990.


Simplicity, Prior-Probability and Inductive Arguments for Theism

Publication. Philosophical Investigation, Blackwells, Vol. 11, No. 3, Oxford. Summer 1988.


Religious Belief & Political Aspiration

Publication. Arabia-Islamic World Review.  1987.


National Institute of Health ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Issues) Grant: Faith Forum on Genetics - $257,000, 2005-2007

United Church of Christ Genesis Fund: Disability & Education - $4500, 2006-2007

Northwest Academic Computer Consortium (NWACC): Genetic Science & Policy Program - $10,000, 2005-2007

Verizon Foundation: E-literacy & Education - $15,000, 2004-2005

Faculty Development Award: Genetic Science & Public Policy - $5,000, 2003

Peace Work Award, First Church of Christ: Program Support - $13,000, 2003

Northwest Health Foundation: Engaging Minority Communities in Genetic Decision-Making - $21,000, 2001

Oregon Community Foundation: Service Learning in First Year Seminar - $1,500, 1998

Hewlett Foundation: Vertically Integrated Biomedical Ethics Program Development - $18,000, 1998

Oregon Campus Compact: Service Learning in Foundations Programs - $1,500, 1997

Smaller Grants From:

    • Bank of the West
    • West Coast Bank
    • Matsushita Electronics
    • Pallet Doctor
    • Stimson Lumber
    • UCC Office for Higher & Theological Education
    •  Centennial Software Corporation

Pacific Institute Programming

Ethics & Policy Forum: Genetic Testing in Medicine and Forensics

Using an Institute designed curriculum (available online) ten constituencies worked through a series of case studies over a two month period. In November all participants (100) gathered for dinner,large group discussion and a televised panel, currently streamed from our Institute website.

Fall of 2009

Ethics & Policy in Healthcare Program (EPHP).

Comprehensive program to address ethical and policy issues within health related professions. Components: community seminars, town halls, regional leadership roundtables, student internships, graduate seminars, online resources and courses, and continuing education for seven professions.

2003 - 2010

National Security Social Impact Program (NSSIP)

Collaboration with the Department of Justice, Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police, Hillsboro Police Department, Seven College Consortium and relevant corporate sponsors. Components: community seminars, town halls, regional leadership roundtables, and annual conferences. 2001 - Present.

Technology in Education for Disadvantaged Youth Program (TEDY)i

Collaboration with the Hillsboro Police Department, Intel, and C.R.I.M.E. (Computer Related Intelligence Management and Education) and the Verizon Foundation. Components: three summer internships & after school program.

2003 - Present.

Human Health, Human Dignity: Setting the Oregon Standard

Community Seminar/Televised Town Hall/Regional Roundtable series, Hillsboro, Oregon

Fall 2006.

Saudi National Day Celebration & Reception

Reception and Dinner for Saudi Arabian Students at Pacific, Fall 2006.

Technology, Intelligence & the Preservation of Civil Liberties

Conference. Top security officials for Microsoft joined law enforcement executives, corporate security specialists and academics, Astoria, OR

Fall 2006.

Til Death Do Us Part: The Battle for Marriage in a Pluralistic Society

Community Seminar/Televised Town Hall/Roundtable series, Forest Grove, OR

Spring 2005

Understanding the Threat: Technology, Globalization and the Future of Homeland Security

Conference for the intelligence community, law enforcement executives, corporate security executives and educators, with Tom Cowper (CIA) as keynote, Lincoln City, OR

May 2005.

Muslims in America and the War on Terrorism

Televised Town Hall, Forest Grove, Oregon

Fall 2004

The War on Terrorism, Homeland Security & the Mission of Higher Education

Community Seminar/Televised Town Hall/Roundtable Series, Forest Grove, OR

Fall 2003

The War on Terrorism, Homeland Security & the Mission of Higher Education

Conference. Attendees: FBI, local law enforcement, immigration officials, academics, Lincoln City, Oregon

Spring 2003

People Without Papers: Impact of 9/11 on Immigrant Communities

Community Seminar/Televised Town Hall/Regional Roundtable series. Forest Grove, Oregon

Spring 2002

Self-Understanding in the Age of ANDi: Transgenics and Public Policy

Community Seminar/Televised Town Hall/Regional Roundtable series. Forest Grove, OR

Spring 2001