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Executive Sr. with over 19 years experience in IT. Focused on strategy, innovation, new challenges and commitment to the organization as a whole, seeking results that reflect business improvement. Objective, realistic and extremely adaptable, strong in teamwork, I use my skills of persuasion and direct communication to help achieve the goals set out previously in my projects.

- Currently responsible for IT - Infrastructure, Telecom and Information Security BUNGE BRAZIL.

Member of the Board of Global IT - Bunge (USA / SOUTH AMERICA / EUROPE / ASIA)

- Member of Global IT Infrastructure Council

- Member of IT Global Messaging & Collaboration

- Member of Global IT Procurement Council

Current Environment: 210 Cities, 400 servers, 9,000 users - Revenue R$ 34 Billion.

Managed Team: 32 members

BUNGE BRAZIL - Head - IT Infrastructure (since May/2011)



- SAP ERP Infraestructure

- Management of IT Services

- Implementation projects (ERP Financial Modules)

- Project Implementation Business Intelligence

- Solutions Development using Olap Cubes

- Data Base Administrator

- Establishment e Management Budget for IT

- Project Implementation of Corporate Network

- Project Management

- Intranets, Extranets, B2B, B2E, B2C Solutions.

- Responsible for Projects Analyze Vulnerabilities in Corporate Networks

- Management, Network Integration of Voice and Data, and VOIP solutions.

- Management and Integrated Corporate Services (fixed telephony, mobile telephony, outsourcing of printing, outsourcing help desk)

- Virtualization deployment and Optimization Servers

- Responsible for the implementation of remote branch offices using Citrix solutions on Microsoft platform

- Acquisition and Management of Servers, Desktops, Network Equipment, Firewall and other infrastructure resources

- Datacenter Building

- Fiber Optic Links in Large Enterprises

- Business Continuity

- Risk Management

- Strategic Alignment of IT

International Experiences 

Evian (Danone Group) - Presentation on Systems Management and Production - Evian - France 

HP - (Hewlett Packard) - Presentation on International Strategy Expertise on IT Products and Services - Grenoble - France 


Based on experience gained over the years, assisting my employer in achieving the agreed goals. Focus on results, teamwork and resilience.

Evaluate new opportunities in the area of information technology.


- Specialist Data and Voice Corporate Networks

- Telecommunications

- DataCenters

- Information Security

- Microsoft Products

- Citrix Products

- Dell Products

- Firewalls (Checkpoint - Fortinet - Watchguard - Netscreen)

- Management Outsourcing (People and Third-Party Solutions)

- Management HelpDesk

- Specialist in Dealing with IT Suppliers

- IT Management (Infrastructure and Information Security) in processes of acquisition, selling and merging companies

- Asset Management IT

Work experience


Head of It

Agribusiness/Food & Ingredients/Sugar & Bio-Energy/Fertilizers Head of IT Infrastructure Responsible for 210 places, 400 servers, 9.000 users and staff of 32 people. IT budget management(OPEX/CAPEX)-2013/14-R $ $130 million. Ÿ Consolidated/unified 4 DATACENTERS, distributed in 3 different players, managing multiple contracts, scopes, SLA's and differentiated governance. Organized the infrastructure team, I joined Team applications and key users, define the migration strategy and incrementei the use of virtualization environments. As a result, I highlight: the increase from 25% to 75% of virtualized environments and initial 30% reduction in estimated costs. Ÿ Led the infrastructure project for SAP implementation, evaluating technologies in hardware /software, managing internal infrastructure teams and integrating them with functional consultants and teams and managing the adequacy of distributed infrastructure. Thus, the need has been met for the GO-Live without any impact to run the business. Ÿ Managed the UNIFICATION OF SERVICE DESK project, to improve the treatment of users, identifying needs, assessing market products and services. Reduce by 30% the costs, improved performance in service, governance and synergy processes. Ÿ Led the REFRESH INFRASTRUCTURE & TELECOM project, managing internal staff and consultants and budget of R$ $54 million. As products, standardizing environments, adequacy and unification of telecom contracts, improvement of the sites content with 25% contingency to 95% and availability and continuity of run the business operations. Ÿ Led the infrastructure project of BUNGE FERTILIZERS SALE for YARA, separating infrastructure services, telecom, service desk, field service, information security and data center, defining the strategy and managing post-segregation services. This deal represented$ $750 million and was completed successfully without any impact on operations. Ÿ Managed the infrastructure project for the implementation of the BSC, to the internalisation of financial processes, evaluating new business integration and service delivery. Thus, the migration was successful for 600 users of the BSC. Ÿ Led the DATACENTER OPTIMIZATION project, raising the cost components, preparing the ABC curve of the main components and integrating the infrastructure teams with applications, procurement and legal, setting new criteria/scope and SLA's for


Petrochemical/Bulk Liquid Storage/Chemical Products Sales
QUATTOR/BRASKEM Head-IT Infrastructure Responsible for 25 places, 450 servers, 7.000 users and 30 staff members. Ÿ Led the Infrastructure Integration project for the formation of QUATTOR Company(Suzano, Rio Polímeros, Petroquímica União and Unipar Group). Integrating teams, standardizing contracts, regulating licensing software and Datacenter services, support, link data and telephony. As a result, I highlight: 20% reduction in telephone costs and cost reduction in the purchase of Microsoft products in 35% within 3 years. Ÿ Managed the project infrastructure COMPANY SALE UNIÃO TERMINAIS/VOPAK for ULTRA Group, organizing staff to adequção processes, infrastructure services and adapting contracts. As a result, I highlight: successfully performed segregation, appropriate support contracts with service providers, handover to the buyer performed without any impact to operations and the business of both companies. Ÿ Led the infrastructure project for SAP implementation, evaluating market technologies(hardware /software/architecture), managing internal and partner staff, implementing necessary infrastructure and support to 350 consultants. I delivered infrastructure for new ERP, with high availability and on time. Staff and suppliers prepared for the GO-Live and extended support period(Hyper Care). Ÿ Led the integration project of New office in Argentina, evaluating technologies and integrating local service providers to better governance, managing the interaction of Telecom providers(Brazil/Argentina), structuring the team for service desk services, field service, telecom, information security and data center. As a result, fell by 40% of the costs(OPEX) for ongoing operations. Ÿ Led the infrastructure integration project of QUATTOR SALE to BRASKEM. Conduct the complete development documentation, budget(CAPEX/OPEX), hardware inventory/software, IT organization, people and service providers, adapting and migrating SAP infrastructure for Braskem model. Delivered infrastructure and their services in the BRASKEM Governance model, improving management and SLA's. Ÿ Worked on several other projects, such as IT infrastructure advisor, responsible for infrastructure management of industrial and telecommunications BRASKEM. IT budget management(OPEX/CAPEX).


Petrochemical/Bulk Liquid Storage/Chemical Products Sales
UNIPAR-União de Indústrias Petroquímicas S /A Head-IT Infrastructure/IT Coordinator/IT Analyst/Trainee Responsible for 14 locations, 300 servers, 4.500 users and 25 staff members. Ÿ Led intregração project of IT infrastructure, M&A(Mergers & Acquisitions) for the acquisition of the Company by UNIPAR Petroquíca Union, resulting in: harmonization of contracts, the integration UNIPAR's governance model. Ÿ Managed project SIX SIGMA TELECOM(Green Belt), implementing policies and management of fixed and mobile telephony costs for Unipar, which resulted in a reduction of 25% in telephony costs. Ÿ Conduct due diligence process infrastructure in the process of M&A(Mergers & Acquisitions) for the acquisition of DOW CHEMICAL Unit Cubatão/UNIPAR, harmonizing contracts, integrating infrastructure that enabled the best vendor management and SLA's. Ÿ Implemented Business Intelligence tool(DATASUL BI), providing significant improvement in sales processes and monthly closing, reporting to headquarters. Ÿ Managed and implemented infrastructure needed to ERP DATASUL(hardware /software/architecture/telecom). Ÿ Worked on several other projects since my entry into the company(in 1994) as Intern. I went through the areas of Financial Planning and Budget, Tax, Accounting and IT. IT budget management(OPEX/CAPEX).




University Pierre


University Pierre


University Pierre