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Engineering undergraduate student pursuing double B.S. degrees in Computer Engineering and Engineering Physics. Significant industry experience in Telecommunications and large corporate environments. Wide array of technical proficiencies form coursework. Creative problem solver with a solid Physics background that most Computer Science professionals lack and vice versa.


To find a full time position beginning immediately after graduation. Preferably in a position either exploring low-level Linux development, digital signal processing, operating system design and driver development, embedded systems, computational physics, or quantum information systems.



  • C, Java, C++, x86, VHDL, Bash Script, Python, PHP, SQL


  • POSIX Linux, Android JNI/GUI, Matlab, Multi-Threaded Programming, Socket Programming, Object Oriented Development, Test Driven Development, LAMP Environments, SVN/Git Maintained Environment Administration, Driver Development


  • Operating Systems, Database Systems, Linux Kernel, Multimedia Systems, Embedded Systems, Distributed Systems, Multi-Cycle CPUs, Multi-Core CPUs/SMPs, Heterogeneous Parallel Systems, ISA Design/Optimization


  • Computational/Automata Theory, Algorithms, Quantum Mechanical Applications, Standard Model Physics, Circuit Design, Pipeline Design, Real-time System Theory, Language Parsing, Communication Theory, Relativistic Applications, Music Theory


  • Fourier/Complex Analysis of Systems, Classical Euler-Lagrangian Analysis, Legendre Analysis, Linear Differential System Analysis, Analog/Digital Signal Processing, Perturbation/Parameter Variation, Multi-Particle Systems, Superconductor Theory


Aug 2009Present

Bachelor of Science

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Graduating in May 2013


  • ECE 110 - Intro to ECE, ECE 190 - Intro to Computer Engineering, ECE 210 - Analog Signal Processing, ECE 290 - Computer Engineering I, ECE 310 - Digital Signal Processing, ECE 313 - Probability with Engineering Applications, ECE 329 - Fields and Waves I, ECE 342 - Electronic Circuits, ECE 350 - Fields and Waves II, ECE 385 - Digital Systems Laboratory, ECE 391 - Computer Systems Engineering, ECE 411 - Computer Organization & Design, ECE 418 - Image & Video Processing, ECE 420 - Embedded DSP Lab, ECE 440 - Solid State Electronics, ECE 487 - Intro to Quantum Electronics
  • CS 173 - Discrete Structures, CS 225 - Data Structures, CS 373 - Theory of Computation, CS 411 - Database Systems, CS 414 - Multimedia Systems, CS 421 - Programming Languages & Compilers, CS 425 - Distributed Systems, CS 431 - Embedded Systems, CS 438 - Communication Networks, CS 473 - Fundamental Algorithms, CS 483 - Applied Parallel Programming
Aug 2011Present

Bachelor of Science

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Graduating in May 2013


  • PHYS 211: Introductory Mechanics, PHYS 212: Introductory Electromagnetics, PHYS 213: Introductory Thermal and Statistical Mechanics, PHYS 214: Introductory Quantum Mechanics, PHYS 225: Special Relativity and Math Applications, PHYS 325: Intermediate Classical Mechanics I, PHYS 402: Light, PHYS 406: Acoustical Physics of Music, PHYS 420: Space Time and Matter, PHYS 435: Intermediate Electromagnetism I, PHYS 460: Condensed Matter Physics, PHYS 470: Subatomic Physics, PHYS 486: Intermediate Quantum Mechanics I, PHYS 487: Intermediate Quantum Mechanics II
  • MATH 241: Calculus III, MATH 286: Intro to Differential Equations, MATH 415: Linear Algebra

Work experience

May 2011Jul 2011

Software Stack Engineering Intern

Motorola Mobility, Inc

  • Augmented and improved internal developmental application to test throughput regression on concurrent devices. 
    • Application targeted Android 3.0 platform. Written in Java.
    • Application was inherited from previous developer and new features were implemented.
      • New GUI features designed.
      • UDP regression testing supported.
      • Various bugs corrected.
    • Maintained internal documentation page and was responsible for informing application updates to internal regression testing teams as well as attending meetings targeted at analyzing modem performance and drive testing.
  • Accompanied drive testing team in testing throughput performance across local geographical regions and cell handover on 4G LTE networks.
Oct 2010Jan 2011

BSP Test Engineer Contractor/Co-Op

Motorola, Inc
  • Worked on integrated-component regression testing.
    • Utilized real-time scripting mechanisms to performed scheduled analysis.
    • Responsibilities included maintaining operational statistics and logging data for future analysis of regression in on-chip components. 
    • Written in Bash shell script with nested automated subroutines that were either also scripted or connected to the Android JNI layer to instantiate communication with integrated components.
    • Analyzed regression as a function of developmental releases.
      • Required daily secure build compilation and flashing.
  • Maintained documentation for handover once contract work was finished.
  • Created Android JNI Service for integrated battery policy monitoring and notification.
May 2010Aug 2010

Qualcomm Innovation Center Engineering Intern

Qualcomm, Inc
  • Co-authored ARMv7 ISA test suite designed to discover discrepancies between Android qEmu based emulation of instructions and native hardware execution.
    • Specifically targeted THUMB-2/NEON amendments to ISA.
    • Written in C and ARMv7 assembly utilizing various POSIX libraries. 
    • An other intern worked on the test cases while I developed the test harness which was a Linux targeted command line tool.
    • Maintained documentation of the process as well as manual pages for the command line tool.
  • Worked on boot charting Android based MSM prototypes in order to analyze bottlenecks in the devices' respective boot-time performance.
May 2009Aug 2009

Software Engineering Intern

Motorola, Inc
  • Ported previous implementation of embedded Omnivision 3640 camera driver to MSM 7201A chipset. 
    • Written in C as a kernel module with C++ user-space modules for analysis and GPIO manipulation.
    • Performed JTAG flashing and updated Linux kernel compilation to stay concurrent with global development process. 
  • Developed amendments to Android 1.5 JNI with respect to GSM Telephony performance and data service selection.
    • Changes were approved and released in the first generation release of the Motorola Cliq.
  • Developed Android instrumentation based command line video player tool for internal development and testing.
    • Written as a C++ binary.
  • Developed Android integrated compass calibration application.
    • Written in Java targeted at Android 1.5 systems.
    • Animated GUI with peripheral communication.
    • Application was accepted into the main developmental branch and appears on various handsets released after 2009.
  • Received BRAVO award.