Marc Harris

Marc Harris

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2006 - Present

Regional Site Manager

SBA Communications Corporation

Management of Telecommunications Sites in South Wisconsin

  • Active participation in the collocation/amendment process through all stages to include leasing, structural investigations and analysis, modifications to tower and/or compounds, carrier construction and acceptance.

  • Read and translate legal language within land and tenant leases to establish both SBA and tenant rights specific to each lease.

  • Coordinate with land owners, tenants, turf vendors, contractors, and utilities.

  • Perform site audits to ensure tenant compliance per the lease agreement with changes submitted to corporate for database correction and possible lease amendment.

  • Manage routine maintenance and assessments on all tower sites including repair of alarm monitoring instruments, lighting units and any other issues deemed appropriate by contractors.

  • Coordinate with Corporate Utilities Analysts to resolve any site specific utility issues via personal and contracted on-site investigations. Coordinate with tenants during both the analysis stage and the resolution stage.

  • Manage both tower and ground lease space to facilitate future collocation and amendments and maximize profitability of each SBA site.

  • Under the direction of the M&A department, perform inspections on future acquisition sites, document potential issues.

  • Review M&A trackers, work with corporate to ensure quick transition to SBA control, including but not limited to site upgrades (fencing, tower painting, and lighting control replacement, etc.), tower light conversions to NOCC. Upon closure of acquisition, verify, update, or acquire all supporting documentation on the site(s) and manage corrections of deficiencies.

  • Perform regular inspections for FAA/FCC compliance, OSHA safety guidelines.

  • Effectively interface with tenants, land owners, contractors, utilities, neighbors, etc. This may require being able to diffuse a potentially explosive situation, avoiding further aggravation of the person or situation.

Sep 2000 - Mar 2006

Service Manager (Senior RF/Wireless Engineer I)

Skytel Communications

Management of wireless markets in North Florida, Soutwest Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and West Tennessee

  • Management of contractors for standard and emergency system maintenance.
  • Maintenance of disaster recovery plan for recovery of wireless systems following natural disasters.
  • Maintenance of preventive maintenance schedule on a semi-annual basis.
  • Analysis of system efficiency utilizing reports formatted in MapInfo and Microsoft Excel.
  • System expansion to include site acquisition, site planning, and construction.
  • Coordination with sales and engineering departments on customer accounts and system expansion.
  • Compilation and presentation of data utilizing Microsoft Office specifically Excel, PowerPoint, Visio.
  • Test/acceptance, installation, and maintenance of telecommunications circuits, both analog and digital.
  • Design and implementation of system control migration from RF link to wireline in Northwest Florida.
  • Installation and maintenance of WiFi system in support of relief agencies after Hurricane Katrina (TROPOS and Motorola Canopy Equipment).
  • Specific test equipment: Anritsu Sitemaster 331B, IFR Com120B, Triplett Model 5 Subscriber Loop Test Set, and Bird APM-15 Wattmeter.

* This position title, Service Manager, was under Skytel Communications; however, the parent company, MCI, classified this position as a Senior RF/Wireless Engineer I.

Feb 1997 - Aug 2000

Systems Technician

Metrocall, Incorporated

Maintenance of paging markets in Central Florida

  • Installation and maintenance of the Glenayre GL3000 paging switch.
  • Test/acceptance, installation, and maintenance of telecom circuits, both analog and digital.
  • Installation and maintenance of Motorola and Glenayre base stations.
  • Configuration and maintenance of C-Net, C2000 and C2010 control systems.
  • Configuration and maintenance of VSAT in support of the Weblink 2-way paging system.
  • Compilation and presentation of data utilizing Microsoft Excel, Visio, and AutoCAD.
  • Coordination with sales personnel on customer accounts and system expansion.
  • System expansion to include site acquisition, lease negotiation, site planning and construction.
  • Specific test equipment: Anritsu Sitemaster 113, IFR 1200SS, and Helper Instruments Sinnadder3.



Disaster Recovery Management

Development and realization of disaster recovery operations. Managed recovery operations after hurricanes Katrina, Cindy, Dennis and Ivan and assisted in the recovery efforts following Charley and Frances in Central Florida.

Electronics Service

Electronics troubleshooting and repair, both system and component level.

Telecommunications Maintenance

DS0 and DS1telecommunications installation, acceptance and maintenance.

RF System Design and Analysis

Basic RF propagation and system performance analysis

Autodesk Software

Autodesk Software to include AutoCAD and AutoSketch

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Outlook


1991 - 1994

Associate in Applied Sciences

General electronics theory and practice covering:

  • Industrial Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • RF Communications
  • Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance
  • Microsoft and Novell Networks

Associate in Applied Science

1989 - 1989

29E Radio Repair

US Army Signal School

RF and AF circuit repair in military communication equipment in both the field and depot level.