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Work experience

May 2014Present

Visiting Professor

UNISAL - Universidade Salesiana de São Paulo

Professor of Project Procurement Management in the Project Management MBA Course.

Jun 2012May 2013

Corporate Purchasing Manager

Grupo ARG

Led the coorporate purchasing for local & overseas supply. Head of a team with 14 collaborators,responsible for requisitions, new suppliers prospection, strategic sourcing contracts develompment, cost reduction negociation, purchase orders approval, purchase orders follow-up

Jun 2010May 2012

Logistics & Special Projects Manager

Grupo A.R.G

Domestic Logistics Operations & Continuous Improvement Projects Management. Leader of a team with aprox. 100 workers. Responsibilities include facilitating the creation of logistics organizations at construction site, establishment and monitoring of KPIs, warehousing performance assessments / warehousing inventory test count, cargo transportation management and execution of Material Master Cleansing and Bar Coding implementation projects.

May 2009Sep 2009


Camossi Transportes Rodoviarios Ltda

Commanded the company, leading a team of 17 workers - staff & operational. Conducted an organization diagnosis study, developed the business plan, implemented information technology and financial controls, Introduced cash flow analysis and equalized cash flow, reduced operation cost, Improved the state of maintenance and revitalized the fleet, developed and executed the marketing plan.

Nov 1997Jan 1999

Indirect Purchasing Supervisor


Identified as a high potential talent, secured this first managerial position at age of 28. Relatively young but with significant experience from previous positions in purchasing, led the Indirect Purchasing & Services team, reporting to the Purchasing Director. Held the CAPEX /OPEX purchasing process and  services/ in-bound transportation contracts. Accomplishments included:

  • 8,68% Cost Reduction on Indirect Material and Services
  • 6,58% Cost Reduction on In-Bound transportation tariff.
  • Increase purchasing agreement coverage by 55% of SKUs
  • Customer Satisfaction index of 70%
Jan 1999Mar 2000

Purchasing Liaison


Accepted a long term international assignment in USA and pioneered in the deployment of a liaison position to facilitate interdepartmental collaboration between Central Purchasing-USA and Purchasing Division - Brazil. Effectively managed the negotiation of lead-time reduction with 60 suppliers, reducing total supplier time to 10 working days, collaborating to " MRP-II Class A"  certification. Awarded with an appreciation plate from the Executive Office for the contributions to the Annual Quality Improvement Project - AQI, "Lead Time Reduction" .

Mar 2000Jan 2002

Int'l Purchasing and Logistics Supervisor


Led the Int'l Purchasing and Material Planning team in a transition period, marked by the obsession for material availability within a low cycle of the business environment. Systematic delivered 95% plus imported material availability, supporting "MRP-II Class A" certification maintenance while reducing 50% of inbound air freight costs to contribute to company's effort to operate in the breakeven point. Supported effectively transfer prices and service charges negotiation from the Int'l Purchasing team with overseas subsidiaries. Held Complete ownership of Imported Material Inventory.

Jan 2002Jul 2003

Project Management Coordinator - PMO


Ensured outstanding collaboration between Purchasing/Logistics and New Product Introduction multi-disciplinary teams to successfully launch of 5 new products (S/M Wheel Loaders and Backhoe Loader) in a critical transition from EPA tier 1 emission regulation to Tier 2. Despite of the high level of new content in a high concentration of new products introductions inviroment, led seamless integration from  Purchasing/ Logistics cross-function teams, by coordinating the activities such as make/Buy/Import Studies, Supplier Development (QCLDM), assuring parts availability for Ramp-up and provinding flexibility to short dated request for development.      

Aug 1984Dec 2008

Several Staff and Leading Positions in Purchasing and Logistics

Jul 2003Dec 2007

Strategic Sourcing Consultant


Oversaw the development and execution of Strategic Sourcing plans in Low Cost Countries (Latin America Region) supporting division strategy to deliver global leverage with local service excellence. During this tenure, collaborated in development of more then 40 local suppliers/150 items for global supply, generating savings up to 30% TCO compared to based price. Played an instrumental role, providing industry competitive analyses and assessing potential supplier in the area. Served as facilitator for obtaining  RFI's, Non-Disclosure Agreements, RFQ's, QCLDM's, EDI integration  from local suppliers and assisted  with  Cultural/Language and in short term tactic issues. Acted as a key player in the development of several castings suppliers in Brazil for global supply, been awarded with an appreciation plate from the working team.  Through these critical and successful developments, company was enabled to increase production capacity on a high margin product.

Jan 2007Jan 2008

Deployment Team Leader


Spearheaded the deployment of  the "Revitalized New Product Introduction" process within the Purchasing Div (Latin America Region), enabling purchasing support for the enterprise strategy (CFS's & SAI's) by meeting the program deliverables on quality, cost and time. The successful process implementation collaborated to improve division's Process Compliance Index (PCI), as the working teams were by then committed to:

  • Nurture early supplier identification/collaboration in CPPD environment
  • Focus on the APQP process
  • Generate accurated cost targets using "Should Cost Modeling"
  • Establish Long term Supply Agreements to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Validate Supplier and Process before production Ramp-Up

Main Activities included:

  • Best practice research,
  • Workshop's planning and execution,
  • Supply Matrix model Development
  • Product Life Cycle Agreement model development
  • Adherence Assessment/Monitoring
Jan 2008Dec 2008

Cost Reduction Team Leader


Challenged to maximize material cost reduction in an short time period, effectively led Material Cost Reduction Management implementation within Purchasing Div. (Latin America Region), and played key role in delivering U$10M Material Cost Reduction, attenuating the impact of the 2008 financial crises on Business Unit  results.

Main accomplishments included:

  • Cross-functional teams activities coordination.
  • Material Cost Reduction Strategy alignment with Product Cost Reduction Strategy.
  • Definition of  Material Cost Reduction objectives for the working teams.
  • Employment of Strategic Sourcing Process to identify opportunities and accelerate the implementation of material cost reduction.
  • Material Cost Tracking and Forecast Reporting.
  • Generation of accurate inputs for the Business Plan.




Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba


Fluent in English

Complementary Education

Bradley University

Peoria, IL, United States                                                                                                         1999-1999

Enhancing Oral Communication . (Carga Horária: 70h). Pronunciation & Communication for International Employees.

Fundação Getulio Vargas

Piracicaba SP, Brazil                                                                                                              1997 - 1998

PEC- Programa de Educação Continuada (Gestão Estratégica, Finanças, Administração).


Piracicaba SP, Brazil                                                                                                              2008 - 2008

  • Foreign Exchange: Risk Management Basics
  • TCO- Total Cost of Ownership
  • Six Sigma Strategic Sourcing Process
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Understanding the Supply Chain
  • Effective Supply: Alliances and Partnerships with Suppliers
  • Quality Assurance Management


Manager (Purchasing / Logistics / SupplyChain) or Similar


Six Sigma Green Belt Certified


Multidisciplinary professional, with over 20 yrs of expertise in Purchasing and Logistics,  who enjoyed a progressive career with a Fortune 500 Company and extensive international exposure, which included work assignments in the United States. Civil Construction and Heavy Duty Equipment background. Proven ability to plan and execute strategic sourcing activities to create business process improvement, cost reduction and foster revenue growth while maintaining outstanding relationships with suppliers and internal customers.Experience in leading cross-functional teams through initiation, planning, execution, and deployment of product development projects. Thorough knowledge of materials management, focus on the material availability and inventory control. Academic experience as MBA visiting professor at Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba, Anhanguera and Unisal.