Marcello Mancuso

Marcello Mancuso

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2010 - Present

Lawyer and consultant

Studio legale Limuti, Mancuso e collaboratori


Jan 2003 - Jan 2010

General counsel

Antech, S.p.a.


  • Drafted domestic and international contracts for a variety of purposes. Advised on collateral issues.
  • Advised the Board on various internal (Corporate) and external (JV creation) issues,  including the drafting of preliminary, main and ancillary agreements and support to negotiation.


  • Acted on a number of claims, both domestic and international,  defending the company regarding complex contractual issues. Advised on ADR and settlement negotiation strategy and drafted consequent agreements. 
2001 - 2002

General counsel

Europea Costruzioni, S.p.a.


1994 - 1995

Diploma perfezionamento informatica giuridica e diritto dell'informatica

Università di Roma "La Sapienza"


Music (playing guitar), Neuro Linguistic Programming, Taijiquan, Finding a sense for life


A lawyer and consultant featuring comprehensive conflict management skills (international contract drafting and negotiation, ADR techniques, arbitration and litigation).


Developing abilities within a stimulating international environment



ADR Teacher

ADR Teacher ("Formatore") appointed by the Italian Ministry of Justice

ADR appointed practicioner

ADR techniques offer a wide range of options. This becomes even wider if you get interested in alternative approaches and NLP. It sounds different, it may be actually totally different - and more effective

Lawyer and consultant

Law issues are crucial either when you have to draft an international / domestic contract,  or (alas) to deal with arbitration and litigation. But it is crucial even when you are negotiating or performing ADR techniques - even though this importance is often underestimated

AI Expert

Artificial intelligence applied to the field of law involves different issues, e.g. expert systems and systems thinking.




ADR appointed Teacher ("Formatore")

Ministry of Justice - Italy
1998 - Present

Admission to bar

Ordine degli Avvocati - Bar Association
2007 - Present

Conciliatore professionale in ambito societario - Appointed ADR practicioner

Ministry of Justice - Italy
2010 - Present

Admission to special bar of Avvocati ammessi al patrocinio avanti la Suprema Corte di Cassazione

Consiglio Nazionale Forense