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I am a former U.S. Marine Corps Officer and a licensed professional pilot currently assigned as an airline crewmember.  I have previously provided professional flight instruction in a formal academic setting. These experiences have instilled a highly refined ability to work in a high-stress, detail-oriented environment, with additional transferable skills such as critical thinking and detailed problem solving.  I have also previously filled roles in management, sales, and consulting.

Flight Experience

Total flight time: 4500

Pilot in command: 2800

Multi-engine: 1100

Turbine: 2100

Night: 330

Instruments: 200

Simulator: 52

Cross-country: 2100

As instructor: 1900

Work experience


First Officer

Piedmont Airlines
  • Assisted airplane Captain in normal daily duties to ensure professional standards and safe outcomes in accordance with company policy and federal regulations.
  • Maintained a high level of technical and regulatory competence.
  • Responsible for non-normal operations and emergency diagnosis and resolution.
May 2013April 2016

Assistant Chief Instructor

Ocean Aviation, Inc.
  • Authored all company training documents for professional standardization.
  • Performed training assessments on students to ensure quality standards.
  • Authored compliance documents and procedures manuals for federal certification.
  • Coordinated with business owner to establish unique instruction regimen for competetivebusiness purposes.
Nov 2009May 2013

Senior Target Protection Specialist

Target Corporation
  • Provided a safe and secure environment for store guests and employees.
  • Supported a shortage awareness culture.
  • Followed company directives, regulations, and procedures for best practices in regards to handling of secure and sensitive information.
  • Utilized non-violent intervention techniques to minimize threats to store guests and employees.
  • Drove a prevention-based anti-threat and fraud culture by utilizing all resources and merchandise protection strategies.
  • Collected, documented, analyzed, and communicated theft and fraud related data for the purpose of internal and external company communications.
  • Initiated and supported apprehensions for theft, fraud, and security incidents.
  • Authored over 250 reports with average case value of over $150.00.
  • Obtained understanding of corporate and store-level shortage reports for the purpose of advising store leadership on best practices for reducing loss.
  • Acted, with no formal training, as department head during supervisor's leave of absence.
  • Acquired additional in-store loss prevention funding through use of effective investigations and documentation.
  • Offered early promotion in recognition for efforts above and beyond those of job description.
  • Developed alternative intelligence gathering strategies to effectively triple the number of external apprehensions versus the prior year.
  • Developed recognition system for the purpose of increasing shortage awareness among store employees.
  • Designated several times as top performer for the store.
Apr 2006Jan 2009

Aircraft Pilot

Alpha Flying, Inc.
  • Utilized all regulatory and technical aviation knowledge to ensure passenger safety during flight with no accidents or incidents during tenure.
  • Obtained and maintained technical expertise with all aircraft operational and navigational systems.
  • Solely responsible for flight planning, aircraft operation, emergency planning, and aircraft airworthiness in accordance with 14 CFR parts 91 and 135.
  • Responsible for in-flight emergency diagnosis and resolution.
  • Assisted with passenger liaison duties.
  • Ensured highest customer satisfaction level in the industry.
Jun 2004Apr 2006

Aviation Technical Specialist

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • Provided technical expertise to the aviation community, general public, and association members regarding a broad range of commercial and general aviation products including: aircraft operations within the National Airspace System, air traffic control, aviation safety, Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, airport issues, aerospace medicine, legislative, regulatory, and technical aviation-related matters.  
  • Maintained adequate knowledge of FAA headquarters, regional, and center organizations, program responsibilities and activities of these organizations, and the roles and relationships of the organization to the aviation industry.
  • Tasked with providing clear and concise technical information to executives and a variety of audiences in meetings, presentations, or briefings.
  • Responsible for conveying association members' desires and opinions to upper management in order to influence association goals.
  • Worked effectively with others to address diverse demands and shifting priorities.
  • Responded, along with twelve others in the department, to over to over 200,000 member inquiries per year.
  • Documented member input to propose association action on key interest areas.
  • Performed research and analyzed aviation-related data to advise members on conflict resolution.
  • Utilized a variety of electronic databases and spreadsheets to store, query, manipulate, and extract data.
  • Initiated and actively co-developed AOPA's athletic stadium flight restriction database.
  • Produced rough draft of monthly "Final Exam" column for Flight Training magazine.
  • Wrote material for AOPA's Private Pilot Lesson Plans.
  • Assigned as liaison for maintaining currency and accuracy of AOPA's Mexican customs information center.
  • Acted as liaison between the association's mission-oriented departments and support elements.
  • Received numerous awards for exceptional customer service and product improvement.
Mar 2003May 2004

Aircraft Flight Instructor

Albemarle Flight School and Phill-Air, Inc.
  • Provided professional instruction for student and advanced pilots using the classroom, simulator, and a variety of aircraft.
  • Applied psychological principles for fundamental instruction techniques including: characteristics, principles, and levels of learning.
  • Utilized single pilot resource management to effectively resolve multiple tasks and conflicts in a safe and effective manner.
  • Implemented risk management techniques to assess pre-flight and in-flight decisions.
  • Prepared and revised lesson plans in accordance with syllabus and changing needs of students.
  • Provided thorough pre and post flight briefings to instruction periods in order to assess student performance and resolve potential barriers to advancement.
  • Attended courses, conferences, and briefings to increase knowledge of training techniques and procedures.
  • Assisted with development of school curriculum for FAA Part 141 certification.
  • Acted as technical subject matter expert for local and visiting pilots.
Jul 2001Oct 2002

Maintenance Services Representative

Rational Software Corporation

  • Assisted customers with continuance of software maintenance contract.
  • Assured accuracy of over 100 customer accounts per sales quarter.
  • Responsible for accurate revenue projections on a weekly basis.
  • Utilized a variety of electronic databases and spreadsheets to store, query, manipulate, and extract data.
  • Consistently exceed assigned sales quota.

Various enlisted and officer billets

United States Marine Corps

- Cryptographic Materials Custodian

  • Acquired and maintained unit's cryptographic material with dollar value of over $1 million.
  • Advised unit commander on best communications and security practices.
  • Increased account efficiency by reducing amount of unnecessary cryptographic equipment by 33%.
  • Provided guidance to, and conducted training for, over 400 individuals on operational requirements.
  • Consistently maintained unit's reputation of highest rating possible during random inspections.
  • Maintained Secret security clearance.

- Technical Training Officer

  • Increased unit proficiency by supervising and directing implementation of training plan for over 40 personnel.
  • Designed and instructed technical classes to increase proficiency of unit personnel.
  • Organized training events to assess unit personnel proficiency.

- Watch Officer

  • Supervised radar crew during live and training operations.
  • Provided ground-based radar control services for combat aircraft.
  • Provided traffic, surveillance, and weapons control services for U.S. Marine Corps aviation wing.
  • Assigned targeting criteria to missile batteries, live aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Conducted periodic armed overnight facility security.
  • Responsible for acting as impromptu infantry commander during emergency combat scenarios.

- Heavy Vehicle Operator

  • Responsible for operating and maintaining unit's fleet of tactical and supply vehicles.
  • Performed collateral duties as infantry rifleman in tactical scenarios. Writings

Professional Affiliations

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

National Association of Flight Instructors

Civil Air Patrol

Marine Corps Association

Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

Military Officers Association of America

AOPA Airport Support Network

Reserve Officers Association

Academy of Model Aeronautics

Loss Prevention Foundation

Bowers Fire Company

IMC Club

Experimental Aircraft Association

Airline PIlots Association




Virginia Tech



Computer Proficiency
I am proficient in the use of both Microsoft and Apple operating systems.


June 2016Present

Airline Transport Pilot

Federal Aviation Administration
Jan 2003Present

Flight Instructor

Federal Aviation Administration