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Work experience

May 2011Present

Technical Lead

Integrated Electrical Systems

Responsible for all aspects of the Management, Installation, QC, Testing, Labeling of Low-Voltage Technologies.

May 2009May 2010

Team Leader/Broadband Tech

Suwanee, GA, United States Broadband Technican 

Service technican contracted to expand and decongest Comcast CMTS and VOD platforms.  Intergated the Arris C4 cable modem transport system for node decongestion. Racked, wired, configured and tested the Motorola SEMs and ARPD network.

  • Arris C4 Cable Modem Transport System rewire for node decongestion.
  • Dressed and  terminated HEC/mini coax in the up and down stream combining racks.
  • Tested the pysical cabling and balanced the carrier at the narrow cast combining.
  • Verified and documented modem count before and after cut over. 
  • Racked, powered. cabled, and provisioned Motorola SEMs for TWC's Video on Demand.
  • Installed CAT 5 and Cat 6 network cables for management and streaming content.
  • Configured the SEMs managment and Gige IP, TSIDs, and Traps
  • Preformed interactive and stream testing per service group.
May 2009Mar 2010

Team Leader

Nov 2005May 2008

Broadband technician

  • NCTI certified Installer
  • Triple Play Installs Commercial and Residential Appllications.
  • Service calls and troubleshooting tickets. The go to guy when dealing with the customer who has faced challenges with their services.
  • Networking implementations and configuration.
May 2004Jul 2005

Engineering Tecnician

Information Automation Corporation
  • Headend and Digital Hubs construction and upgrades.
  • Management of various wired applications.
  • installed racks and overhead ladder rack.
  • installed and terminated pre-terms
  • installed and configured 9825s and 9815 dual rim SA continuum modulators for ad-zone upgrade.
  • Narrowcast implementation into forward combining.
  • PONS installation. admux ,demux , EDFA's, pads to correctly balance 1550 and 1310 downstream and narrowcast VOD.
  • Diverse and varied projects that required a thorough knowledgr of RF literacy.
Oct 2001Sep 2004

Broadband Technician/ Engineering Tech.


·Overseas experience. Germany.

·Responsible for proof of performance/Activation of N.O.C. upgrade.

·Responsible for maintenance of all testing equipment. Spectrum analyzers, digital analyzers, signal generators, etc.

·Oversaw and trained English, Dutch, and German technicians.

·Verified cable implementation and integrity. All design specs adhered to, all connectors properly applied, Ethernet, fiber, coax, and power cables.

·Maintained and programmed Satellites, receivers, encoders, decoders, up converters, down converters, modulators, etc.

·Familiarized with European PAL format.

·Built Head ends, Digital hubs, O T N’s.


Craig Hugheley

Mr. Hugheley have worked together on various projects throughout the years. He can vouch for our expertise.



A certified Integration specialist adept at all manner of installations With over 12 years experience in Cable World. Advanced complex Integration Engineering. The Build out of Terrestrial Head Ends . An emphasis on Qos and aesthetics with a strict adherence to MSO  policy and procedures. A qualified engineer with the detailed experience in the design, management,installation, configuration,and activation of both Analog and Digital platforms. A keen and detailed oriented approach to RF applications with a dedication to optimal performance levels. A 24 hr. man dedicated to the system. Passionate about new and emerging technologies and the educational pursuit thereof.


Too compliment an organization with my Management and Technical know how to greatly advance company objectives as well as fiscal responsibility and fidelity. The Objective is to become part of a great company with great ideas and solutions to the technological challenges inherent in Integration Projects.