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Living by the principles of teaching each and every student according to their respective abilities and learning levels, Marc Bednarczyk has proven that a genuine concern for the welfare of each child will enable a teacher such as him to render invaluable service of the highest standards. Starting out in January 2003 as 3rd Grade Social Studies teacher at Crestwood Elementary School, Mr. Bednarczyk stayed true to his calling of delivering his lessons in a manner that has put recognition to the standards set by the National Council for the Social Studies. In his stint as 6th Grade Language Arts teacher in Augusta Elementary starting August 2003 until June 2004, Marc Bednarczyk made sure that he had adhered to the Standards for the English Language Arts stipulated by the National Council of Teachers of English. Marc’s next post at Augusta Middle School as 7th and 8th Grade Social Sciences teacher allowed him to put to good use what he had gained from his extensive background in education from the University of Phoenix as a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership with a major in Curriculum and Instruction. This background had consistently helped him form well-structured classes in his over seven years in the teaching sector. Marc Bednarczyk had not ceased to impress his colleagues, who have voted him without fail as grade leader in every school term. Mr. Bednarczyk had always advocated the standards for teaching such as SAGE and PBIS in order to ensure that those he teaches will never have reason to feel left out. 

Work experience


3rd Grade Teacher

Augusta Elementary



Boston College