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Feb 2015Nov 2015

Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education

University of Notre Dame

Bachelors of Arts, Double degree in History and Philosophy

University of Notre Dame 

Work experience

May 2018Current

Trade Assistant 

Rust Worx

Rust Worx is a panel shop that specialises in restorations of cars, focusing on rust repairs. My duties included but not limited to; removing rust, shaping metal and wielding. I have gained an extensive knowledge of tools and project planning and believe this job has given me a great understanding of what it will take to be an apprentice.

Mar 2017May 2018

Creator and Owner

North American Ride Share

Traveling to other countries can be expensive so i created a ride-share company that allowed me to travel and work at the same time. We found other travels looking to travel in groups and took them on road trips around the country in our 12 m caravan. I would plan the trips, cook the food and come up with activities for the passengers. This job taught me many skills including leadership, organisation and navigational skills.

Dec 2017March 2018


Red Mountain resort

Red Mountain resort is a busy ski resort on the east side of British Columbia. In this role I was in charge of running one of the restaurants on top of the ski mountian. My duties would include ordering food, creating daily specials and insuring quality food went outto all guest in a timely manner. Also I would take care of special events, whjch would range from 10 to 70 guest at a time.

May 2017Aug 2017


Delta Hotels by Marriott Kananaskis Lodge

The Delta Lodge is a  four star hotel with 5 full functioning restaurants. I had the privilege of being part of the opening team at the new fine dining restaurant, Cedar Room. I was responsible for the ordering, prepping and cooking of the the food. At the cedar room we had to work with a 8 person team to ensure we put out the highest quality of food. 

Jan 2016Jan 2017

Humanities and Social Science Teacher

Comet Bay College

At Comet Bay College I was working a full-time high school teacher, teaching grades 7-12. Some of my responsibilities were class room management, lesson planning and teacher Australian curriculum to the students. This job taught me great leadership and communication skills. The humanities teachers also needed to work together to come with quarterly unit outlines to ensure we were meeting our teaching needs. This enhanced my team work skills greatly. Teaching helped me improve my working qualities across the board and gave me skills that will transfer into many other fields.  

Sept 2014Dec 2015

Restaurant Manager

Richie's Bar

Richie's Bar is a busy family restaurant located next to the beach in one of Western Australia's busiest tourist area. As the restaurant Manager I was responsible for the finances, promotions, hiring and over 15 staff. I was part of the opening team and help organize menu, pricing and set-up.

Nov 2013Aug 2014

Bartender and Server

Little Creatures Brewery

Little Creatures brewery is known to be the busiest restaurant in the southern hemisphere, with a seating capacity of over 1,000 people. This is a fast paced job where you must always be on your toes and ready to help out in all areas of service.

Jun 2013Sep 2013

Tour Guide

Peak DMC

Peak Adventure Travel is a global tour company, which is a umbrella company for some of the most  successful tour companies in the world including Intrepid Travels, Trek America and OZ Travels. In this role I was solely responsible for taking up to 15 foreign Secondary Students  on educational  road trips around the United States, ranging from 3-21 days.  I was in charge of organizing and looking after travel routes, driving, supplies, hiking and city tours, maintaining group dynamics,  all financial,  accounts, and much more. This role helped me develop leadership qualities that will assist me in future jobs. 

Nov 2012-Apr 2013

Chalet Manager and Host

Chalet One

Chalet One is a luxury 6 bedroom chalet, housing up to 16 customers, located in the French Alps. The chalet only employed a chef and chalet manager to look after the property. As the chalet manager I was solely responsibility for ensuring the chalet ran properly and efficiently, which included task such as: arranging pick-ups, showing guest around the resort, cleaning, shopping, accounts, organizing time schedules and much more

Apr 2012Sept 2012

Front of House Supervisor, Mise en Place Chef

Footscray Milking Station(cafe )

Footscray Milking Station is an award winning Cafe located in Melbourne, which is known for their culinary prowess. I was part of their first hiring selection when the cafe opened.  While being employed the restaurant won best new cafe in Melbourne.  The menu changed everyday so we needed to be creative in coming up with new ideas. 

Jan 2012April 2012

Head Chef

Bronte Park Village
Nov 2010April 2011

Cold Ladder Chef

Rottnest Hotel
Nov 2008Nov 2010

Bartender and Function Waiter

Swan Yacht Club
March 2007Sept 2008

Saute and Grill Chef 

Outback Steak House