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Bachelor of English Literature .

An Amateur Artist & Photographer. Have a good experience in Design , drawing ,writing, and Photography.

Translate from English to Arabic & vice versa .



Bachelor  of English Literature & Humanities 

Damascus University

Linguistics: (Grammar, Phonetics, Translation..etc) ,

 Literature: (Poetry,Short story, Novels, Prose,Shakespeare ,Composition , Drama, Renascence  , Comparative Literature...etc).


Understanding ILETS  by British counsel.

Fashion Design Course by Al Jouf technical college 2015.



Since my specialty is English Language , I can translate from English to Arabic and vice versa.


Fair experience in Photoshop, coral painter, Illustrator, and the basics in Office (Word).

good knowledge in Computer software  in general , Internet, and Technology .


I love drawing & Arts since I was child, so

I have a very good experience in drawing : pencil drawing,  watercolors , and recently Digital painting.


 My good experience in drawing supports me well in Design field. Interested  in Fashion design too and have a  course in this field.

logo design

I have recently involved in Logo  designs.I have designed a logo for the Health Education club,and other designs for the Youth Welfare contest.


I'm an amateur photographer. The passion of catching the moment or view and  share it   leads  me to learn the basics of photography.


I enjoy writing since my childhood such as poetry and stories .  I use writing  to unleash feelings and sweep stress.

My Photography

My Designs

My logo Design for the "Health Education" Club .+  random designs for the Youth Welfare contest.

My Drawings

some of my drawings: