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Maranyalie Torres Ramos

Undergraduate Student


Since I was in the elementary, I have participated in a variety of school’s activities, entertaining the audience. I played the guitar and sang at the same time for some of these activities, I was once in a dance team, I have participated in musicals, I have written songs, stories, and poems for different competitions, and to keep on sharing with the audience, my most recent activity as a university student, has been creating a trailer for a book called Dante’s Kiss. I am recently studying Movie Production in the University of the Sacred Heart, in Santurce, Puerto Rico.  I have experience in writing scripts and organizing the recruits, in order for a project like the book trailer I mentioned earlier, to be accomplished.

. I believe that the most important thing about elaborating a job, is to inspire and motivate the costumer, and to be satisfied with the service given.

Work experience

Sep 2015Present



I supply students with the equipment to work in the photography department. My job requires me to meet and greet students in the front counter, filling out documents and handing in the equipment, and verifying the equipment is not damaged when the students bring it back.

May 2015Aug 2015



In May of 2015, I started organizing ideas for the production of a trailer, for a writer's book called Dante's Kiss. I volunteer for this project, and I decided to honor this writer, advertising her book through a trailer.  The purpose of the Book Trailer is to motivate the audience to buy the book and read it, without spoiling what the book is about, and leaving the rest of the story in the hands of every individuals imagination.  It is a project that like any other , involves time, dedication, and consistency.  I also prepared the script, in order for the trailer  to be as visually presented, as I had it in my mind. Making book trailers, is a powerful way to learn about literature and the different styles of writers, while advertising the enthusiasm of each book into the audience's knowledge. The book trailer industry, is a revolutionary way of marketing books.

Jul 2015Jul 2015



 The owner, Jose R. Vázquez, does not have a company, but the name of his business van is "La Guaguita del Pan" . As the assistant of the owner's business van, I handed the costumers what they wanted to buy, and make sure they gave the right amount of money. The business van goes around most of the neighborhoods in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico, and their vision is to bring bread and other grocery things to the people that can’t get to the grocery shop because of their personal situation. It works in the morning hours, staring from 6:00am through 11:00am.  


Aug 2012May 2015



I graduated from Leonides Morales Rodriguez High School in Lajas, Puerto Rico, with high honors, and a special award for being the highest grade in Advanced English Class, and another special award for being the Best Supporting Protagonist, in the High School’s Drama Club.

Aug 2012May 2015



I received a Diploma for graduating from the Puerto Rico’s Music School in Mayaguez. My instrument was the guitar, and we had theory and practice in the courses taken. I played in individual recitals, and group recitals. When I was in the last year, which was 2014-2015, I decided to invite the Group I was in, with the permission of the Professor and the Director of the Music School, to the activity of the High School’s Christmas Evening Event, where we fortunately participated and represented our Music School.


Song Writting

I write songs of what inspires me in life, even though I started writing since I was in the fifth grade, I lost most of the songs I had written because I didn’t understand their importance as I do now.  I recently started again with songs writing, and wrote one for the Dante’s Kiss book, inspired on the writer’s way of presenting her protagonist situation. I have also written song for God, since his my primary inspiration in life, for all he did and keeps on doing. 

I also re-write songs for graduating purposes. I re-wrote songs, for my Graduating Class of 2009 and 2012, giving popular songs a whole new lyric and meaning according to in which was to be celebrating, in this case our achievements.

Public Speaking

I have no fear on walking to a stage and motivating people with my words. I am recently taking an English Public Speaking course, to improve my public speaking skills, in which I was born with, and hope to keep inspiring people, and improving the benefits of advertising products with this skill.

Creative Advertising


Story Telling

I have a very unique style of storytelling. I apply music, and drama to them, and for little kids it’s a very interesting new thing they can’t wait to hear and see. Once in the eleventh grade I had to an oral presentation with the topic of my interest. I choose to tell an invented myth, made by myself, and added some chords and dramatization while I was playing the guitar, animating my voice, and telling the story, I could see how everybody smiled and paid closed attention to what I was saying.


I have gathered lots of experience in theater acting. Since, I was a little girl, acting was more of a way of life, since it was the only way to catch my friends’ attention, and so in High School it became my most favorite hobby. I have participated in three Musicals inside “31 MASCARAS” drama club, and one extra musical in “Phantasia” drama club. I have plaid supporting protagonist characters, and secondary characters, with one thing in common, they all sang. Two of the plays where recorded, “Don Quijote de la Mancha” (The Man of La Mancha), and “Francotirador” (Sniper), which had a symbolic meaning, and was the Profesor’s Nicolás Gonzáles Original written play based on a song called “Francotirador” interpreted by Ismael Miranda.

Creative Writing

poems stories

Guitar Playing