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To obtain a networking experience with educators and professionals throughout the world who are passionate for the education of Nutrition, lower the risk of disease within the life cycle, to educate the younger generation towards better eating habits and the importance of physical activities. 

As a student, i am currently getting my volunteer done to have better perspective what a dietitian does. However, if i have the chance i am planning on going international to educate those who have lack of nutrition in their diet. Most importantly, i'm also an anthropologist minor, which means i will be studying different culture base on their health status, food consumption, and living life style. 

overall, to better the life of others has been my passion because seeing my Nephew going through type 2 diabetes has inspired my thought towards the prevention and the knowledge that each individual or family can adapt and make a difference! 


Physical activity "Zumba":  A great way to dance and lose some calories without running or doing all the exercise that many older or younger adults can not do. 

Education "nutrition": teaching my younger siblings about the importance of nutrition can inspired them into making a better choice. 

"networking": a great way to know other RD and experience the world better, networking is one of my top interest.  To gain the experiences and the knowledge from an actually RD or other representative can benefit my career and it will be easier for employment in the future due to the learning experiences. 

"Volunteer": making a difference by volunteering and helping the community. 


Being the first generation attending a University has been my inspiration to better my career because my parent has always looked up to me as a role model for my siblings. In additions, growing up working part time, supporting my family and going to school was my biggest challenge but education was the subject that i can not let go. To learn and explore the world and helping others is my goal in life and to accomplish it i work hard each day although it gets complicated down the road. 

"life is hard,but the outcome are amazing"

Work experience

i have been working for Panda Express for 2 years and i am currently in training for a Lead counter promotion within this coming year.  This work place has taught me how Food Safety is handled and the requirement within the food industry.  However, besides taking courses from school i have gained hands on experience to better my understanding of each purpose. 

Dec 2009Present

Counter Helper

Panda Express




Aug 2007Present


Fresno State University


customer service
Bilingual language
English is my second language, but most importantly i can use my English knowledge to help translate for the Hmong community and including my parent. Many Hmong are illiteracy with no education because most of them grew up as house wives or working in the field for survival. In additions,  by knowing two different language will benefit my career in the future. however, i am in the process of learning Thai language because i can understand but i have hard time speaking. 


serve safe

National Restaurant Association