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Easygoing and congenial, with a strong sense of responsibility and good team-spirit.Diligent;with sureness;responsible; everytime fulfil my duties to my own work. Actively explore the problem and solve it.

Work experience

Aug 2015Oct 2015

Software Development Intern


There are five member in our team. We develop the plug-in utilized the SDN controller which named Opendaylight. It achieves the network communication on the second floor. My job is to designe openflow table and achieve the interface between the controller and Open vSwitch.


Sep 2014Mar 2017

Master Degree Candidate

Tongji University

I studied very hard at school and always got good results. In addition, the maths test achieved full mark.


 Programming language

I am proficient at C/C++. Vim and Shell command are familiar to me.In addition, I am good at socket, QT and multithreaded program


I am familiar with data structure, operation system, computer networks and so on.


I am skilled in  various pieces of software such as git, cmake, qmake, make and so on.


In the field of image processing, the purpose is to detect the traffic sign in the scene image. My method is that the local binary pattern (LBP) feature detector and the AdaBoost classifier are combined to extract regions of interest (ROI) . Next, cascaded convolutional neural networks(CNNs) are employed to reduce negative samples of ROI for traffic sign recognition.