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Manzoor Iqbal

Village & p/o GUJRAT, District & Tehsil MARDAN, K.P.K PAKISTAN 0333-9860942


I am a hardworking and well organized individual who is self-developed and highly devoted to my work. I have the ability to work both as a part of a team as well as an individual. I seek to work in an organization where I can use my full potential to strive for excellence and contribute towards the overall success of the firm.

        Final Year Project  

This work present the deposition of zinc oxide (ZnO) and gold nano particles on zinc oxide (ZnO/Au) surface by thermal evaporation (Restive Heating unit) method. The silicon and glass substrates are used in this experiment. First, in this experiment, only the zinc oxide powder was deposited on the surface of desired substrates.  The voltage used in this experiment is up to 10V and current is going to increase to evaporate all zinc oxide (ZnO) powder. This experiment was done under vacuum chamber having working pressure of 10-5mbar. Zinc oxide (ZnO) thin film was formed on the target substrates. Thin film substrate were annealed for half an hour in air atmosphere at different temperature ranging from 100 to 350oC. The sensitivity of zinc oxide (ZnO) thin film was 40 in the presence of ethanol concentration of 1000ppm. Repeat the experiment in the above mentioned procedure for the deposition of zinc oxide powder and gold nano particles on zinc oxide (ZnO/Au) surface in the form of nano materials. The thin film (ZnO/Au) was formed on substrates (glass and silicon) and its sensitivity was 478 in the presence of ethanol concentration of 1000ppm. Deposited thin films compositions were studied by using RBS, AFM, EDX, SEM and XRD techniques. The sensitivity of ZnO/Au thin films show maximum value in ethanol concentration as compared to ZnO thin films nano structures. These results declared that the sensitivity of gas sensor is enhanced up to several folds by using novel metal (Au, Ag, Pt etc) techniques.


Feb 2012Present

M.phill in Physics                                                                                             646/800

Hazara university Mansshera  

The M.Phil Physics is a two-year program consisting of 2 semesters of coursework followed by 2 semesters of research. Coursework includes core courses and electives.

Mar 2014Mar 2015

M.ED                                                                                                                  792/1200

AIOU Islamabad
Jan 2012Jan 2013

B.ED                                                                                                                   637/900

AIOU Islamabad
Sep 2008Apr 2010

Master in Physics                                                                                         760/1200

University of peshawar 

A Master of Physics  degree is a specific master's degree for courses in the field of physics.

Mar 2009Mar 2010

CT                                                                                                                   613/900

AIOU Islamabad
Sep 2006Aug 2008

BSc Double Maths Physics                                                                          402/550

Islamia College Peshawar
Sep 2006Sep 2007

PTC                                                                                                                    598/900

AIOU Islamabad
Sep 2004Jul 2006

FSc                                                                                                                     788/1100

Govt. Degree college Bakshahli

This level of education is also called the FSc/FA/ICS or 'intermediate

Apr 2002Jun 2004

SSC                                                                                                                   609/850

Govt. High School Gujrat

This is  Secondary School  Certificate (SSC)



 Web surfing

Extracurricular interests

Academic interests

Book Reading 


English Good

Urdu Good

Pashto Good 

Additional Skills 

Good team player



 Great customer service

Reliable worker

Keen sense of humor

Friendly personality

Work very well with others

Follow instructions

Plan and arrange events and activities 


Will be provided upon Request.