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Work experience

Mar 2005Mar 2008

Project Leader/ Technical Lead

Unilever Pakistan Ltd

Roles include Project Leader, Team co-ordination, requirement gathering, and project management related assistance.

Project Velocity (Trade promotion and claims reimbursement System): This Enterprise and integrated solution is developed to design Trade/Consumer promotion, analysis and claim payment to distributor based on achieved targets. The main modules are TPR scheme creation, Target Allocation, New Customer/SKU Mapping, Automated Claim Generation, etc.Financial, Warehouse and Workflow components are also written to provide enterprise services to Velocity system. I worked as a Project Leader/ System Architect and was also responsible for all project management based activities from initiating to closing and managed/monitored assigned development resources. During the project I was also involved in system design and development phases and organized code review for quality control. Core tools and technologies used are 2.0+MS Atlas, C# .NET, Web services, Oracle, Ultimus Workflow Suite, Crystal Reports XI.

Project Cryogen whichaimed to automate the cold chain processes with workflow management and integrate them with the sales information system –ISIS that already contains the cabinet related information. The main modules are cabinet induction, CMF generation and confirmation, Call logging, Repair & Maintenance, MIS Reporting, Parts inventory Maintenance and 3rd Party Parts Issuance. I worked as an IT Project Leader /Technical Lead and designed and developed the solution along with two development resources and organized User training sessions. Core tools and technologies used are 2.0+MS Atlas, C# .NET, SQL Server 2005, .NET Compact Framework, XML, SQL Server CE, Crystal Reports XI, Business Objects Universe.

Worked as a Technical Lead on Corporate Dashboard maintenance for Unilever Walls Ice Cream Project. Employing analytics like Trading summary metric list, trading summary interactive metric trends, SIA (Strategy Into Action) developed with BusinessObjects Strategy Builder and metric goals, speedometers.

Walls MIS System: incorporates Online Cabinet Tracking System and Online Distributor Performance measurement System. These systems manage assets and determine strategic direction for moving to ROP [Return on Performance] from ROI [Return on Investment]. Ice-Cream Sales Information System automates sales operations leveraging the use of hand held terminals. Core tools and technologies used are, C# .NET, .NET Compact Framework, XML, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server CE and Windows Service. I worked as Technical lead and Database Design Engineer.

Oct 2003Feb 2005

Software Engineer

ITIM Associates (Pvt.) Ltd

TravelStudio™ Suite: is a Tour Operation, Travel Agency & Online Reservation System and Travel Aggregator is the gluing system allowing more than one Travel Studio systems to integrate. I developed and enhanced different modules of Travel Aggregator likes Rules Engine, Galileo Booking interface. I was leading the Travel Aggregator module team. Core tools and technologies used are VC++ Web API, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP 3.0 and XML.

CollaborativeWorks™: is a framework that acts as an enterprise portal for collaborative communities and composite applications, having service oriented architecture. I worked as a software engineer and developed web-based B2B Product Catalog employing COM components at the middle tier. Core tools and technologies used are Visual Studio 6.0, ASP, XML/XSL, BizTalk Server 2002, Mercator 5.0 and SQL Server 2000.

Jan 2002Sep 2003

Software Developer

Millennium Software (Pvt.) Ltd

MillSWIFT: is efficient, safe and flexible software for banking system liquidity management. I worked with cross-functional team to understand technical requirements and translate them into a detailed product design. Provided support and maintenance for software releases. Did process engineering related to handling of bank transactions which involved development with SWIFT SDKs. My job also included Identification and addressing of potential security risks, usability/scalability issues and performance bottlenecks by using RAS32 Standard for Remote dialup connection and then using TCP/IP Protocol for communication. Use of security technology using 64-bit RSA Algorithm (Public Key Cryptography) by developing ATL COM Component. I worked as a Software Architect and Process Engineer and responsible for MillSWIFT UI and Security components development.

Web based Employee Self Service System [SSS]: SSS is multi-company, multi-location, multi-user system allowing employees to access corporate information, manage HR related tasks, Payroll etc online with just a single login. Developed UPL Passport Web Service and worked on Office Automation partially using Lotus Notes. All applications and functions relevant to the user are accessed via one login (single sign-on). I worked as a software developer and Database Design Engineer. Core tools and technologies used are, C#, Visual Studio 6.0, ASP and Oracle.


C/C++, Visual C++, Visual C# (.Net Framework), XAML,  WPF ,WCF - ASP/ASP.Net 2.0 + Atlas, Web Services (SOAP+WSDL), ATL COM/COM+, COM Interoperability with .Net, XML and Related technologies, Win32 Programming. Visual SourceSafe 6.0, Visual Studio .Net 2005/2008, MS Project 2007+EPM, InstallShield 12 ,Expression Blend 1.0, Business Objects XI R2, Ultimus Workflow Suite. Oracle, SQL Server 2000/2005 + Analysis Services.


BusinessObjects Performance Manager XI R1/R2 Measuring Performance

Sep ,2006

BusinessObjects Dashboard Manager XI R1/R2 Designing Dashboard

Sep ,2006

BusinessObjects XI R1/R2 Universe Design

Sep ,2006

BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI R1/R2 Report Design

Sep ,2006

BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence XI R2 Report Design

Sep ,2006

BusinessObjects Dashboard Manager, Performance Manager 6.5.1

Dec ,2005


Deliver business leadership and value with a customer-focused results oriented company by leveraging my architectural, design and development skills in software and product development.


6 years of professional experience in IT industry.

Served in various roles such as Technical Lead, Software Engineer, Software Architect, Database Design Engineer and Process Engineer.


Annual S.S.U.E.T Software Competition & Exhibition [Participation]

Sep, 1998

Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology Karachi

Science Fair’98 [Participation]

Oct, 1998

NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi

Millennium Science & Technology Exhibition 2000 [3rd prize] [Participation]

Feb, 2000

Preston University Karachi

Science & Technology Exhibition 2000 [Participation]

Feb, 2000

Board of Intermediate Education Karachi

SENTEC Exhibition 2000 [2nd prize] [Participation]

Aug, 2000

NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi

AMI Software Competition & Exhibition [Participation]

Jan, 2002

Asian Management Institute (AMI), IQRA University Karachi.