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Manuel Maximino

Manuel Maximino - Recognized Expert in Emerging Markets Trade

About Manuel Maximino

Over the course of his career in securities trade, Manuel Maximino has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of products and rates in emerging markets (EM). He interfaces daily with hedge funds and real money funds that are active in a variety of high-yield, emerging market, and crossover transactions, including unique high-yield situations. Currently a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, Manuel Maximino heads Latin American derivatives and fixed-income trading activities estimated at EUR 100 million.

Mr. Maximino is an experienced government consultant, issuing corporate entities on market trends and macro trading activity. He distinguished himself as the primary expert witness for the claim brought by Otkritie Capital against past employees. The trial, one of the largest EM securities cases brought before the United Kingdom High Court, required Mr. Maximino to analyze and clearly articulate the nature of market activity and the nature of complex EM transactions.

A licentiate in economics though the Universidad de San Andres, Buenos Aires, Manuel Maximino completed his graduation essay on corporate governance and the value of Latin American firms. He now draws on more than a decade of industry experience, having served Deutsche Bank in senior positions in both New York City and London.

Work experience

May 2004

Managing Director

Deutsche Bank


Mar 1999Sep 2003


Universidad de San Andres