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Work experience

Oct 2010Nov 2014

Geophysicist, Explorationist, Wellsitter

Saudi Aramco


  • Seismic Data Acquisition: familiar with the seismic crews and the duties of the company man in the crew.
  • Seismic Data Processing: worked on processing 2D & 3D lines using Echos software for six months.


Worked as a wellsitter for more than a year and performed the following duties:

  • Follow up with the drilling operations.
  • Picking formation tops & Casing/Coring points.
  • Describing the cores and cuttings.
  • Reporting to main operation centre.


I have been working with Exploration department for a year and a half. The task and duties performed:

  • Interpreting various types of data to identify potential locations of HydroCarbons.
  • Presenting your well proposals to evaluation-team and upper managment.
  • following with the wells' drilling operations as well proponent.



Oct 2010Oct 2014

On job courses

Saudi Aramco Exploration Training Program (Nov-Dec 2013)

2-month extensive training program which included 8 modules (offered by NExT) and a field class. The modules were each 1-week long and covered the following topics:

  • Seismic Structural Interpretation.
  • Workshop on Sequence Stratigraphy & Application in Petroleum Exploration.
  • Reservoir Engineering for Geologists.
  • Exploration Stratigy.
  • Global Tectonics & Geological Prospecting Tools for Exploartion.
  • Economics of Petroleum Exploration.
  • Petroleum Systems and Exploration & Development Geochemistry.

Various Courses covering the folloing topics:

  • Non seismic methods.
  • Petrel.
  • Petrosys.
  • Stratigraphic traps.
  • Open hole logging and Applications.
  • Prospect risking.


Microsoft Office
Excellent in Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excell.
Communication Skills
Excellent in communicating with team members, coustomers, survice providers and managment through written and verbal ways of communication. Excellent in preparing and presenting reports and presentations.
Performing different steps to generate prospects. The steps of the workflow includes: mapping horizons and faults, depthing, well correlation and incorporation of seismic attributes for structural and stratigraphic exploration.