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I Love to Tinker around with new Technologies...
I have an Insatiable-Thirst for creating functional, but, Interactive User-Interface Design for Web and Native Platforms.
A key focus is to give my best for the Product.

Work Experience


App Developer | Remote

RentZend, California - Real Estate Marketplace Platform

I developed specific feature-flows for their app ( iOS and Android ), which included UI development & integrating with the exisiting Node.js Backend API.

Stack: React, React-Native, libraries: ( Redux, redux-saga, react-navigation.etc )

Features I helped develop:
- User Onboarding
- Property Add & Edit, Property Manage, Property warranty Information

- Property Rent-Payment API integration
- Refer to Friends

- clean-up login & register UI, new UI-design clean-up and more.


September: October2017

App Developer | Freelance

SendJobs, Singapore - Machine Learning powered Jobs-Platform

I developed the employee-candidate side of the app ( iOS and Android ), which included UI development & integrating with the open-source version of Parse.

Stack: React, React-Native, libraries: ( Redux, redux-thunk, react-native-router-flux.etc )

Features I helped develop:
- User Onboarding
- social login authentication, profile

- chat UI, job-details and more.


July : November2017

App Developer | Freelance

Quiki, India -

I developed the entire end-user Ride-hailing App, which included:
UI development and integrating with their existing backend API.
Stack: React, React-Native, Libraries: ( Redux, lodash, axios .etc ).

Features developed:
- OTP Authentication & Profile

- geolocation availability checkup,

- Ride-Booking flow, Ride-completion + driver-rating flow

- web-sockets for ride-status changes,

- payment processing via PayTM ( top payment platform ), promo-code integration & more.

July : October2017

Frontend Developer | Freelance

Chatbot Vinci | a Digital assistant to shop for the perfect Phone you need

built the entire frontend for various functionality like the chatbot's chat, suggestions, single-product, multi-device comparison, authentication, pricing UI while following Responsive design principles.
Stack: HTML, SCSS, Javascript ( jQuery, Handlebars.js ), carousel libraries.

Features developed:
- Landing Page ( a simple, elegant & modern-UI for the chatbot product )
- Product Display ( view the smartphone with ratings on various E-commerce platforms, specs. etc )
- Product Comparison ( compare various smartphones within specified budget ranges )
- Chatbot's Chat UI and more.



Co-Founder and CTO

Multiplier -

Built the UI for the website using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript ( React.js ).
Backend built on PHP ( Laravel Framework ), compatible for upcoming accompanied app.

Jun 2015Present

Web Developer

Freelance Web Design and Development.

Worked on projects for companies like:
Appu-Ghar ( Top Indian Amusement Park ),
Times Of India, ( SASS Sales-growth Tool ),,,
and more...

Jun 2014Aug 2014

Junior Front-end Developer [ Internship ]

IBG Research

My task was to develop an Investor Management System.
It is a PHP,mySQL based Private Web App. The system must only be accesible to Internal-organization authorized employees only as the Data consisted of Sensitive details of the Investors and other critical details.
I created the UI mockup's for the entire web App Photoshop CS6 and some asset's were created using Illustrator.
After design approval, I created various pages using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.
The System had client-side validation's setup using the new HTML5 validation API.
The Organization wanted this web app to be responsive on all different screen Sizes, this was achieved by using CSS Media Queries.


Web Design

Creating UI's for Websites and Apps using Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

Frontend Development
  1. HTML5, CSS3, SASS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Tachyons
  2. JavaScript ( ES5, ES6+ ) :
    jQuery, React.js, Angular.js
  3. Build-tools: Webpack, Gulp, Grunt 
Backend Development

PHP ( Core, Laravel Framework ), NodeJS ( Express, Koa )
Webscraping ( Python, Node.js )


Aug 2012May 2015

Bachelor's in Computer Applications

Jagannath International Management School, Vasant Kunj, G.G.S.I.P.U

Activities and Societies:
JIMS Vasant Kunj Entrepreneurship Cell, IEEE Chapter.
Co-founded our College's First E-Cell, to help ignite and promote the idea of Entrepreneurship in 1st and 2nd Year Students and Peers.

Jun 2007May 2012

Senior High School

American Public School, Gurgaon

Activities and Societies:

Astronomy Club '08 '09, Inter-house Debate compeition, Inter-house Basketball Compeition, Inter-house Badminton Compeition.


Junior High School

Guru Harkrishan High School, Mumbai

Activities and Societies: 
Inter-school Art Compeitions, Inter-school Debate Team.