Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2014 - Present

Managing Director

Las Vegas Show Management, LLC

● Independent show organizer and consultant.
● Creates, plans, executes, and coordinates a broad range of details related to meetings, seminars, conferences, educational training, events, trade shows and related activities.
● Manages exhibits, exhibit sales and marketing.
● Selects and negotiates hotel contracts and space venues.
● Provides temporary staffing/floor management support.
● Provides ancillary convention and trade show support (e.g., transportation, catering, etc.)

Mar 1998 - Jul 2014

Conference Director/COO

Western Veterinary Conference

● In conjunction with the CEO, provided day-to-day operational oversight and direction using human, financial, and other resources to effectively and efficiently achieve association goals and enhance organizational capacity and performance.

● Orchestrated the development of operational plans; directed the implementation and integration of strategic actions and ensured measurement tools were in place.

● Oversaw the organizational structure, operating systems, and procedures, including staff training and development.

● Directed all aspects of the Association's Annual Conference; linked internal and external groups and committees and vendors.

● Provided leadership, vision, direction and assistance to all staff. Direct reports include: Director of Marketing, Director of Education, Director of Exhibits, Director of Events & Services, Advertising & Sponsorship Manager, Registration Manager, IT/Database Manager, and Facility Maintenance.

● Facilitated and integrated communication among internal and external stakeholders to improve responsiveness and enhance decision-making.

● Developed and implemented policy and procedures in accordance with the CEO, Board, federal and state agencies.   

● Served as the Senior Adviser to the CEO and Board of Directors in matters related to Annual Conference and Education-related activities.



Aug 2004 - Present

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Phoenix, Las Vegas Campus
Aug 2002 - Jun 2004

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Phoenix, Las Vegas Campus
Aug 1991 - Jun 1996

Associate of Science in Business Administration

Riverside Community College



Knowledge of computer software, such as Microsoft Word