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Work experience

Research Associate

Institute of Wood
and Science Technology, Bangalore, India Research Associate(Molecular and Plant Tissue Culture Lab) 6 month
Nov 20132014

Research Fellow

 Institute of Wood and Science Technology
  • Molecular biology Work: DNA Extraction from Santalum album L. , PCR optimization, Genetic Diversity analysis using molecular marker SSR
  • Plant tissue culture  : Micropropagation of different species of plant like Santalum album L. Bamboo species, Whightia tinctoria, Embelia ribies.



 Computer Proficiency:
 Proficiency theoretical and practical knowledge in Computer Skills (MS office, MS PowerPoint, Advanced excel , Data analysis).  Skilled in searching and writing scientific data, journal.  Typing Speed: More than 45 Word per Minute.
 Biostatistics Skills:
 Good theoretical and practical knowledge of Statistical methods, hypothesis testing.  Advanced Statistical Analysis for Multivariate Data by SPSS and Advanced excel.  Analysis - Frequencies, Cross tabs and Chi-Square tests, Comparison of means, t-test, ANOVA,MANOVA, F-Test, Correlation and regression Analysis, SD,Variance and plotting graph.  Software: SPSS, Fox-pro,MSTAT.
 Bioinformatics Skills
 Sequence Retrieval from Nucleic Acid Database and Protein Database.  Primer Design.  Restriction Mapping-webcutter & Nebcutter.  Sequence searches BLAST, FASTA.  Evolutionary studies and Phylogenetic Analysis.  Ramachandran plot and secondary structure prediction of proteins.  Pairwise and MSA,CLUSTAL-W, PAM, BLOSUM, RASMOL.  Biological Databases: Genbank, NCBI, EMBL, DDB,Swiss-Prot, Entrez,PDB.
 Immunological Techniques
 Separation of Serum from blood.  Blood group testing.  Immuno-electrophoresis, Rocket Electrophoresis.  Ouchterlony Double Diffusion test, Single Radio Immuno Diffusion.  Agglutination, Precipitation.  ELISA.
 Plant tissue culture
 Working experience on forest tree species like Santalum album L., Bamboo species, Whightia tinctoria, Embelia ribies.  Preparation of MS Media with different hormonal concentration.  Seed Culture, Callus culture and Multiplication, Axillary bud culture, Nodal culture & Shoot Multiplication, Leaf Disc culture, Shoot tip culture, Hardening.
 Microbiological techniques
 Practical & Theoretical knowledge of working in Clinical Microbiology Lab.  Specimen collection, Microscopy and staining techniques of bacteria/fungi handling.  Isolation, enumeration, identification and biochemical characterization of microbes.  Biochemical tests, Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing.  Quality control studies of different media and reagents and water.
 Animal tissue culture
 Media Preparation.  Cell Viability test, MTT Test.  Subculture, Characterization of Animal Cell.
 Genomics And Proteomics
 Extraction , estimation and Characterization of Protein.  SDS-PAGE.  MALDI TOF- Mass Spectrometry data analysis
 Advanced Molecular Biology techniques
 Extraction, purification and estimation of Genomic and Plasmid DNA and RNA (from sample: Bacteria, Virus, protozoan, Plant, Animal : Blood, Biopsy , Amniotic fluid, Urine, Sputum.  PCR optimization, Gel Electrophoresis.  Gene detection and genomic testing.  Blotting Techniques (Southern Blotting, Northern Blotting).  Gene Cloning technique.  Recombinant DNA Technology (Restriction Digestion, ligation, DNA Molecular size determination, bacterial transformation and conjugation).  Genetic diversity analysis through Molecular Marker.  Genetic fidelity of plant by using molecular marker.