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  • 10 years of experience in software development 
  • Nearly 7 years of advanced experience in  development of personalization system for national eID smartcards and electronic passports, 
  • developing SDK for smartcards including common SDK for GCC smartcards
  • Advanced experience in enabling PKI for National eID's.
  • Advanced experience in development of application for  eGates and mobile/portable smartcard devices
  • Efficient troubleshooter with commitment to lifetime learning.
  • Exceptional teamwork and leadership skills. 

Work experience

Jul 2007Present

Head, Computer System Development

Central Informatics Organisation (CIO)


  • Developed PKCS#11 structure and support system for BID to enable SC with PKI    
    • Actively participated in design of PKCS #11 Structure
    • Developed system for loading PKCS #11 Structure into smartcard without middleware
    • Updates existing Key management system to incorporate PKI Keys
    • Developed application for PKI Key Exchange ceremony process
    • Setup infrastructure for windows smartcard  domain logon and SSL servers for testing and using PKI
    • Responsible for validating the Bahrain's PKI Structure and Middleware to suites various business needs including encryption,signing,SSL and SC logon.
  • Developed Bahrain's eID Smartcard SDK in .Net/Java and mobile devices
  • Developed GCC Common SDK to read all of GCC ID cards
    • Supporting Bahrain, Qatari, Kuwait, Saudi, UAE and Omani Cards
  • Developed Bahrain's eGate Application
    • Supports All of GCC ID Cards
  • Designed and developed PC/SC  interface for propitiatory  smartcard protocol of V1 of eID
  • Developed SAM On Servers for V1 of eID Cards
  • Developed a ultra portable and smartcard reader application for Interior Ministry
  • Lead role in development of Smartcard system for Bahrain National eID Project
  • Responsible for identifying and developing contactless door access system for eID.
Mar 2006Apr 2007

Sr. Software Engineer

eHorizon India Pvt. Ltd CMMI-3 Level

ePassport/ Smartcards/ VISA-ATM

Lead team member in design & development of SDK’s, Web service & Communication engine for ePassport/Smartcards project.

Played role of technical lead in analysis, design & implementation of VISA enabled ATM network for Co-Op Bank of Kenya, & Kenyan police society.

  • Electronic Passport & National ID System, 
    • Played an lead role in development of ICAO standard electronic passport & smart chip embedded National ID Card with biometric details.
    • Web based client system (Enrolment, Verification, Approval, Production & issuance system
    • Automated Fingerprint Identification system – AFIS enabled server based enrolle verifications.
    • Developed .Net SDK’s for various devices like Fingerprint scanner, Camera, signature pad, scanner, Passport reader & NID Card readers.
  • FOSA ATM – VISA Network 
    • Developed VISA enabled ATM network for Police Sacco, with conjunction with Co-Op Bank of Kenya.
    • Developed ISO8583-93 message format encoder and decoder engine and for global access of ATM network.
    • Integrated with VISA network for global access of ATM service
Jun 2004Feb 2006

Software Engineer ▪ .Net Design and Development

M-WONDERS Technologies

Lead Team member in design and development of various projects using C#, ASP.Net supported by COM, Remoting, Windows and Web Services. Member of Analysis and Solution Development team. Coordinated with various architectural design teams in the process of creating prototypes. Supported the design of software security architecture.

  • Online Shipment Tracking System
    • Online Shipment Tracking System, being used to network and track shipments, in all branches and hubs across the country.

  • SMS Component
Feb 2003Mar 2004

Software Developer

PANTA Automation

  • Member of SAPI Interfacing Team.
  • Developed Network Communication Service Module for the use of various projects.
  • Played key role in a team, to develop automated recovery process.
  • Primary role as programmer in Application Programming Interface using VB.


Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  HSM device integration with Java/.Net Key derivation Key Ceremony procedures Diversification of keys for various entities Security world configuration Security world migration  
  .Net 2.0/4.0 Task Parallel Library (TPL)/WPF/WCF/Remoting/COM/Extensions/ASP.Net Java JSF/ZK/Spring/Spring Security/iBatis/Hessian/Log4j/LogBack/Slf4J/JAX-WS/Applet Database MS SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, SQLite, Access Application Servers IIS, Apache Tomcat, IBM Websphere, Jetty SSL Client and Server HTTPS Configuration and programming. Device Programming eID Printers (XID/DataCard), Canon Camera, Scanners, Sagem Fingeprint Scanner, Contact and Contactless smartcard Readers,  Mobile/Portable Devices .CE devices Ultra portable smartcard reading devices ePassport encoders and printers Multi-core programming    
  PKCS #11 Complete creation of PKCS #11 structure for eID without using middleware Designed and developed script based PKCS #11 loader PKCS #15 Integration with CA using Webservices Direct integration with HSM for SC PKI Key storage MS-CAPI Windows Minidriver Certification Authority EJBCA Windows domain smartcard logon email encryption and signing Windows (CAPI/KPI) Mozilla thunderbird (PKCS #11)  PDF encryption and signing Qualified Signature SSL Server and Client Certificate profile and policy implementation    
Smartcard (eID/ePassport)
  ISO 7816, ISO/IEC 174443 Protocol Logical Data Structure(LDS) for IACO standard ePassport and National eID Card. Global Platform,JavaCard 2.1.x,  MPCOS, GemSafe PKS/JKCS/PEM Formats PKCS #15, CAPI OpenSC Onboard/Offboard key generation Match On Card Secure Messaging Smartcard personalization CMS  


Bachlor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Vel's College of Science

Master Of Computer Applications (MCA)

University of Madras



Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)


Microsoft Certified System Developer (MCSD)