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Bachelor of Laws

Far Eastern University

Editor of the Law Journal and Head of the Law School's Legal Aid Office.


Currently pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Laws at the Institute of Law of the Far Eastern University (FEU). He is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Management from the pontifical and royal University of Santo Tomas (UST), and is a former professor of the Humanities at the College of Arts and Sciences of the Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU).

As a college undergraduate in UST, Manuel Rodriguez pursued academics and extra-curricular activities, where he was Public Relations Officer of the Student Council, a football varsity, Vice President of the University chapter of UNESCO and the Chairperson of the Students' Democratic Party (SDP), the oldest "student political party" in the Philippines.

Currently in FEU, he is serving as the Litigation Chairperson of the Legal Aid Bureau (LAB), formerly known as the FEU - Human Rights Center and as Staff Writer in the presitigous Far Eastern Law Review. He is also the team captain of the law school's football team.

Affiliations / Leadership Profile

Youth Coordinating Council, Cosmopolitan Church, Manila - Secretary (2006-2007)

Christian Youth Fellowship, Cosmopolitan Church, Manila  - Vice President (2006-2007)

Christian Young Adults' Fellowship, Cosmopolitan Church, Manila - Treasurer (2011-2012)

Students Democratic Party -Member (2005 - present), Chairperson (2008 - 2009)

Community Achivers' Assoc., UST, Faculty of Arts and Letters - Vice President Internal (2006-2007)

Arts and Letters Football Team, UST - Member (2007 - 2009), Member of Alumni Team (2009 - present)

Student Council - UST, Faculty of Arts and Letters - Public Relations Officer (2008-2009)

UNESCO, UST - Vice President Internal (2008-2009)

Legal Network for Truthful Elections, Inc - Member (2009 - 2011), Local Chapter Auditor (2009-2010), Local Chapter President (2010)

Batas Tomasino Law Society - Vice President Internal (2009-2010)

Far Eastern Law Review - Staff Writer (2012-2013)

Legal Aid Bureau - FEU - Member (2011 - present), Litigation Chair (2012-2013)

FEU Law Football Team- Member (2010 - present), Team Captain (2011 - present)