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As an organized and I highly creative individual, I love the challenges of working   within a dynamic and fast paced working environment. The knowledge gained from my corporate Experience with companies such as Unisys, Sabre Holdings and Eduvikas has shaped my ability to adapt quickly, work efficiently, think creatively and work effectively as part of a team or on my own.


Data Scientist and BI 

Python , R, SAS, ,  Machine learning (Weka) , QlikView, NOSQL, Big data, Data analytics, SQL, IBM-Cognos, data warehousing, Data Modelling

Software Testing & Automation

Manual and Automation testing, QTP, CodedUI, AutoIt, Selenium, QC, Tracker, Xstudio, Buzilla, Tracker, Utrack-Agile, Perl, API testing, PMP, SDLC

Performance testing 

Loadrunner, Jprofiler, Perfmon, Jmeter

Security testing

OWASP, Top10, Security test framework design, Vega, ZAP, W3af , SQLMap,  Netcap.exe 


Windows, Unix, Linux,  OS 2200 Mainframe, Mysql, Oracle,  C, Java

Achievements & Patents

Work Achievements:

  •  Successfully manged 37 sub products of OS 2200 mainframe and Windows, Unix based products.
  • Realized 70% of effort reduction through automation which saved months of effort of team and cost to the organization
  • Designed an Automation framework which is  independent  of tool and technology and also it got got patented.
  •  As a patent evangelist in the organization identified around 20 various ideas which eventually got selected for filing in 1 year.
  • Startup: Incubated Idea , Implemented a product  'Learning management system (LMS)' for institutions 



  • Handling server and client operations uninterruptedly during pack and audit processes  -(20160110265)
  • System and method for controlling test script execution by smartphone --(20150331784)
  • Method and system for selecting and executing test scripts [ Test automation Framework]- (20150100829 )
  • Method and system for selecting and executing test scripts [Cyclical Selection method across many operating systems]---(20150100830)
  • Method and system for selecting and executing test scripts[[Random selection method across operating platforms]-(20150100831)
  • Method and system for selecting and executing test scripts[ Via Smartphone  execution]--(20150100832)
  • Method of asynchronous logging of data produced by system components to improve the system  performance. ( In progress)

Education & Certifications 

Aug 1998Jul 2002

Bachelors of Engineering



  • Certifcation of training on Data science & analytics
  • PMP Certified from PMI  [2014 to 2017 ] ,  CSTE from QAI  &  ISTQB from ITB
  • Many Quarterly Excellence Award for Efficient delivery of projects
  • KM-champion award for achieving new initiatives at organizational level

Work experience

Dec 2015Present

Founder and MD   :Eduvikas (

  • Idea Incubation, Pitch and business plan, Design , Architecture and  Implementation and Business development.  
  • Built an LMS product for Institutions which is tailed made to meet  student's learning needs. 

Status:  Acquired by another company.

Sep 2011Nov 2015

Senior QA Engineer      : Unisys

  • Built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality and cost-efficient solutions in driving the product releases of OS 2200 Mainframe and its allied products.  
  • Successfully managed and contributed to a team of 17 in making more than 50 quality releases of diverse product’s in 3 years, worth millions of dollars.
  • Implemented an effective test strategy while utilizing the resources effectively to uncover and to fix product’s defects, which eventually led to retain big ticket customers.
  • Designed and Implemented various quality process such as BVT,   Automation feasibility study , Root causes analysis for escaped  defects  and Knowledge management activities and saved significant Cost  and schedule delays.
  • Designed and Implemented the Test automation framework which is tool and technology independent and it got patented to become tangible asset to the organization.
  •  End to end to solution provided for automation of OS 2200 mainframe and windows/Unix based products, which reduced regression testing time and duration from months of effort to 2 days effort.
  •  Lead the team and streamlined the activities to accommodate additional product’s  test activities which saved enormous amount of time and resources to an organization.
  • Uniquely designed, set procedures and guidelines for knowledge transfer activities for 70 odd products/modules in Phase wise manner and achieved the milestones on time got applaud form Onsite /Offsite senior management for effective implementation of transition activities.
  • Subject Matter expert regarding quality principles/ policy, configuration management, process engineering, change management, Agile , Devops, TDD, performance and security testing.  
  • Key Skills Used:  AutoIt, CodedUI, .Net API testing ,  Loadrunner , HTML, XML, UTrack, Tracker, Perl, casl-macro (Affirmit), OS 2200 mainfarmes , security testing.
Nov 2007Aug 2011

Senior QA Engineer        : Sabre Holdings

  • Define characteristics, capabilities, inputs, outputs, Performance counters and results necessary to describe the  baseline and bench-marking  of a system performance.
  • Analyse the results and identify gaps for performance tuning of an application in liaison with development and other teams
  • Collect and consolidate decision making information of various application components performance  from various results, Graphs and logs and report result to stake holders on weekly and monthly basis
  • Implement security test framework for various  online ordering Web Applications  to identify vulnerabilities through  static review and Penetration testing .

 Key Skills Used:   Loadrunner , HTML, XML,  tortoise SVN,  QTP, Fitnesse,  Bugzilla, web security testing, OWASP, SQL injection

Jul 2005Aug 2007

Software QA Engineer        : Unisys 

  • Responsibilities included requirements gathering, analysis , design of Test cases , test scripts, test data and test execution. End to end Defect management , static reviews.
  • Conduct functional, regression and system testing on windows, unix and OS2200  platforms. Automation using Winrunner tool .
  • Network monitoring using Netcap.exe in windows and TCPDUMP in unix over the network in client-server environment.
Dec 2002Jan 2004

Research Associate       : BHEL 


Prakash.L                                                                                                                                                                          Gokul.D

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