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Manjeet Saini

Software Engineer-JAVA  Developer, Access Infotech Pvt Ltd(Punjab & Haryana High Court Chandigarh)


I would like to work in an organization that will give me a platform to utilize my technical skills and enriches my knowledge in the process to help incorporate growth with my initiative and managerial skills and to excel in the dynamic corporate environment without overlooking basic values of life.

Work experience

jul 2018Present

JAVA Developer

Access Infotech Private Limited

deployed in Punjab & Haryana High Court Chandigarh,  Currently working on java application & web services

Jul 2017jul 2018

Web Developer

Society for promotion of it in chandigarh

deployed in Punjab & Haryana High Court Chandigarh,  Currently working on java application & web services

Aug 2015Jun 2017

Associate Software Engineer

Security Weaver Software Pvt Ltd
  • Worked on SAP user provisioning & security weaver products (RP, SP&RR, PA). This product developed in SAPUI5 as a web application. Now developing this application with Non-SAP database using Hibernate, Spring & HANA cloud
Jan 2015Jun 2015

Web Developer

Slicksoft Technologies R&D(P) Ltd.


#1 - Worked and successfully completed 3 projects at Security Weaver Software Pvt Ltd, Working on 4th project(PA)Technology used SAPUI5.

  • #project 1:RR :-Security Weaver™ Role Recertification™ (RR) is used to maintain the recertification period. A user can Add, Delete, Start, Close, Cancel a recertification period, also it is used to define the Coordinator and Secondary Coordinator for respective Recertification periods. Technology used SAPUI5
  • #project 2:RP:- Security Weaver™ Reset Password™ (RP) is used to reset SAP user password and also Active Directory User. Technology used SAPUI5
  • #project 3:SP:-Security Weaver™ Secure Provisioning™ (SP) is the premier automated solution for user provisioning within SAP. It makes adding, modifying or deleting users smooth and efficient while ensuring that security and compliance rules are being adhered to.  All parties who need to be involved, including end users needing access, multiple approvers, and auditors/security administrators are notified and kept involved via email workflow. Technology used SAPUI5

#2 Industrial Training Semester -File course system

  • Technical Environment :JSP ,Java servlet  & Oracle 10g
  • Status: live (Intranet):

File course system is an automated system which deals with the management of course files which are to be maintained by the respective course coordinators of the subject. Usually, these files are maintained manually which suffers from some problems such as manual crosschecking of documents, maintaining the record of missing components of file etc. By using our proposed system, course coordinator can upload all the components of a course file. If some component of course file is missing, then an e-mail will be sent to the respective course coordinator for pending submission 

#3 Sarbat Da Bhala (CHARITABLE TRUST(Regd.))

  • Technical Environment: PHP with MySql

Sarbat Da Bhala is an organization which provides computer courses and sewing & stitching classes to village students free of cost. They have the manual process of Centre entering candidate information, location registration no. , provide examination form, admin also manual process to verify all information and check student attendance. I am working in it to automate this process by making web application in PHP.

#4 IAP(Industrial Attachment Program)

Developed an e-platform for Industrial Attachment Program (IAP) (Project Semester, CSED, TU) that automated and improved the procedures followed by students, faculty, and industrial mentor for record management as well as for the evaluation. IAP cell is a unit at CSED that takes care of 6 months project semester training of final yr. B.E. CSE students by managing their records. It coordinates with various software houses and takes initiative for arranging interviews for the CSE students looking for 6 months training.

 #5 Tech-fest Registration System

  • Technical Environment: Java with Oracle 10g

The Organizers will register the users who come for registration for tech-fest stall/counter. Earlier, this work is done and maintained on paper manually by people. This system gives a graphic user interface to the user.


About Me


  • Confident.
  • Believe in Quality of Work and Quality of Life
  • Initiator
  • Team player
  • Motivator
  • Time-Management Skills 


  • Achieved NCC ‘C’ Certificate with ‘B’ Grade
  • Volunteer at Paryavaran Welfare Society, Thapar University 

Personal Details:

  • Name: Manjeet Saini
  • Contact no:+91-9501286607
  • Father Name: Gurjant Saini 
  • Date of Birth: 29-08-1992
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Language Known: English, Hindi, Punjabi


I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Manjeet Saini

Date : 19/Nov/ 2018
Place : Chandigarh