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Digital Circuit Design

ASIC Design

RFIC Design

Wireless Communications

RF Design

I am able to design a component using RF.


Seeking for an Employment in RF & Digital Communications,where my professional experience & skills can be utilized to improve respective industry growth as well as my individual growth to improve my knowledge.


Highly Enthusiast in doing Research Innovations on Satellite,Digital & Wireless Communications.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2013 - Present

Independent Research Engineer

Self Employed Research
  • Employed as a independent research engineer to design & develop best technology in the field of miniature artificial satellite communications.
  • Formly made a perfect design plan in making circuit layouts,power supplies,antennas,wave propagation techniques,satellite shielding,mini transponders,power & cmos ic's.
  • Present making my own design policy for the disaster management early warning system for the sea coastal areas of developing & under developed nations.
  • Theme of the project design is to make compact circuit boards to make less weight of satellite with good communication as presently working satellites in the space.
Aug 2010 - Dec 2012

Rf Design Engineer

Icomm Telecom Limited
  • Formerly¬† Employed as a RF Design Engineer.
  • Most sincerely accomplished the role as a Rf engineer in the field of design using different ic technologies.
  • Provided best rf designs to be suitable,compatible & applicable for various telecommunication modules.
  • Provided technical support in design and development of RF circuits.
  • Performed circuit optimization to improve performance, reliability and scalability.
  • Assist in installation and maintenance of circuit systems.
  • Perform capacity additions to RF network to improve operational efficiency.
  • Understand customer specifications and accordingly provide effective system design solutions.


Sep 2006 - May 2010

Bachelor of Technology