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I am a people person.  Volunteering at a retirement home, I realized that I am gifted by foreseeing people's needs and     aiding them in anyway possible.  I was raised in a very driven home where both of my parents  own their own businesses.  I love to travel as well as be challenged in new directions. Throughout my studies at the University of Arkansas, I was able to pinpoint and define the communication skills that I believe will be an  asset to any position.  I am a   well-rounded, energetic, and confident  woman that is  most comfortable being in front of a  crowd.  By being in the  Gospel Choir/Inspirational Singers at the University of Arkansas, I was able to gain the talent of  role-playing and entertaining.  I am confident that I can bring added value to your company and it's projects and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to do so!  


A career built on relationship orientation that will allow me to apply my experience and knowledge towards specified  goals for mutual success and growth.  I am looking to expand my knowledge in Communication as well as Human Relations and the Project Management side of sales. My current/previous focus has been devoted to the Communication sector of Property Management; which, I feel will bring a important component to teaching as well as learning Project Management and Development.


Andrew Leao/Store Manager

Andrew was my store manager at T-Mobile and over saw my performance as well guided me directly to enhance my retail selling skills accompanying my achievements.

Denise Blancke

Mandy is the Property Management Coordinator for TSR Companies.  I directly supervise Mrs. Burnett.  Her ability to quickly learn and to also easily identify functions, problems and solutions is essential in the property management business.  Mrs. Burnett has been trained on Appfolio property management software, Buildium Property Manger software, Resolve screening systems, as well as Nationwide Eviction Software .  

Rhonda Adams

Dean Adams was a professor of mine as well as my mentor through four years of college.

Kathleen McAllister

I was the McAllister's nanny for two and half years.  Her children are like my own and I still watch them to this day on occassion.

Sony Xperia

Brand Ambassador Sony Xperia and their Launch among many other brands reaching the sales surface.

Work experience

Mar 2015Oct 2015

Sales Representative 


Management of client's personal information as well as sales representative . I over saw my specific customer's personal information and adamantly kept open contact to ensure the best opportunities for them as far as devices and other needs.

Jan 2013Dec 2014

Property Management Coordinator

TSR Companies LLC

Compute classify, and record numerical data to keep financial records complete while handling all leasing, marketing, and resident relations.

Calculate, post and verifying duties to make payments to vendors, process residential rental payments, and obtain primary financial data for use in maintaining property accounting records.

Incorporate all leasing, administrative, resident retention, marketing and maintenance related needs for property management to function.

Sep 2012Dec 2015

Brand Ambassador

Ascent Talent, ATN Promo, RedPeg

I travel to different event sites and represent selected companies. My sole job is to be  Bold, Confident, and to Engage potential clients. Ultimately, I increase  knowledge and interest in the company.

  • Promotional experience and/or sales experience 
  • Ensure the overall event Quality Assurance
  • Outgoing, friendly, responsible and self-motivated
  • Responsible for the technological elements to ensure safe and correct usage by staff and consumers alike
  • Communicate daily with Production/Logistics Supervisor regarding the status of the various equipment
Jan 2009Jan 2013

Administrative Assistant/Marketing

TSR Realty

This job afforded me the ability to sharpen my  secretarial skills as well my organizational eye. In addition, I still am on a staging team that prepares homes for upcoming sales events or open houses.  I composed Listing/Closing Folders, presentations, and virtual tours on homes.  I worked as a personal closing coordinator and reviewed all materials needed for closing. Marketing TSR was essential to my job challenging me everyday to find new marketing tools, and components necessary for a more efficient and collaborative work environment.

Mar 2008Jan 2014

Administrative Assistant

Smith's Claim Service

Personal assistant to owner. I was  accountable in helping manage new client claims and personal questions from both employees and employers.  I filed new accounts and ensured that claims were completed in a timely fashion.  

May 2008Aug 2009

Administrative Assistant

Markovent Marketing

I managed the office and ensured that all duties were completed by the employees.  I also booked entertainment and supervised our company's local marketing events.


Aug 2008Dec 2012

Bachelor Degree of Communication

University of Arkansas

J. William Fulbright College of Communication