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Interests and Community Service

I spend a majority of my free time reading. To me, there is nothing more magical than being able to form vivid images in my mind from nothing more than words on a page. My love of reading has made me quite passionate about writing; it allows me to take my emotions, both negative and positive, and channel them into something of which I can be proud. Writing helps me sort through my thoughts; when I feel overwhelmed, putting my feelings on paper helps me to sort through everything I'm feeling and determine how to best deal with any given problem.

I absolutely love spending time with my family. My mom has five siblings and they've all remained incredibly close well into adulthood. Nothing brings me more joy than being surrounded by family, especially my younger cousins. Little kids are so pure and innocent; when they're nice to me, it's not because they  want something in return- they just genuinely like me. Since my family is so large, I often feel as though I get lost in the crowd. However,  my cousins are always thrilled to see me and make me feel as though I'm an essential part of the family.

This summer, I'm planning to volunteer at an animal shelter. I've always loved animals, and it weighs heavily on my conscience whenever I see a stray animal wandering the streets. Although I won't be the one rescuing dogs off the streets, it'll be incredibly rewarding to offer homeless animals some much needed tender love and care.


Sep 2013Present


Valhalla High School

Academic Schedule

12th grade

AP Literature, Honors Pre-Cal, Government/Economics, Psychology, Honors Spanish 5/6

11th grade

Aerobic Dance, AP Language, Honors Algebra ll, Spanish 3/4, Anatomy and Physiology 

Aug 2011May 2013

Cibola High School

10th grade

Chemistry, Honors English, United States History, Yearbook, Spanish l,  Geometry

9th grade

Honors World History, Honors Biology, Honors Algebra l, P.E., Honors English, Photography l

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