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Having total of 6+ yearsof experience as a Software Engineer in Quality Assurance Department and 6 months as a lecturer in Khasla College for Women,Ludhiana. This experience encompasses various phases of product Quality Assurance such as Review of documents, preparation of Master Test Plan, Test Plans, Acceptance Test Plan, Structured and Unstructured Black as well as White box testing. I have worked on prestigious products in Adobe Systems,Noida and Quark Media House, Chandigarh, with excellent testing and communication skills.




Spot Award – Adobe Systems.

Quark Pro for the Quarter Oct 2004 to Dec 2004

Quark Pro for the Quarter Oct 2003 to Dec 2003

Work experience

Mar 2008Present

Lead Software Engineer

Adobe Systems

Project Title: White Box/Automation Testing for Adobe Kuler

Duration:Nov2008 till date


Client OS:Windows XP, MacOS 10


Description of the project:

Adobe Kuler is a web hosted application for generating themes. The application is also available within different point products as a Flash Panel.

Role/responsibilities in Project:

ØCreating Test Plan

ØWriting Unit Testing Frameworks in FlexUnit

ØAutomated Scripts for setting up development and production servers

ØUsing Cruise Control to setup automated builds

ØAutomation of Flex RIA using RIATest

Project Title: White Box Testing of Creative Suite Infra Components

Duration:December2007 till Nov 2008


Client OS:Windows XP/ 2000, MacOS 10

Technology:C++, Flex

Description of the project:

Creative Suite Infra Components helps to integrate services within Adobe Products.e.g service like Kuler will be available inside Illustrator. 

The Infrastructure component will be part of Adobe CS4 release.

Role/responsibilities in Project:

ØCreating Test Plan

ØWriting Unit Testing Framework for Infra Components

ØCreating daily and weekly builds

Jun 2005Mar 2008

Software Quality Engineer

Adobe Systems

Project Title: Installer Creation

Duration :June 2006 till December 2007.


Client OS :Windows XP/ VISTA, MacOS 10,Leopard

Technology :C++,Python,Batch,Shell

Description of the project:

Creation of cross platform installers with consistent UI on Windows and Mac. 

A completely automated command line driven set of tools that is guaranteed to make patch creation process very simple. 

Role/responsibilities in Project:

ØCreating Installer for Adobe Stock Photos CS3

ØCreating Patcher for Adobe Stock Photos CS3

ØActing asPOC with external teams.

Project Title: Black Box/White Box Testing of Adobe Stock Photos

Duration:June 2005 June 2007.

Location :Noida

Client OS:Windows XP/ 2000, MacOS 10

Technology :C++, SOAP, Java Script, HTML

Description of the project:

Adobe Stock Photo is anapplication integerated with Adobe Bridge.It provides the users witha convienent way to search and buy Royalty Free Images.Since the application is integerated with Adobe Bridge it helps creative professionals to purchase images from within the Creative Suite Application.

Adobe Stock Photo application uses Web Services to access the Images from leading Stock Providers around the world.

Role/responsibilities in Project:

ØCreating Master Test Plan

ØWriting/Executing the Structured Test Cases

ØAutomation on Windows and MAC platform using Egg Plant

Mar 2003Jun 2005

Software Quality Engineer

Quark Media House

Project Title: Black Box/White Box Testing of Quark WorkFlow Engine

Duration :Nov 2004 till June 2005.

Location :Chandigarh

Server OS :Windows 2000/NT, Solaris 9

Client OS :Windows 98/NT/2000, MacOS 10

Technology :J2EE

Description of the project:

Quark Workflow Engine is a workflow management system that can be used as office-automation application tool, integrated into other software systems. Quark Workflow Engine software application will provide a robust workflow system to enable consistent and controlled collaborative processes. The system will provide facility for graphical template design, template storage and installation, initiation, monitoring, and process control among others.

QWE is scalable workflow application with a three-tier architecture, with SQL server/Oracle as it's backend database at the first tier, Enterprise Java Beans and servlets at the second tier and the user interface at the third tier. It supports SMTP-compliant mail server, which is used to send reminders and notifications to the persons who are assigned a task in a particular workflow.

Role/responsibilities in Project:

ØCreating Master Test Plan

ØCreating Performance Reports using JUnitPerf and JMeter

ØWriting Unit Test Cases for the API’s Exposed.

ØPerforming Memory Leak Testing.

ØExecuting the Structured Test Cases

Project Title: Black Box/White Box Testing of Quark Image Engine

Duration :Oct 2003 till Oct2004.

Location :Chandigarh

Server OS:Windows 2000/NT, Solaris 9

Client OS :Windows 98/NT/2000, MacOS 9.0

Technology :C++, Java

Third Party:Xerces for Java

Description of the project:

Quark Image Engine is used for Image Processing Applications. The various Image Formats that are supported in Quark Image Engine are GIF, TIFF, EPS, PCX, SCT, and PNG etc. Besides this Image Engine provides the basic operations like Rotate, Crop, Hue\Saturation etc and all the Filter Operations. The Image Engine is available both in Client Server Mode and as StaticLibs.API’s are exposed by Image Engine which in turn are used by clients for making the various calls to the ImageEngine.Testing Quark Image Engine involves writing Test Drivers which can be used to test all the API exposed by Image Engine.

Role/responsibilities in Project:

ØWriting Test Plans and Data Input Tables

ØCreating Test Drivers to test the various API exposed by Image Engine.

Project Title: Quark Data Mapper

Duration:March 2003 till October 2003


   Client OS:   Windows 98/NT/2000, MacOS 9.0

Technology:Java Swings, Xerces, Xalan.

Description of the project:

Quark Data Mapper is a powerful tool, which can be used for interchanging data from one format to another. The user needs to specify the source format and the target format. The Source can be a Database and the target can be a XML.In this case, Data Mapper can be used to convert the data from database to a XML.The various sources are XML, Flat File, Database, Xpress, DMS (Digital Media System) and the targets can be XML, FlatFile, Database, Xpress, DMS.

Data Mapper is based on HUB and SPOKE architecture. The user can convert data from one format in source to any format in target. The architecture is extensible i.e. user can add his\her own spokes which can interact with all the existing spokes. The testing involves Black Box testing of Quark Data Mapper and writing spokes to Test the APIexposed by Data Mapper.

Role/responsibilities in Project:

ØWorked in co-ordination with R&D and PM and given fruitful suggestions for improvement and enhancement of the product

ØCreated Master Test Plan, Acceptance Test Plan, Test Plans, Data Input Tables for various functionalities of Quark Data Mapper

ØPerformed White Box Testing Testing, Integration Testing, Performance Testing, Stress and Regression Testing of Quark Data Mapper




Illinois Institute of Technology


XML, XSL, Xerces Parser, Xalan Transformer,ANT
Cruise Control
Introductory Silk Test 7.0,Egg Plant,RIATest
JUnit,HTTPUnit, JUnitPerf,JMeter
RUP, Extreme Programming,Capistrano
Basic Python and Shell Scripting
Flex Programming,Ruby on Rails
C,Core Java




Java 2


Software Testing