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Work experience

July 2012Present

Chief Architect

OneDelta Synergies Private Limited.

In OneDelta, I created Three Products from Requirements to Design to Release. When the product was stable, other team members were hired, and I moved to the next project.
With each new project I incorporated the lessons learned from previous project and introduced new framework, database or development methodology.

  • Clickcab : Cab booking platform for the Corporate Taxi Hiring companies. (Aug 2015 - Present)

The features include :

  • Notifications of booking acceptance, vehicle arrival and Invoice amount via the android app, as well as SMS.
  • Instant invoice email (and SMS) sent asynchronously at the end of the ride.
  • Role based access control means different login has access to the functionality allowed to that role, and to the login.

Tech Stack : Eve (Flask based) REST API framework, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Google Maps API, Google Distance Matrix API, Automated testing using pytest 

Java for the Android app, AngularJS for the frontend : These parts were outsourced initially, later handled by other team members.

Msg91 used for SMS notifications.

  • Transaxions : Document Repository for the VCs (May 2014 - Aug 2015)

Tech Stack : Web2py, PostgreSQL, Webfaction

  • Complius : Legal Compliance Management (July 2012 - May 2014)

Complius is built on the unique algorithm that matches numerous acts and rules of the Indian law with 5 different parameters for a specific company. It then generates the list of various activities that a company needs to comply with at various intervals.

Access control mechanism allows various users to see "tasks" assigned to them based on their role and location.

Tech Stack : Web2py, MySQL, Webfaction

Sep 2011June 2012

Freelance Software Engineer

Various Projects Include :

Operations platform for Managing co-working spaces. 

Flask, Python, Javascript

Porting OpenFOAM to Windows (C++)

Payroll Management System(J2EE)

Oct 2010Aug 2011

Software Engineer

Vayana Services

Worked as a One Person team on Vayana's Online Bill Presentment and Payment Solution for SME customers, which helps their customers pay the bills using Creditcard and/or ACH

Technology Stack : Python, Pylons Web framework, MySQL, AWS

Responsibilities included :

  • Feature Development
  • Integration with various payment gateways :
    • Chase Payment Tech
    • ORCC
    • Transfirst
  • Deploy New Build
  • Customer Support
Sep 2009Sep 2010

Senior Module Lead

Avaya India Pvt. Ltd
  • Joined the team as Linux/OS/networking expert
  • Owned the LDAP integration and user management modules
  • ISO Audit lead for the Product team
Oct 2008Aug 2009

Independent Software Consultant

Assignments include :

  • Setup Software Development Processes and Tools
  • Setting up Version Control System for Software Development (using Subversion)
  • Training the teams related to Software Best Practices
  • Training related to use of Subversion for Version Control
  • Provide Technical Expertise related to *nix Platform
  • Creating Prototype for their upcoming product (Python using pylons web framework)
Oct 2004Sep 2008

Technical Manager

Avaya India Pvt. Ltd

Managed teams from 4 to 12 engineers working on Avaya’s flagship Product Communication Manager, SIP Enablement Services and Distributed Office.

Technical Manager

  • Managed multiple teams
  • Worked with various counterparts in US and Japan

Project Manager for SUSHI Project

  • Gained Trust and developed excellent working relationship with Japan Team
  • SUSHI Project team was awarded Avaya Labs Cup


  • Single Point of Contact for Hiring activities at NIT Warangal
  • Active Participation in organizing First Software Symposium in Avaya Pune
    Dec 2000Sep 2004

    Technical Lead

    Bigates Software Pvt. Ltd

    Product: Avaya’s multimedia call center solution that integrates different communication channels of contacts like Voice over PSTN, Email, Live Chat, VoIP and enables companies to deliver personalized sales, support and service in a consistent fashion.

    Responsibilities :

    • Technical Lead of Tier IV Engineering Team :
    • Technical Lead for Development Team :
      • Architect and lead developer for Generic Patch Installer for Avaya products using Installshield multiplatform.
    • Internal Auditor for ISO 9001:2000. Founding member of Quality council
    Oct 1998Oct 2000

    Senior Software Engineer

    Legato Systems Inc (Now part of EMC)
    • Networker module to support online back up and backup of transaction logs of Lotus Domino Server 4.x/5.x on various platforms including Windows NT, Solaris, AIX and SuSE Linux 7.x
    • Bare metal Disaster recovery solution for SCSI disks attached to Solaris (SPARC) machines. The solution used Legato Networker as backend for data protection.
    Jun 1995Sep 1998

    Software Engineer

    Software Moguls
    • MN, USA : May 1997-Sept 1998 : Development of new features as well as providing Engineering support to the customers.
    • Noida, India : June 1995 – May 1997 : Development of the Enterprise Network backup and recovery software (SM-arch).



    Ashwin Kumar

    “Mandar was a good asset to the team, being a able problem solver, and a strong technical contributor, particularly in Unices technology areas, and open source development. He was well respected by his peers and team mates.” May 1, 2007

    Ashwin Kumar, Director, Bigates


    My Team, including myself received Avaya Labs Cup for SUSHI 2 project.

    Technical Skills

    Languages: Python (Recent), C, C++, Java (In past), Elixir, Go lang (Familiarity only)

    Web Frameworks : Pylons, Flask, Eve

    Version Control Systems : Git, Subversion, Rational Clearcase

    Database : MySQL, PotsgreSQL