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Mohammad Alshafey

Head of Research and Development


  • Senior Water Network Designer with proven experience in designing and implementing water networks, wells, and pump stations for urban and rural areas in Aqaba governorate.
  • Regional Water Loss and NRW Expert with regional experience in assessing and promoting water loss issues, and implementing water loss programs in Aqaba, Jordan.
  • Water Utility Management and Planning Expert with experience in assessing and optimising water utility management practices.


  • Hydraulic Analysis and optimisation of water networks, trunk mains, and pump stations.
  • Tender document preparation
  • Pressure management and control
  • Financial project planning and feasibility analysis
  • Smart meter and AMR specification and implementation
  • Flowmeter selection and testing in testbench or in-situ
  • Water auditing, top-down water balance, and bottom up water balance
  • Demand forecasting and water master planning
  • DMA design and management
  • BABE methodology FAVAD and ESB analysis
  • Performance analysis and diagnosis

Professional Experience


Consultant and Trainer

Alan Lambert/WLRandA Ltd, Llundudno, UK

Providing training services in the MASTERCLASS ON NRW MANAGEMENT IN SYSTEMS WITH ROOF STORAGE TANKS which provides training in the latest IWA approaches to NRW management for senior personnel of Aguas de Saltillo, a Mexican Utility.

  • Water Balance to assess NRW and NRW components.
  • Assessing and managing unauthorised consumption.
  • Customer metering issues: selection, installation.
  • Causes of systematic under-recording: ball valve tails, low flow wear and tear due to air, eventual stoppage due to burning out of bearings.
  • Meter testing to assess under-registration.
  • Use and benefit of Unmeasured flow reducers (UFRs) Potential for over-recording due to airflow through the meters (intermittent supply).
  • Influence of pressure management on leak flow rates, burst frequency and consumption. Pumped and gravity systems. Locations of critical point(s) within Zones.
  • Assessing average zone pressure AZP and Night Day Factor.
  • Assessment of Real/physical losses based on night flow measurements – night consumption, night leakage rate, Snapshot ILI, influence of Night-Day Factor.
  • Adverse influences of intermittent supply: enhanced repair frequencies, difficulty of ALC, damage to infrastructure, meter over reading potential due to high velocities from compressed air.
  • Documenting and analysing repair frequencies, on mains, and service connections.


Oxfam-Jordan, Salt and Zarqa, Jordan

Full assessment of operations and maintenance for two water utilities in Jordan (project: ASSESSMENT OF OPERATIONS, MAINTENANCE AND SYSTEM MANAGEMENT OF MIYAHUNA AND WAJ IN ZARQA AND BALQA GOVERNORATES) under the Oxfam refugee efforts and the Canada fund ($100 Million).

  • Organisation assessment and procedure recommendations for increased performance.
  • Training and equipment requirements for the O&M departments in Zarqa and Salt.

Consultant and Developer

African Water Association, Nairobi, Kenya and Amman, Jordan

Designed and led the effort to create a NRW diagnostic tool for African Utilities under FABRI project and with the cooperation of ACWA.

  • Assessment of NRW monitoring and measurement
  • Assessment of NRW and Water Loss analysis and performance measurement.
  • Assessment of real and apparent loss reduction practices.
  • Assessing data, resources, and knowledge needs affecting performance.
  • Development of an improvement plan for water utilities based on the analysis.


Arab Countries Water Utilities Association, Amman, Jordan

Developed two training modules in Water Auditing and Commercial Loss Reduction to be conducted in the MENA region by ACWUA under the DECOE project ($350 thousand).

  • Complete instructions for preparing and collecting network and customer data for the purposes of a water audit.
  • Calculating and reasoning the components of the IWA Water Balance.
  • Error Propagation and certainty calculation.
  • Assessing bulk meter and customer meter under-registration using testing techniques and estimation methods.
  • Assessing unauthorised consumption and estimating administrative losses.
  • Using bottom-up techniques for verifying real losses including Minimum Night-Flow (MNF) analysis, Equivalent Service Pipe Bursts, and pressure adjustment using the FAVAD method.
  • Calculating NRW and Water Loss KPIs and the limitations and use of different measures.
  • Benchmarking using the Infrastructure Leakage Index and context data.
  • Preparing a survey of commercial/apparent losses.
  • Inspection techniques for different kinds of apparent losses and targeting likely cases through data analysis of customer records.
  • Selection of meter technologies, including mechanical velocity and volumetric meters, ultrasonic meters, electromagnetic meters.

Head of Research and Planning

Aqaba Water Company W.L.L., Aqaba, Jordan

Conduct all inhouse water engineering studies including:

  • Preparation of tender documents.
  • Design of new water networks.
  • Design of pressure zones and DMAs.
  • Design of pump stations.
2015 2016


Social Impact (US), Zarqa, Jordan

Designed and implemented meter testing in 6 areas for the evaluation of commercial loses in Zarqa Jordan under the M&E of the MCA-Jordan Zarqa project ($275 Million).

  • Designed testing methods for water meters in Zarqa and Russeifa, Jordan.
  • Technical specifications for test meters, chambers, and mechanical works.
  • Testing of meter accuracy in-situ and calculation of under-registeration.
  • Using GIS and CIS data for selection and design of the testing sub-zones.
  • Analysis of the results including the effects of water pumps, intermittent supply, water pressure, meter age, and meter type on apparent losses.

Principal Investigator

Arab Countries Water Utility Association, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan

Principle Investigator for the MENA NWC research project on Developing Diagnostic Techniques and Strategies to reduce NRW in the MENA region ($300 thousand).

  • Lead a group of experts to develop and use a new NRW Diagnostic Tool.
  • Implemented the Tool in Jordan, Egypt, and Tunisia.
  • Developed NRW improvement plans for 4 utilities.
2013 Present

Project Lead

Aqaba Water Company W.L.L., Aqaba, Jordan

Lead the design and implementation of DMA design, pressure management, and participated in meter assessment and selection for the Smart Electronic Metering Infrastructure (SEMI) project ($15 Million) aiming at creating an automated Water Loss monitoring and evaluation infrastructure for Aqaba City.

  • Hydraulic analysis and redesign of Aqaba City water network (900 km).
  • Design of 30 DMAs for continuous monitoring including detailed civil and mechanical design.
  • Design of 6 new pressure zones (2 implemented in 2015).
  • Manage and coordinate contractor implementation of civil works.
  • Selection of residential Smart Meters for hourly monitored leakage and water loss calculations.
  • Testing of meter accuracy of different technologies in-situ in differenet locations of Aqaba City.
  • Testing of AMR solutions and data analysis capbilities.

Partner Project Manager

Aqaba Water Company W.L.L., Aqaba, Jordan

Led the development of a pilot project in Jordan in coordination with grantee (Greece), partner Mediterranean countries (Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia) and EU Mediterranean countries (Cyprus and Italy) for applying NRW and Water Loss good practices in four pilot zones in Jordan, Italy, Egypt, and Tunisia under the AQUAKNIGHT project (2 Million Euro).

  • Model DMA design including hydraulic analysis, meter and pressure chamber design, isolation tests, and step-testing design.
  • Leak detection and repair down to Background Losses.
  • Bottom-Up Water Balance using MNF analysis, and BABE methodology.
  • Leginitame Night Consumption calculation using data loggers and AMR.
  • Measurement of unauthorised consumption and the detection and repair of illegal connections and meter tampering.
  • Measurement of meter underregisteration for hundreds of indvidual meters in-situ.
  • Analysis of factors affecting meter underregisteration.
  • Training of staff on Water Loss reduction and NRW concepts.

Head of Strategic Planning

Aqaba Water Company W.L.L., Aqaba, Jordan

Developed strategic plan documents and KPIs under a long term strategic business plan project in addition to working as a water engineer and NRW reduction project lead.

  • Evaluation and update of strategy related to the company vision and mission.
  • Water resource and distribution planner for the governorate of Aqaba.
  • Strategic action plan development in coordination with internal stakeholders.
  • Assist in engineering design and development.
  • Lead initiator of NRW reduction projects.

Head of Central Operations

Aqaba Water Company W.L.L., Aqaba, Jordan

Manager of water network control (SCADA) and call center unit in addition to working as water engineer and NRW reduction project lead.

  • Strategic Water resource and distribution planner for the governorate of Aqaba.
  • Assist in engineering design and development.
  • Lead initiator of NRW reduction projects.

Engineering Studies Engineer

Aqaba Water Company W.L.L., Aqaba, Jordan

Conducted a major study on the radioactive isotopes and water treatment and disposal techniques in addition to engineering specifications and preparing tender documents.

  • Design and development of water networks.
  • Developing tender documents and specifications.
  • Research of radium removal after testing water radioactivity.

GCE Physics

Rosary Sisters, Aqaba, Jordan

Taught physics and mechanics for GCE/GCSE.


Supplies and stocking

M&V Enterprises, Mobile, AL, USA
  • Worked on supply, stocking, and sales.

Data and logistics

World Food Programme, Aqaba, Jordan

Held up regulations in supplying food funds during the Iraq war.

  • Logistics paperwork.
  • Supervision and inspection.
  • Reports and data recording.

Electric Engineer

South Development Industrial Workshop, Aqaba, Jordan

Developed a novel motor winding assistant program to assist and reduce errors in motor winding.

  • Supervision of maintenance.
  • Selection of materials.


DoB: 27/8/1978

Jordanian Citizen




Artificial Intelligence

University of Central Florida

Worked on the cube satellite and graduate level computer engineering.

Terminated due to funding issues.


BSc. Electronic Engineering

PSUT Jordan

Focus on computer vision

Technology Skills

  • Hydraulic Modelling (WaterGEMS, H2OMAP, EPAnet)
  • Advanced spreadsheets and basic programming in VBA, C++, Javascript.
  • AutoCAD drawing and GIS queries.


  • Jordan Engineers Association.
  • Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA).
  • Cognitive Science Society.

Papers and Articles


Developing diagnosis techniques and strategies to reduce non-revenue water in the Middle East region.

IWA Water Loss 2016, Bangalore, India

Session chair and presentation


Achieving clarity in understanding the problem of nrw through technical and financial studies key to organizational capacity and will for implementing customized NRW solutions in aqaba water.

Third Arab Water Week, Amman, Jordan

Paper and presentation


Detailed technical and financial assessment of nrw in aqaba city necessary for promoting utility action

IWA Water Ideas 2014 Conference, Bologna, Italy

Paper and presentation


A practical approach to upgrading SCADA systems for water & wasterwater industries

SCADA World Summit, Singapore

Presentation and training session


Detailed technical and financial assessment of NRW in aqaba city guides utility action

The International Training Workshop on: Sharing Experience on The Reduction of Non-Revenue Water among OIC Countries, Manama, Bahrain



Management of nrw study results in aqaba water

JEA Symposium on Non-Revenue Water, Amman, Jordan 



Setting realistic and practical targets for nrw reduction in aqaba

Arab Water Week conference, Amman, Jordan

Paper and presentation


Non-revenue water: financial model for optimal management in developing countries – application in aqaba, jordan

IWA Water Science & Technology: Water Supply, publication 

Peer-reviewed paper

Wyatt, A., AlShafey,


Field application of a financial model for optimal NRW management

IWA Water Loss 2012 Conference, Manila, Philippines

Paper and presentation. Authors: 

Wyatt, A., AlShafey, A, Pinto, L. C. B.


Managing municipal water demand: resources to develop and obstacles to address.

Economics of water demand management in Jordan, Dead Sea, Jordan 



NRW: developing and implementing a financial model for aqaba water.

Global Leakage Summit, London, UK

Non-revenue water: financial model for optimal management. Application in aqaba, jordan.

IWA Efficient 2011 Conference, Dead Sea, Jordan

Paper and presentation


Automation facilitates change towards efficiency in aqaba water.

IWA Efficient 2011 Conference, Dead Sea, Jordan

Paper and presentation


Implementation of a water use efficiency tracking tool for cost-benefit pre-analysis

IWA Efficient 2011 Conference, Dead Sea, Jordan

Paper and presentation


The cost of the transition from quarterly to monthly billing and the benefits of automation.

ACWUA Arab Water Week Conference, Amman, Jordan

Paper and presentation


AW water use efficiency plan, a case study

International Partner Forum, Water Governance in the MENA Region, La Marsa, Tunisia

Paper and presentation.