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 I have 6+ years of experience in information industry. My specialization are projection and design of particular interfaces and mobile applications. Besides, I am doing landing pages and design of the web sites.

The principles and techniques that I use in my work:
- Principles of responsive design;
- Use prototyping at the initial stage of product development;
- I really like a not trivial task;
- In design projects using new web technology.

My main advantages are initiative, sociability, creativity and I always abide by the terms. I always do the work within the specified period; I propose ideas to improve the quality and structure of the product, I always find a common language with any person, also I can help you to stand out among your competitors.

Available for interesting projects. I would be happy to work with both companies or freelancers. Ready to relocation.

My goal is helping people in creation of comfortable, considered and good-looking informational products. 


Nov 2016Present

UX/UI Designer


My responsibilities included:

-prototyping and design of corporate websites, mobile applications, web applications and e-commerce projects.

Aug 2015Nov 2016

UX/UI Designer


- Design of corporate web sites, online stores, web portal

Worked with various design studios, and with individual brands. Designed corporate websites and online stores

Sep 2014Aug 2015

UX/UI Designer


Company Alvion Europe (Alvion Europe Ltd.) was established in 2002. Nowadays, approximately 130 employees work in Alvion Europe, 100 of which are IT professionals.We always develop and train our staff, which work basis on a modern technologies.Alvion Europe provide IT \ Software services.

software development, outsourcing, outstaffing, project implementation

My responsibilities included:

-  Prototyping and design of corporate websites, portals,design of the site of the company;

Worked in different teams as a UX/UI/Web designer.
I designed and made the visual design of the web portal, the website of the company, the design of the web interface

- The interface design within the corporate "Time and Reporting Management System";

Took part in an UI designer interior design company sistemy "Time and Reporting Management System"

- Prototyping and design interface  client workstation;

The team with the developers, and the analyst has been involved as a UX/UI designer in the development of the service (workstation) Customer

- Design of mobile applications;

I designed and created a prototype of mobile applications and UI design applications.Worked as a team with developers in creating mobile application for the US customer



Apr 2013Sep 2014

UX/UI Designer


Project Bazzilla - is the best in the European market the service of direct deliveries of products from the leading suppliers in Ukraine, which provides a full cycle of the model, from exports of goods from the online stores prior to the formation and processing of orders.

I  have worked as a team member with developers and marketers.
My task was to develop an internal management platform for online shopping (UX/UI design), where the user can select settings:

  1. Select your store design;
  2. Fill the store products are available for sale;
  3. Fill out the basic information about the store, etc.

-  I make the design of Landing Page websites to increase sales of a particular   product;

 -  Prototyping and design website builder for interent stores

Engaged prototyping / design and UI design templates for sale on «ThemeForest» and «Mojo-Themes»

- Some examples at the site «Themeforest»

- Some examples at the site «Mojo-Themes»

Mar 2012Feb 2013

Web Designer

design studio "Dstudio"

- Design of corporate websites, landing pages and online stores

Worked in the studio as a freelance designer.
Worked together with the Project manager and art director of the studio.
I am doing landing pages, design of the design of online stores and web sites

Jan 2010Jan 2013



- Design of corporate web sites, online stores, web portal

Independently engaged in search of customers.
The customers were mainly from Ukraine. It was our own team (designer,programmer and front-end developer). Served as project manager and designer. Makes the design of corporate websites and online shops

Some examples of work you can look here Examples


Sep 2003Aug 2008

Taurida 'V. I. Vernadskiy' National University, Simferopol

Economics, Economic Cybernetics Specialist


A person who can give recommendations:

Sergey Korzin - CEO "Bazzilla"

Profile: LinkedIn

Dmitry Bakshy  -  Project Manager “AlvionEurope" 

Profile: LinkedIn