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To attain a job that feeds on my talents and also further my knowledge while helping to reach my employer's goals.

Work experience

Oct 2006Dec 2008

Database Analyst Coordinator

Procter and Gamble

·In depth accounts payable Invoice analysis. Detailed review of the invoices to verify the accuracy of the database.

·Training coordinator responsible for training new team members.

·Trained customers on SAP software, applications and transactions to be used.

·Responsible for maintaining the Suppliers database accuracy.

·Responsible for the internal department self assessment. Checked and reviewed of all internal documents, policies and procedures for accuracy.

·Provide over the phone support to all customers related to the SAP software or any other Data Base issue.

·Managed projects to improve the accuracy of the information in the database by cross managing between global teams to improve accounts payable processes

·Coordinated and scheduled the team workload of SAP database software.

·Compiled missed service level agreement reports and by doing so assisted my managers in improving our team processes to better serve our customers and meet our SLA’s.

Jan 2005Dec 2006


Quality Settlements

·Designed fliers, coupons and other marketing material.

·Organized Open House events for a new office. Coordinated food, beverages and invitations.

Jun 1998Jul 2004

Marketing manager

Constructora La Constancia


Located in San José, Costa Rica.

Marketing and Sales Manager

·Responsible for hiring sales personnel and training them. Scheduled and organized the training. Coordinated internal marketing training material for the internal sales force to improve my company’s sales quotas and marketing goals.

·Skilled in organizing and interpreting focus groups. Defining what areas and target market should be tested.

oPrepared materials to be tested.

oPrepared all of the information and specified concepts to be tested by the focus group.

·Designed campaigns for new developments along with the advertising agency. Conceptualized the campaign theme for new developments.

·Researched competitors offerings to better align my company to compete for our target market customers.

Organizing Special activities

·Set the budget for each activity.

·Planned and organized the biggest real estate expo in Costa Rica for 4 years in a row.

·Planned and oversaw the construction and delivery of the marketing booth for the building expo for my company.

Loan Process

·Kept all the bank lenders information current (i.e. rates, requirements, terms, etc) up to date in order to offer the best option to the customer according to their own profiles.

·Responsible for customer loan package documentation and submission.


Jan 1995Dec 1998


Universidad Latina de Costa Rica


SAP software
Bilingual English-Spanish