Sales Director and Co-founder

Winchester Chicken.


May 2012 – Date

Sales Director and Co-founder

Winchester Chicken.

Responsibilities: - Was Successfully given the opportunity to manage Elimenti a Horeca distribution company and simultaneously was told to launch a fast food QSR brand.

I was responsible for leading the development and execution of the Company’s long term strategy with a view to creating shareholder value. The leadership role also demanded being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Company’s long and short term plans furthermore also communicated on behalf of the Company to shareholders, employees, Government authorities, other stakeholders.

More specifically, the duties and responsibilities included the following:

 Created Fast food Franchise concept that specialized in Fried Chicken

 Coordinated with the breading manufacturers in the mammoth task of creating a Fresh Recipe that suited the three senses. Taste, Smell and Sight.

 The concept was successfully translated into a brand with a unique identity and rich customer


 Examined the strategy to ensure that there was an undisputable link between the defined market opportunity and the creative concept

 To lead, in combination with the Board, the development of the Company’s strategy.

 Oversee the implementation of the Company’s long and short term plans in accordance with its strategy.


 Ensure the Company is appropriately organized and staffed and to had the authority to hire and terminate staff as necessary to enable it to achieve the approved strategy.

 Ensured that expenditures of the Company are within the authorized annual budget of the Company.

 Implemented effective internal controls and management information systems are in place.

 Ensured that the Company maintains high standards of corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

 As a Top level Director required me to spearhead and create an international QSR brand.

 Overall responsibility for the implementation and launch of the business line and the ongoing growth, profitability and operations.

 Providing strategic direction, leadership and transitioning the business line from the project mode to an ongoing steady state operations mode.

 Translating the strategic business plans into well-defined operational plans to meet business objectives.

 Defining & implementing suitable performance management metrics & reporting structures to monitor performance against objectives.

 Setting the budgets for the coming year and executing the annual, medium-term & long-term plans for the business with the objective of setting up and launching the business line including the building of the team.

 Driving cost optimization.

 Responsibility for the operations of the business; setting & ensuring standards of excellence and driving 'customer delight'.

 Planning, building & nurturing the infrastructure, resources, leadership & processes for delivery of the annual plan.

 Talent acquisition, nurturing, mentoring & retention of staff.

 Accountability for Compliance and Risk Management for the business line, including setting processes & reporting to ensure compliance to all statutory norms.

 Overseeing the roll out of new stores across the country as well as optimizing the performance of current stores.