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Majed Ramadan

Security Manager/Camp Manager - Boss /Military Translator/Logistic and Supply Chain



Bachelor's degree

Mutah University

High School

Turrah Secondary Schoool

Work experience

Mar 2014Present

Interpreter /Translator (English - Arabic )

US Antiterrorism Assistance Program ATA/Jordan Program

Main responsibilities:

  • To assist US Instructors Delivering Information’s and training from English to Arabic & From Arabic to English .
  • Translate Documents in both sides.
Sep 1993Oct 2013

Army Officer

Jordan Armed Forces

In 1993 I joined Jordanian Armed Forces as Armor Lieutenant and served in several locations until I was promoted to be LT Colonel.

Appointment / position held during the period of 1993 to 2013:

      a. Commander of Weapons and infantry training Branch/Military Eastern  Zone Training School 2013       

Main responsibilities:

  • Supervision of basic and advanced training for officers and individuals of the Military Eastern
  • Evaluation and examination the training of all Military Eastern Zone units.
  • Provide Training on all types of light and medium weapons.


         b . Camp Commander- Military Eastern Zone Command/Jordan Army 2009-2012

Main responsibilities:

  • Provide and organize protection for the military eastern zone command and all units in the area.
  • Designing and management of all Logistic and Technical aspects to the military eastern zone command.
  • Ensure efficient and effective logisticssupport to the various components of the unit.
  • Leading and managing the troops under my command.


        c . Technical staff officer- Border Guards battalion /Jordan Army 2007-2009

Main responsibilities:

  • Follow-up technical support to all battalion vehicles and weapons.
  • provide functional or technicalexpertise in specific areas as needed.

       d. Company Commander - Border Guards battalion /Jordan Army 2006-2007

   Main responsibilities:

  • Commanded the Company at all activities to ensure accomplishing its assigned mission through following weekly, monthly and annual set plans for the Company operations including establishing agendas, training schedules, and ensuring subordinates are prepared to use the chain of command.
  • Kept the Battalion Commander informed of the status of the Company at all times.
  • Conducted regular inspections to ensure all members of the Company understand and comply with regulations, make on-the-spot correction and follow-up on deficiencies from earlier inspections and ensure they are corrected.
  • Line managed the Company members and ensured effective performance through listening to the team, solving problems, offering advice, conducting knowledge sessions, assigning them on suitable training courses based on needs, providing clear instructions and guidance and following up on logistics and maintenance issues.
  • Provide Protection of the borders within the area of ​​responsibility.


        e. Air Marshal/The special security and protection unit- Queen Alia International Airport /Jordan 2003-2005

                        Airport & Aircraft Security / Close Protection Officer

                Main responsibilities:

  • Provided security and protection to the airport and to passengers departing and arriving to the airport by controlling the crowd and providing public safety through performing physical inspection, luggage scanning, danger prevention and safety inspections.
  • Responded to emergency situations by handling cases as trained and providing security escorts to deported passengers departing or arriving to the airport.
  • Provided security and protection to the aircrafts and passengers by masquerading as a normal traveler and blending in with the crowd.
  • Followed established security procedures in cases of emergency situations such as carrying arms on the plane and making arrests without a warrant while maintaining discretion, logical analytical mind and keeping cool in times of problems
  • Conducted security briefs for the security team and cabin crew at the beginning of each flight about job requirement, how and when to take charge of the situation at all time and in times of stress or attack.
  • Assured the airplane is secured and checked the safety and protection procedures while refueling and catering the aircraft during transit in coordination with the ground staff and security department at the airport in each country.
  • Responsible for managing the security team abroad during residency period in overseas countries including accommodation, team movements, solving arising problems, handling behavior and attitude problems and acting as a reference for information or guidance.
  • Developed the required communication, leadership, analyzing and negotiation skills to act as a leader and motivator and take charge of the situation at all times and in times of stress and attack through attending training courses and attending refreshing rehearsals.
  • Completed written incident reports and departmental documents and ensured submission to management at the end of each flight.


      f.  English language interpreter with joint exercises between the Jordanian Army and Foreign Armies.                          

  • To assist Delivering information and training from English to Arabic & From Arabic to English.
  • Provide translation for all documents /exercises/ correspondences.
  • Work as a liaison officer during joint exercises.
Nov 2012Jun 2013

Logistic and Camps Management Staff officer in DRC/ Congo (MONUSCO) 2013.

United Nations
  • Carry out logistical support for all camps and units of the United Nations and international observers teams located within the area of responsibility
  • Carry out coordination between units of the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations (governmental and non-governmental organizations) located within the area of responsibility
  • Provide air support in disaster situations and serious security situation
  • Set up relief camps in case of disasters and military operations to help refugees


May 2012Nov 2012

International Military Observer in DRC/ Congo (MONUSCO) 2012 .

United Nations
  • Monitor the various agreements on cease-fires, withdrawals .
  • Patrol both sides of the conflict, including the areas along the confrontation lines.
  • Help resolve local difficulties (social, economic, etc.) by liaison with all sides of the conflict.
  • Investigate allegations of aggression or cease-fire violations.
  • Watcht Human Rights , and write reports in the event of any breaches of it.
Jan 2006Sep 2006

Peacekeepers Company Commander (Eritrea –UNMEE )2006

United Nations
  • Reassure and protect isolated/threatened communities and displaced persons especially women and children at risk and deter potential spoilers and human rights violators.
  • Observe, monitor, supervise and verify ceasefire lines/compliance of agreements/troop deployments and interpose between warring factions.
  • Observe and report on movements of other armed groups.
  • Carry out reconnaissance to gather or confirm information.
  • Establish liaison and contact with local leaders (including female leaders),societal factions and local population.
  • Interact with local communities to gain an understanding of the threats to their physical safety.

Recognise early-warning indicators for sexual and gender-based violence


Military Courses:


  • Ranger Course. Special operation school   /Jordan 1994
  • Paratrooper Course. Special operation school   /Jordan 1994.
  • The newly graduated officer’s course 1997
  • Basic Armors Course, Royal Armor School/Jordan-1999.
  •  Signal Instructors Course (Armored Units), Royal Armor School /Jordan-1999.
  • Middle Machineguns Course, Infantry school/ Jordan-2001.
  • Special security and protection course (Sky Marshals), Queen Alia International Airport/Jordan- 2003.
  • Basic Civil Air Security Course/ Queen Nor Civil Aviation Technical College/Jordan-2003.
  • Comprehensive Computer Course/ICDL , IT Institute 2007.
  • Advanced Tactics Course/ JAF Infantry School 2007.
  • US–Jordan Tactical Combat Casualty Care Information  Exchange Course-2010.
  • UN Military Observer's Course/ Peace Operations Training Center, Jordan 2011.


United Nations Courses :


  • Military induction training course for Peace Keepers (Eritrea 2006 UNMEE).
  • Basic Security in the field Course  (2012).
  • International military observer induction training course(D R Congo 2012 MONUSCO) .
  • Basic Security in the field II Course (2013).
  • Advanced Security in the field II Course (2013).

Skills and Abilities:

  • Qualified as a Security Manager and Expert in commanding the Armed/Non-Armed security groups.
  • Expert in managing the big camps and compounds (Camp Boss/Camp Manager).
  • Very good knowledge and experience in leading and managing the man power in the field.
  • Work under pressure and Team Work.
  • Expert in Military and Antiterrorism translation from Arabic to English and vice versa
  • Up to Date Methodology Instructor in Security / Antiterrorism/Crises Respond Teams .
  • Hard worker, willing to learn, good research and development skills, and open minded.
  • Have the ability and clear vision in analyzing and utilizing new technologies to serve my targets.

Medals & Awards :

  • The Commanding Efficiency Medal/Jordan Army 2005
  • Peacekeeping forces Medal/Eritrea 2006
  • Force Commander Commendation UN Mission/ Eritrea 2006
  • A Discretionary Badge For Long –Term service/Jordan Army 2011
  • United Nations Medal /DR Congo 2013
  • Certificate Of Achievement For Peace /UN Mission D R Congo 2013
  • Certificate of Appreciation by US Office of Antiterrorism Assistance/Jordan-PBI Course 2014
  • Certificate of Appreciation by US Office of Antiterrorism Assistance/Jordan-CRT Course 2014


  • Arabic (Native Language).
  • English (speaking, reading and writing).

Additional information:

  • Very good & clean driving license sheet (Jordan license, UN license).
  • Very good user of computer &all office equipment’s.


  • Furnished upon request.